Unfold Your True Essence with Yoga Masters Sophie Jaffe & Caley Alyssa

Playa Del Carmen - Palmaia; The House of Aia | September 20-24, 2023

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Join Sophie and Caley Alyssa in the healing mecca of Playa Del Carmen - Palmaia; The House of Aia for a cleansing, spiritual awakening. This retreat is for those looking for connection with mother earth and disconnection from their daily life.

Settled between the Mayan jungle and the Caribbean Sea, this oasis is the ultimate place to cleanse your mind and body and up level your life in an otherworldly paradise.


What's Included
Daily yoga and fitness
Yoga Nidra and Breath-work classes
Luxury 4-night stay at The House of AïA
Locally sourced plant-based cuisine 



Couple's Retreat with Sophie & Aadi Jaffe

Los Angeles, CA - Novemeber 9 - 12, 2023

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Are you feeling restricted, anxious, scared or hopeless in your relationship? Have you gone through trauma, cheating, jealousy, sex problems or other seemingly impossible-to-overcome obstacles? Do you want to put it all behind you and press reset?

We're here for you.

We have helped hundreds of couples repair relationships and elevate past issues into a whole new reality. We’re so excited to share our Couple’s Retreat happening THIS November in Los Angeles! Look for amazing community, powerful workshops, and activations and exercises that will connect you like never before, help untangle and resolve struggles, and re-ignite the spark you crave


Sound Healing
Brunch and Beautiful Healthy Snacks
Yoga & Movement
Connection Workshops
Intimacy and 🔥 workshops

As always, we're here to support you. Please send all inquiries to