Given the most powerful tools for healing, our bodies will renew themselves and return us to our natural state of unbounded energy, bliss, and balance.  The Philosophie's mission is to activate that joy by making it easy, delicious, and inspired.

The Philosophie superfood powders are blends of the very best plant-based materials on earth. Superfoods are vitamin and mineral-dense substances prized for their unique nutrient profiles and ability to activate the body's natural potential for cleansing, repairing, and rebuilding.  

Superfoods have powerful ingredients that trigger profound transformation in the body and support its every process in crucial ways--like vitamin B, which is typically only found in animal proteins. 

Much of the food we eat today has lost its original nourishing power due to mineral depletion in the soil and other consequences of mass production.  I crafted these powders to return the supercharged magic of nature's best medicines to your diet and your every thirsty cell.  I've combined these potent ingredients in a synergistic way that delivers the absolutely best healing action.  

Want proof?  YOU'RE the proof!  Take the Philosophie Challenge and add a superfood blend to your diet every day for a week, and feel the difference in energy, clarity, and balance.  Add these highest-quality powders to smoothies, muffins, soups and more, and discover the true bounty of a supercharged life.  Ultimate health is your body's mission.  Philosophie superfood powders make it possible. 



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