The Benefits of Philosophie Superfoods

People often ask us which one of our Superfood + Protein Blends is right for them. We may be a little biased, but we can’t imagine not having a dose of each one every day! That’s because each of our blends is a unique combination of some of the world’s most potently nourishing foods and each ingredient has a host of health benefits. Check out this list of the incredible ingredients that make up our superfood blends and how each of these potent foods can help you achieve a glowing state of optimal health.
The spirulina in Green Dream is an antioxidant-rich blue-green algae that is packed with nutrients including iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, selenium, chromium, vitamin B-12, and protein. Spirulina has been cherished for its healing properties from centuries and has been shown to help detoxify the body, reduce bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure, promote healthy digestion, and prevent depression, diabetes, and cancer.
When you think of vanilla, you probably think of cupcakes and ice cream, but besides imparting a warm, sweet flavor and aroma to foods, natural vanilla has a host of health benefits. It is derived from the long, thin bean pods of the vanilla orchids of Mexico and Central America and is an excellent source of antioxidant-rich phenolic compounds, including vanillic acid and vanillin, as well as vitamin B2, manganese, and potassium. Vanilla has been shown to help protect the body from free radical and toxin damage, inflammation, anemia, fungal infection, hypertension, and elevated blood pressure which is why it is included in our healing Cacao Magic Blend and our Detoxifying Green Dream Blend.
Chia Seeds
If you ever had a Chia Pet, then you’ve probably already sprouted chia seeds, but long before chia seeds become a pop culture item, they were a diet staple of the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations. Chia seeds, which have a mildly nutty flavor, are incredibly nutrient-dense and pack high levels of protein, fiber, magnesium, and calcium in each serving. The nutrients in the chia seeds that are included in Green Dream and Cacao Magic can help create and maintain strong, healthy bones, lower the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and promote healthy weight loss.
Hemp Protein
Both Green Dream and Cacao Magic include hemp protein, a complete plant-based protein that contains high levels of all nine essential amino acids and is made from milled hemp seeds. Hemp protein is also an excellent source of fiber and gamma-linolenic acid and healthy fats. Diets that include hemp protein have been correlated with cardiovascular health, increased muscle mass, enhanced immunity, improved digestive health, stable blood sugar levels, proper cellular repair, heightened mental function, and improved kidney health. Because hemp protein is particularly easy to digest, it is an excellent protein source for athletes who want to repair and build muscle mass after intense training sessions.
Cacao Nibs
Cacao nibs are the least processed form of cacao that is available for human consumption and are made by simply crushing the cacao beans into granules. Cacao was so highly valued by the indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica that it was used both as a currency and as an ingredient in food and drinks during ritual celebrations. We include cacao nibs in our Cacao Magic Blend because they are particularly high in flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants that may protect against high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Cacao nibs also contain healthy fats and caffeine making them an excellent and natural way to boost energy levels.
Açaí Berry
The acai berry is a small, round, deep purple berry that grows in Trinidad and northern South America on the acai palm tree. This antioxidant-rich fruit contains high levels of B-complex vitamins, vitamin K. Acai Berry has been a primary component of the diets of Amazonian tribal people for thousands of years and is known for promoting healthy, glowing skin, combatting stress and threats to the immune system, decreasing visible effects of aging, and increasing metabolism, which is why it is one of the berries in our Berry Bliss Blend.
Cacao Powder
Our Cacao Magic blend gets its delicious chocolate flavor from raw cacao powder, which is made by grinding cacao beans into a paste and then removing the oils to create a fine powder. Cacao powder is rich in fiber, sulphur, magnesium, calcium, and the neurotransmitters dopamine and phenylethylamine (PEA). Dopamine and PEA have been are known to promote weight loss, increase mental alertness, and to have anti-depressant effects.
Goji Berry
The goji berry plant is native to Asia and is the source of the bright orange-red berry, also known as the wolfberry. The goji berries in our Berry bliss Blend are packed with fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, and iron and have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. These nutrient-dense berries have been linked to increased brain function, decreased risk of heart disease, and enhanced immune response.
Mesquite powder is made from the pods of the mesquite plant that grows in South America and in the southwestern United States and this lightly sweet ingredient is in both Green Dream and Cacao Magic. Mesquite is rich in fiber, protein, calcium, iron, zinc, and potassium and can help promote heart health, proper nerve function, muscle maintenance, blood sugar stability, and headache prevention, while curbing hunger and boosting immunity.
The pomegranate has been part of food cultures through the world since ancient times and has been recently touted for its high levels of antioxidants such as tannins and anthocyanins. Pomegranate consumption has been correlated with lower cholesterol, decreased blood pressure, and decreased susceptibility to blood clots that could lead to heart attacks and strokes. Our Berry Bliss Blend is a quick and easy way to get your daily dose of this potent superfood.
Maca Root
Maca is a root vegetable that is native to Peru and is an excellent source of calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and vitamins E, C, B1, B2, and B12. Maca has been used for centuries to increase energy and focus, boost immunity, promote emotional health and mood balance, and to regulate hormonal health, increase fertility and enhance libido. This superfood is so incredible that it is included in all three of our superfood blends!
Camu Camu Berry
The cherry-like camu camu berry can be found on bushes in the Amazonian rainforests of Peru and Brazil and is one the ingredient that gives our Berry Bliss Blend its delicious tart flavor. This berry has an extraordinarily high level of vitamin C, making it one of the most immunity-boosting foods on the planet. It is also an excellent source of a variety of amino acids including valine, which promotes healthy nervous system and cognitive function, leucine, known to promote muscle and bone growth and recovery, and serine, which helps the body absorb nutrients during digestion.
Reishi Mushroom
The Reishi mushroom in our Cacao Magic Blend may be one of the most incredible superfoods of all and has been revered in Asia for thousands of years due to its myriad of health benefits. The Reishi mushrooms has been shown to have neuroprotective properties that help prevent degenerative neurological disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. The reishi mushroom has also been shown to have anti-cancer properties, anti-allergy properties, and has been linked to cell regeneration and longevity, as well.
Mangosteen is a tropical evergreen tree that grows primarily in Southeast Asia and bears a round fruit that, when ripe, is purple on the outside with soft white flesh on the inside. The mangosteen in our Berry Bliss Blend has incredibly strong antibacterial and antifungal properties as well as high levels of vitamin C. Mangosteen is also rich in xanthones, antioxidants that dilate blood vessels, which increases blood flow and decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Sprouted Brown Rice Protein
When allowed to germinate, brown rice attains a higher level of bio-available nutrients as the proteins, vitamins, and enzymes that naturally occur in brown rice become unbound from the grain and easier to absorb during digestion. With high levels of fiber and absolutely no saturated fat, sprouted brown rice is a heart-healthy, plant-based protein that can help build and maintain lean muscle mass. Sprouted brown rice is also an excellent source of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which promotes emotional balance and feelings of wellbeing. The light, creamy flavor of sprouted brown rice made it the perfect protein source for our beautifying and immunity-boosting Berry Bliss Blend.
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Barbara on

Hi what are the amounts of sugar, sodium, carb, calories, etc. in your Cacao Magic and other products and why aren’t they listed or are they?

Thank you,

Anne Beemsterboer on

You say that there is just enough to make your green protein sweet but do not mention what type of sweetener you use. I don’t see a sweetener listed in your ingredients. Can you verify?

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Green Dream Kelp Noodle Salad Recipe

Summer salads are on the brain. These are the best mid-day nourishments in between a day of meetings, events, outings with the kids, and lazy poolside naps. I love making a bowl of greens, superfoods, fruits and grains for lunch because it makes me feel so good and gives me all the energy I need to carry me through the rest of the day.

Salads are so easy to make in a pinch and you can make a big batch for a family potluck or a single serving for just yourself. This one, in particular, is full of warm, savory flavor and very filling. You won’t suffer from the 3pm lull.

We mixed in our Green Dream Superfood + Protein Blend for an extra punch of superfoods with all these amazing veggies. So good!

Gather This:

1 package of kelp noodles

Cashew cheese (recipe below)

Pea shoots

½ cup Kalamata Olives

½ sprouts

1 tbsp Green Dream Superfood + Protein Blend

Hemp seeds

Do This:

Take kelp noodles out of the packaging and let them soften in hot water with a squeeze of lemon, for about 30 minutes (you can use a large mixing bowl). Drain the water and add in the cashew cheese mixture, Green Dream Superfood + Protein Blend, hemp seeds, pea shoots, Kalamata olives and sprouts. Mix well with salt and pepper and enjoy!

Follow this recipe here for cashew cheese:

What summer salads do you love with our Philosophie superfoods? Share your dishes on Instagram using #PhilosophieSuperfoods or #MakeEveryFoodASuperfood.

Fig + Honey Waffle Toast

As beautiful as these waffle toast creations look, they taste and feel 10x better! We’ve been really digging whipping these up for your #ToastTuesday inspo. Sure, it’s not exactly a piece of bread but that makes it all the more fun. They make such wonderful brunch treats, might I add.

This particular waffle toast takes your morning nut butters to a whole new level. We mixed our fav Cacao Bee Honey with Georgia Grinders Cashew Butter (obsessed!) for this great nutty/chocolate flavor. The cashew butter is made with two ingredients: cashews and sea salt. It’s so clean and good for you. Figs are in season right now so of course we’re putting them on everything. Figs are super rich in fiber making in a great morning treat to help with digestion. It’s a must!

Gather This:

1 Kitchfix Grain-free Waffle

1 tbsp Georgia Grinders Cashew Butter mixed with 1 tsp Cacao Bee Honey

2 Figs (sliced in half)

1 tsp Cacao Magic Superfood + Protein Blend

A sprinkling of Kitchfix Cacao Granola

Do This:

Toast waffle. In a bowl mix nut butter + Cacao Bee Honey then spread on the waffle. Slice a fig in half and place on top of the waffle. Sprinkle some granola and Cacao Magic Superfood + Protein Blend on top for an extra protein boost! Enjoy!

Come back next week for more of our waffle toast recipes!

Do you have a favorite nut butter you enjoy with our Cacao Magic? Share with me on Facebook using #PhilosophieSuperfoods or #MakeEveryFoodASuperfood.

Sophie’s LA Food Guide

Coming at you with another one of my “Sophie’s Favs” in LA! I don’t even know how I’ve gone this long without sharing my favorite food stops in the city of angels but here we are! I’m constantly sharing what I’m creating, loving and eating in the kitchen it’s only natural that I share my favorite restaurants and cafes to enjoy with friends and the fam.

While you’re here, I want to remind you that I posted a roundup of my favorite yoga studios, my favorite places to hike in LA, and even my favorite spots for the kids. If you want to see more guides for LA comment below or message me with what you want to hear. I want to provide all I can for my beautiful Philosophie tribe.

So here’s a quick look into my favorite go-to food stops.


Vegan and Plant-based:

Cafe Gratitude - Beverly Hills and Venice

I’m absolutely obsessed with this cafe stop. I’ve hosted events here and have tried almost everything on the menu. The atmosphere is inspiring and is filled with feel-good energy. I’ve brought my girlfriends here after trips to the beach and know I can count on it for a mid-day lunch that fills me with nutritious, high-vibe foods. I highly recommend one of their salads paired with a matcha latte. To die for!

MAKE OUT - Culver City

This hidden gem in downtown culver city has it all for plant-based foodie lovers. It’s a small business and has a cozy home feel to it. I love stopping here after a morning yoga sesh or after I pick up the boys from school. I love their kelp noodle salads. It’s so delicious and filling.

Sage - Culver City, DTLA, Old Town Pasadena

A completely organic and plant-based eatery with plenty of LA locations to choose.They offer breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and family style meals. They offer it all: nut-free, gluten-free and vegan. Some plant-based/raw food options are limiting and not a wide variety but you can get everything from a taco to a burger here. It’s so good!

Plant Food + Wine (Matthew Kenney Cuisine) - Venice

Matthew Kenney is a beautiful human and his food creations are beyond words. Everything is locally sourced and completely organic. The dishes here are such a treat. I recommend saving an experience here for an anniversary or birthday.

Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine - Little Ethiopia

Rahel Ethiopian is amazing. I have yet to come across any other place like it. Vegan food can usually be very similar across restaurants (salads, raw, etc.) but here you can find traditional Ethiopian dishes with vegan substitutions. Dishes like the Hudae Special Combo, which is a chickpea stew and split lentil stew with veggies and stuffed peppers. It’s so yummy.


Places that offer something for everyone:

Catch - West Hollywood

This place is beautiful! It’s a seafood restaurant so you won’t find all too much variety but they do offer a vegan menu. It’s a tad sceney but really delicious food and clean options. I go here on date nights or nights out with the girls when there’s a reason to celebrate. They also have a really great wine menu.

Gjusta - Venice

Gjusta really has it all. This a great option for some daytime lunch food. They have sandwiches, meats, fish, and salads. It’s a great place to go with the family when no one can decide what they’re in the mood for because you’re bound to find something here. They also offer smoothies, pastries and breads if you need a little pick-me-up.

Photo from LA Weekly

AOC - West LA

Who doesn’t love a good wine bar? AOC does it up right. The place is beautiful and very cozy. I’ve been a fan for years and love the options they offer. They have everything from farm to table dishes and a wide variety of meat and fish dishes. My mouth is watering just thinking about their food! They also have the best dessert menu. A bittersweet chocolate torta is calling my name!

Little Door - West LA

Okay, ladies. Why not take charge and plan date night? This is the PERFECT place. The ambiance is next level and so, so, so romantic. I love going here with Adi. They have small plate options that range from steak, chicken and veggie dishes. It’s upscale so definitely save it for a special night.

Photo from EventUp

Sqirl - East LA/Silverlake

The thing I love most about dining in LA is the many different types of restaurants available. Whatever you’re in the mood for you can find a place that offers it. I don’t often travel to the eastside but when I’m there I love stopping for a bite at Sqirl. This seasonal kitchen changes up their menu with a wide variety of vegan, plant-based, gluten-free and meat friendly options. Their website is a little funky but trust me, it’s delicious!



What are some of your favorite LA dining options? Share with me on Twitter using #MyPhilosophie or #PhilosophieLove.

Tips For Traveling With A Newborn

After a vacation with the family to Tel Aviv, we are FINALLY home and let me tell you, mama is happy! If you follow me on social media you may know that it wasn’t the easiest trip and I think I may have pushed myself too hard to travel with a newborn. I loved getting away with the family and soaking up the sun on the warm beaches, but I definitely learned a lot from this trip.

You may be a new mom facing travel on the horizon so I want to provide you the best tricks + trips for traveling with a newborn and what helped me with baby Noa and our boys.

I recommend requesting a travel stroller or umbrella stroller from your place of stay. Most hotels offer sitter services and I highly recommend finding one through the hotel. It’s safer and more convenient. Bring activity books for your kids and books for reading with your newborn. Try to keep day-trips (i.e. museums, tourist attractions, etc) to a minimum, maybe 2-3 per week. Save these for when your newborn is older and will remember the trip. Look into a local camp or immersion programs for your kids so you can spend some alone time as parents.Then you’ll feel like you’re really on vacation!

We also practice no more than an hour a day on technology devices which can sometimes include a special movie with the whole family. For jet lag, immediately regulate to the the new time zone. Use holistic sleep aids like melatonin and plan fun activities during the day when you first arrive.

Mamas, YOU CAN TRAVEL WITH KIDS! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Listen to your intuition, be flexible, remain present and practice patience.

Baby Essentials Packing List:

Bassinet (or request one from hotel)

Changing pad (to lay on bassinet and floors)

2-3 swaddles / blankets

Covering BF native wilds

Diapers, wipes (more than you think you need!)

3 changes of clothes (warm with footy)


Essential oils

High-nutrient snacks for possible layovers or delays (perfect bars, apples, sandwiches)


Try out Airbnb if you want to live like a local. This way you can also go grocery shopping and make meals at “home” which saves money and is WAY more fun. You also have all the amenities of a home (i.e. access to laundry, cost-effective, and much more space). While we stayed a hotel, we have family that we visited so we had the amenities of home too.

Naps and Bedtime:

These are just as sacred while traveling as they are at home. We do our best to acclimate to the new time zone, and really honor their sleep. Although they are feeling really off kilter with a new time zone we try and keep them awake the first day as long as possible and get them on that time zone. They may still wake up in the middle the night and we just go with the flow - play with them, feed them a snack and then try and get them back to sleep as quickly as possible. It can be hard to honor nap times when you’re on vacation with the baby, but it can also give you some time to rest middle of the day if you do nap them in the hotel or Airbnb. Most of the naps my kids take when traveling are in a stroller or or in the carrier instead of at home so we can continue having adventures.

Traveling + Vaccinations:
We asked our pediatrician about vaccines at Noa’s young age, since I’m spacing out the travel anyway she said it was completely fine to travel without getting vaccines. She advised to be super careful to protect her on the plane from germs and keep her covered up. I kept her in the carrier on my body or in the bassinet as often as possible, or in a blanket wrapped up, and washed my hands often.

Do you have any other tips for traveling with a newborn and young kids? Share with me on Facebook using #MyPhilosophieLove and #PhilosophieLove.


Coconut Berry Bee Waffle Toast

It feels so good to be back home in my kitchen surrounded by all the superfoods! We whipped up this sunshine superfood treat for your #ToastTuesday brunch. Enjoy the last few weeks of summer while biting into this delish, high-vibe snack. We’ll be surprsing you all with a new waffle

Is there anything better than my fav Coconut Cult yogurt mixed with our Berry Bee Honey? I think not! We mixed in a little plant-based food coloring to make our morning just a little bit brighter. We deserve it and so do you!

Create and experiment in the kitchen. There’s no other better stage!

Gather This:

1 Kitchfix grain-free waffle

1/4 cup Coconut Cult yogurt

1 tsp Berry Bee Honey

1 tbsp plant-based food coloring (yellow)

1/2 banana

shredded coconut and bee pollen

Do This:

Toast the waffle according to instructions, in a small bowl mix coconut yogurt, 1 tbsp food coloring, and 1 tsp Berry Bee Honey. Spread the mixture on top of toasted waffle, slice a banana and use star+moon cookie cutters to create the fun shapes (optional). Place the shapes on top of the mixture, sprinkle with bee pollen, gold star flakes, and coconut shreds.

Come back next week for another fun Waffle Toast recipe!

What summer superfood snacks do you whip it to make your days brighter? Share with me on Instagram using #PhilosophieSuperfoods or #MakeEveryFoodASuperfood.

Heart of the Week: Luludew Diapers

I love finding new amazing mom tricks to share with my beautiful Philosophie community. If you follow me on social media you know how much I’m obsessed with this Luludew and their products. They have been literal godsends since baby Noa has joined us earthside.

Life gets messy and complicated enough even without a newborn. It helps to rely on products that make life so much easier as a mom. I especially love being able to be sustainable with all the wipes and diapers baby Noa goes through when we’re able to go reusable.

These Luludew CLOTH diapers are absolutely adorable and made of the best material. On a scheduled weekly delivery/pick up date of your choosing they come and pick up the dirty diapers and replace them with clean new ones. It’s so easy!

They also have reusable cloth wipes that I absolutely love and use like crazy! It feels so good helping out Mother Earth and giving the best to our little angel.

Do you know of other must-have sustainable newborn products? Share with me on Twitter using #MyPhilosophie or #PhilosophieLove. I love hearing from you!

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