The Philosophie cleanse is so much easier than I thought it would be! As it was my first time doing a cleanse, I thought it would be nearly impossible, but after completing it I felt so much lighter and clearer. I use the Cacao Magic powder all the time and love adding crushed ice to the Chocolate Mylkshake to act as a malt beverage.

- George Clooney, Actor


"I LOVE the Philosophie powders and cleanse! I did 2 cleanses with Sophie and buy the Green Dream and Cacao Magic superfood blends to add to everything! It helps keep the weight off and maintains my healthy lifestyle. They are great to take on vacation and business trips to stay on track when I'm away."

- Stacy Keibler, Actress


"I did the Philosophie cleanse and thought it was great. The food was delicious and at times I forgot I was on a cleanse. I lost weight and felt more energy almost immediately. Sophie's enthusiasm and support helps you stay on your plan when you start to derail. " 

- Gerard Butler, Actor


"As fitness oriented professionals and my husband being a licensed health care provider, Chiropractor, we have tried many programs to improve our health, our overall appearance, increase the energy, and for myself to rid myself of the horrible impact I experience with postmenopausal body issues (waistline fluff). My husband, Mike, and myself completed the 5 day prepared cleanse with the same realizations...

Less bloated, Clothes fit much nicer, Cravings are no longer an issue, Energy levels are improved And YES, my "fluff" has decreased in my waist along with my back folds decreasing.

We enjoyed all of the smoothies, juices and soups. I successfully made the butternut squash soup from the recipe in the ebook and we enjoyed it for several days last week. Next attempt is the Buddha Black Bean. I have also made several of the bar recipes, which are my go to for a sweet snack. I really liked the nut bars that Beth included in our cleanse. Any chance that recipe would be shared? We were always satisfied with our meals and never strayed from the recommended foods. We have continued to follow a clean diet and daily smoothies.

We will continue to use the Philosophie products!!! "

- Carol & Mike Webb, Online Customers


"I was looking for a way to start fresh and kick-start a healthier lifestyle, so I decided to look into an all raw juice cleanse. I was fortunate enough to meet Sophie Aaronson who not only has a vast knowledge of diet and nutrition but of raw and vegan lifestyles as well. Sophie asked me a few pertinent questions before designing my cleanse for me, and we got started the very next day! I have to say, I was expecting to be hungry, crampy, cranky, or at least struggle with the cleanse, as I had never stuck to a "diet" before in my life! BUT to my surprise I felt completely satisfied every single day of the cleanse. Some of the juices and smoothies were better than others, but knowing I had so many nutrients coming to me each day assuaged any feelings of weakness or temptations to cheat. There were a few times when I felt so full I couldn't imagine drinking another smoothie--a feeling I rarely have in my daily life! My favorite smoothie was one made with cacao that Sophie kept a little bit chunkier so that I would have something to chew, and it was DELICIOUS! By day 3 I was ready to keep going, and I had more energy (and a flatter tummy!) than ever! I lost a total of 5 lbs and for the following week or two, my body was burning fat at a faster pace and I continued to lose. I recommended this cleanse to 8 of my girlfriends and I would recommend it to anyone looking to re-boot their minds and bodies and just get a healthy clean slate! Thanks, Sophie!" 

- Danielle, Actress from Studio City, CA


“I did Sophie’s 3-day cleanse and by the third day felt great and thought I could go actually more than 3 days (the first day is the hardest in terms of hunger, the second day I began to detox and the third day I felt great). The smoothie’s and juices were great – some tasted like they had an entire refrigerator full of vegetables in them so I never felt undernourished in anyway. I was hungry – particularly on the first day but it did get easier. I really liked that were solid foods on Sophie’s cleanse so I always had something to actually chew. She clearly put so much attention and care into the solid foods as well and they all tasted great. The best part of the cleanse for me was the convenience – everything was delivered to my door all clearly labeled and the menu for the day was emailed to me. I look forward to doing it again – this time with a friend so we can share how we’re feeling.” 

- Esther, 44 Year Old Mother, Venice, CA

"I like to think of myself as a healthy(ish!) person, but I had gotten in a food & exercise rut.. doing the Philosophie juice cleanse brought a new awareness to what I put into my body and taught me about the benefits of raw food. During the three day cleanse, I really did not feel hungry or dissatisfied but instead looked forward to my next juice. They tasted so delicious!! I have now been able to incorporate elements/ nutrients from the cleanse into my daily diet." 

- David, Santa Monica, CA


"Before I did my personal Philosophie cleanse with Sophie I felt tired, foggy, and just had that general heavy "blah" feeling. I've done other cleanses before where I felt deprived and couldn't wait for the cleanse was over so I could eat something unhealthy. But with Sophie's personal cleanse I felt like I was feeding my body with what it really needed while I cleansed. And the best part was I didn't have to follow some strict unruly plan, as I listened to my body and what it needed, Sophie listened to me and worked with what I liked and needed. Every body type is different, and that's why Sophie's personal cleanses work, because they are structured around each individual person's needs. I now feel lighter, clearer, and I fit into my skinny jeans!" 

- Ashley, Beverly Hills, CA


“At first I must say I was scared to cleanse being that I had never done it and thinking I didn't have enough willpower to complete it. However, in the end not only did I kick the sugar addiction that prompted me to do this but I also realized my own inner, mental strength. I was able to end my sugar cravings that existed after every meal and also learned the connection of my over-eating/snacking with anxiety and tiredness. I've now learned to eat only when I'm truly hungry and not when I'm looking for a way to mentally escape. My lifestyle is very much 'on the go' and doesn't allow me much time to actually sit down for meals. After cleansing, I made it a point to sit down and take at least 15 minutes for 2 meals. This helps me enjoy the meal, break away from my day and reboot my system. It was a great discovery! Cleansing was an amazing experience and I'll definitely cleanse 4x a year while doing mini day cleanses in between. I feel that it's a crucial part of being healthy and I loved how I felt afterwards; I've never felt better!!” 

- Jenna, 24 old personal trainer, Santa Monica, CA


"I recently had a stroke and needed to restructure my life, including my diet. I saw Sophie on the local ABC-TV News and was intrigued by the product and the theory behind it. I bought one of each of the shakes (cacao is my favorite) and incorporated them into my new eating style and am very pleased. All are delicious and I've lost weight and all the good things a healthy diet assures. A wonderful product everyone interested in good heath should try!"

- James, Online Customer 


This is a godsend
i love the product line. It is so nice to take the leg work out of figuring out what superfood a to put in my smoothie and having 800 jars on the counter!!!! Cannot wait to start promoting this in the CrossFit community!

Jan T. - Online Customer  


Love all the flavors... Green Dream is my favortie!
"Thank you Udaya for partnering with Philosophie for the Yoga Detox. I would've never known about these incredible protein powders. I have tried many vegan protein powders and most taste chalky and thick. My first thought looking at each of the Philosophie powders was, "wow, I can see most of the ingredients that make up this mix!" I was won over by my first Green Dream smoothie. No chalky taste and no icky aftertaste. It blends with no lumps or clumps. I actually look forward to my smoothies now. The Berry and Chocolate are also amazing and delicious."

Stacy S.  - Online Customer

I love these protein powders. I purchased on Gilt.com at reduced price, but will probably purchase at full price. That's how good they are. Unlike other vegan protein powders, these don't upset my stomach and after mixing with some chia/hemp seeds, I'm full for hours. I think that these, combined with the superb cookbook I got with keep me on my path towards maintaining a super healthy diet. Melanie M. - Online Superfood Lovers buyer







- Emily, Florida