Summer HIIT Workout With Bodyweight

sophie jaffe summer hiit workout

Do these 4 toning and strengthening exercises for 1 minute each for a total of 4 rounds, capping off your HIIT sesh with a bonus round of push-ups. 

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5 Benefits of Chlorophyll

chlorophyll water

Chlorophyll powder is a great detoxification supplement for your body and is used to regenerate your system and get it back on track. Read this post for 5 benefits of chlorophyll to elevate your life from the inside out. 

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The Magic of Superfoods: Cacao

Cacao: A chocolate lover’s healthy indulgence. We believe that superfoods should be a part of everyone’s daily ritual. Explore more about the benefits and incredible uses of CACAO in this post.

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How to Block Out the Negative Self Talk

Sophie Jaffe Block Out Negative Talk

We all have negative thoughts that are pesky at best, and dangerous at worst. Instead of allowing these hazardous ideas to run your life and potentially sabotage your confidence and goals, learn how to clear your head of any negative self talk so that you can build + practice self-love.

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The Magic of Superfoods: Camu Camu

Philosophie blends were born and each are incredibly versatile and only enhance a dish, never overpowering it! A trip to Thailand inspired the creation of Berry Bliss. Berry Bliss is high in antioxidants, protein, vitamin A, and contains camu camu—one of the world's most abundant forms of vitamin C. In this post, we’re exploring more about camu camu and its vast health benefits.

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What Foods To Fill Up Your Life This Spring

Spring Foods

Spring is a perfect time to support the natural detoxification happening within your body and nourish your beauty from the inside out with spring beauty foods. Shop these spring foods.

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5 Winter Self-Care Tips to THRIVE During the Cold

The winter brings a lot of beauty but also a lot of struggle with your body and spirit. Colds, dry skin and the constant urge to skip your morning workout to catch a few more hours of sleep - it’s hard to imagine how any of us can actually go after our intentions for the new year. Check out our favorite simple self-care tips to help survive and embrace the winter season.

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Why Antioxidants Matter

So what’s the secret to longevity, vitality and radiance? Simple, eat more antioxidants. While your body has its own antioxidant defenses to help keep free radicals under control you can also find antioxidants in fruits, veggies and SUPERFOODS.

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The Beauty-Boosting Benefits of Collagen

Collagen. A beauty myth or fact? A superfood blend infused with collagen like our Cosmic Elixir is an easy way to help promote vibrant skin, as well as balance and support your mood in your everyday life. With the support of Collagen you can feel confident, glowing and beautiful through every season of your life.

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The Philosophie Holiday Gift Guide 2021

We’re sharing our PHILOSOPHIE HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE that offers a little something for everyone in your life from your fellow mama, to your nature lover, to your fellow yogi, and foodie. Show everyone you love how much they matter with something carefully crafted and picked out with love.

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