Green Dream

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A detoxifying, weight loss, energizing, strengthening superfood blend.

The Green Dream was the first superfood blend I created. "Green foods" are one of the least common foods consumed, yet they are the most nutrient-dense and most important! I wanted to find a way to get these incredible foods into your body without compromising flavor or convenience.  Green Dream is high in plant-based protein, so it keeps you full for longer and helps burn fat. Unlike other protein blends on the market, there are no "fillers" to extend the blend:  Green Dream uses only superfoods as ingredients, thus providing abundant, concentrated nutrient power with each teaspoon you consume. 

Green Dream cleanses as its pure ingredients break down toxins and ushers them from the body. And Green Dream is energizing: it provides a natural, caffeine-free power boost every day as it sets the stage for sustained energy while your body releases old materials and rebuilds with precious new fuel. This blend also supports the body in weight loss, if needed: when your every cell is nourished from the clean protein, good fats, and detoxifying green power it provides, the body gives itself permission to let go of unneeded material. 

By feeding your cells only the best, Green Dream makes being healthy and fit easy... like a dream.


Ingredient List:
  • organic spirulina (mood enhancer)
  • organic maca (libido enhancer & mood balancer)
  • organic mesquite (healthy blood)
  • organic hemp powder (muscle building)
  • organic chia seeds (joint & organ protector, balances blood sugar) 
  • organic vanilla (relaxes blood vessels)
This superfood blend packs more protein than an egg, more iron than a serving of beef, less sugar than a stick of gum and more fiber than bran cereal!  
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