Magic Tips for a Fulfilling Long-Term Relationship

11 years and what a journey it’s been! We’re more in love than ever and more in sync than ever but wow, it was NOT easy. We put the faking work IN and now we go on trips together, share more intimate moments and I get superfood coffee every morning (thank you, my love!). We show up for one another and for each other consistently even when we don’t want to. Even when we are tired.

You have many CHOICES in life. In serious relationships, you get to choose to be entirely with someone as your partner, or not. My biggest piece of advice for anyone in any type of relationship is to allow this choice to empower you to fully step into your love and relationship. Let it be a choice and a DECISION based on your own sanity.

At the beginning with Adi, I wasn’t 100% in. I had one foot out the door. He would say something that pissed me off and I would run away to my parent’s house for days or to a friend’s place. I kept this mentality of “one foot out the door” for a really long time. After years of this mentality and behavior, I truly decided to end this and to fully be present and committed to our love, marriage and life. 

This switch in my mental state to fully being in it without one foot out helped our relationship in SO many ways. It strengthened us. I feel so solid and in love and consistent now. Relationships are your CHOICE and DECISION which is EMPOWERING because it’s what you want.

So in honor of 11 years and this month of love, I’m sharing 11 magic tips for a lasting fulfilling marriage, from our hearts to yours.


If you know us at all then you know this is what we’re all about and share in our IGNTD podcast! It’s the way we communicate within our relationship and builds residency for the long haul. Being radically transparent builds DEEP TRUST but it’s a practice like yoga or meditation, you have to keep showing up and leaning in. It keeps you authentic. Watch our IG video here more about it!


Relationships don’t work unless you do. Come back to your toolbox whenever you need it without shame or guilt. This means therapists, healers, coaches, inner work and others you trust. Write down what’s on your heart when you’re frustrated and then share when you are less upset. 


You’re not going to always share the same perspective and opinions on things. That what makes it lit up! But even if you disagree with your partner, respect that they are allowed to have a different view on things.


Have a babysitter/mom/dad/neighbor/aunt/bestie come for a weekly date night. Make it a non-negotiable.  Try new places, do new things and make it fun. Double date with inspiring couples who are in mad love and respect each other. If you’re not able to get a sitter, make a date night at home when your kids go to bed. Treat yourselves to dessert, watch a movie and go all out.


I’m going to be real here, schedule it if you have to. Life gets full and sometimes intimacy can get pushed to the back burner. Prioritize your sexiness and closeness so you keep that fire alive. Try new things! Push your boundaries and stay open. We are grateful that we don’t take it personally, that we can just schedule it in and try our best to make it happen. For us, it’s scheduled once a week which hopefully allows for one extra night a week naturally.


Laugh together. Put on wigs and be ridiculous. Dance around your house and keep the music flowing. Go on trips together and challenge each other. It doesn’t have to be so serious!


You need to ask yourself, “Do you want your relationship to thrive, or do you want to be right?” Sometimes it’s simply the choice between “winning” and argument or being kind and supportive. Lean in. And if you’re the thick of it? Take some time for space just like you would do if your kids were fighting. Parents need a “timeout” sometimes too! Go for a walk. Take a break. Go do something that makes you feel good that allows you to disengage from the argument and release some of the wounds. Own your emotions and feelings and trust that your partner can support them and show up to you. Adi and I go back to this phrase over and over again, “Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?” 


We are ever-evolving creatures. Even when you feel stuck, stagnant or contracted it’s important to be open to the possibility of growth and use your partner and support system to challenge your growth edges. Don’t be afraid to have difficult conversations and make time for them. That’s where the boundaries are broken. 


Save this post for this check you can do with your partner daily or as often as you need to align and connect. We picked evenings after the baby is asleep when we know the older boys are able to play independently or watch a show. During our check-ins, we let one person speak about whatever they want to share without judgment or speaking. Just HEARING and holding space for them. Then the other shares. It’s so nice to just be held and heard. We’ve realized going out for a walk is also an easy, DAILY way to check-in and have time together


Your beliefs and opinions came from your experience, consider that a different perspective may bring different values. Recognize the both of you as parents have your own value systems and you can get defensive if your values are challenged. 


Instead of shying away from confrontation, lean in, even if you’ll get hit on the way. Adi and I do a lot of work with people in relationships through IGNTD and how to heal pain, trauma or open up more love and it always goes back to communication. Open communication can help you grow as you approach from the level of support you need instead of coming from a place of negativing or blame. We’re in relationships to be better humans, so we need to be each other’s support system, whether it’s in parenting or simply in life. Everything should come from a place of love. 

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How to Create Your Own Morning Routine

The way you start your morning impacts your day. A mindful and conscious morning has the power to shift your perspective, create a higher vibration, lowers anxiety, and reminds us how lucky & fortunate we are to be alive. The secret to creating a morning routine that works for YOU is to be consistent with it - no matter how long or short it is. 

Besides starting every morning with a cup of superfood coffee (you can snag the entire bundle and save $$  + free shipping!) which has all the essentials to make your own Philosophie Superfood Coffee at home! Our superfood coffee recipe is super clean, super tasty and so satisfying. All you need is high-quality coffee, nut milk, and superfoods! You can easily adapt it to whatever you need for the day. Add extra mood boosters or keep it simple with just superfoods and coffee. 

We’ve compiled our favorite tips for creating your own sacred morning ritual. 

Keep it SIMPLE

If your morning routine feels like a burden then it’s time to simplify! You don’t have to run though a huge list of items for the perfect morning routine but instead focus on what makes you feel good. Whether that’s making a nourishing cup of superfood coffee or a moment of gratitude. Try one thing to shift your mood.

Prep the night before

A mindful morning starts with a restful sleep. Take a few minutes before sleep to wind down by cleaning up your space, write out a to-do list, skincare with Chrysalis Oils and maybe even an evening tea with Berry Bee Honey.

Fuel with nourishing foods + the nutrients the body needs

Start every single day with filling your body with nourishing and nutrient-dense foods. After a long night of sleep, the body needs to hydrate and flush out the digestive system, which a glass of water can do. You can also whip up a smoothie for a burst of protein, fiber, healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and YUMMINESS! I love tossing fruits, leafy greens, coconut waters or nut milks, and Philosophie superfoods into a blender and having a filling, energizing smoothie ready in 5 minutes. 

Experiment with different morning rituals

What you love to do in the morning someone else may hate to do. Creating YOUR perfect morning routine will need some experimentation. Give yourself the space and permission to try different things. Try meditation one morning or yoga another. Do what feels good and pay attention to how it impacts your day. 

Set an intention

We’re a huge believer in setting intentions each morning with any sort of affirmation, angel or tarot card and recommend making this a daily ritual to pair with your cup of tea or coffee. By doing this, you’re telling yourself how you intend to feel, which will help guide you in your choices and actions throughout the day so you end up feeling exactly how you want to feel.

You are in control of how you approach your day. You are in control of your reaction to challenges that get in the way. So often we forget that and we get caught up in the moment, letting it take over, but if we only remember to breathe deeply and consciously - allowing your mind to settle into the moment - we will radiate with positivity.


5 Tips for Better Sleep

Mornings are sacred but what about your evenings? Our evenings can offer a beautiful space for turning inward, slowing down and softening. How can you elevate your evenings for a more restful sleep and a better day ahead? 

Rituals allow us to harness the energy swirling around you to really tap into your own internal consciousness and decide how you want to expand your life. This upcoming week try a cup of chamomile tea with a bit of Berry Bee Honey before getting ready for sleep each night or Chrysalis Oil as part of your evening skincare regimen. See how you feel after 7 days and share/tag us on Instagram! We LOVE hearing from you!

Sleep is SO important to our mind, body and soul and deep, restorative sleep should be an absolute non-negotiable but often gets pushed to the back of your mind. Sleep is connected to so much in our body including our eating habits. Studies have shown that those who are well-rested have better portion control and will select healthier food options than those who are sleep-deprived!

Of course, wanting to get enough sleep isn’t the same as actually doing it, which is why we’re sharing five tips on how to cultivate a better bedtime routine:

Create a wind-down routine.

One of the best ways to ensure a good night's sleep is to set it up with a proper wind-down routine. Meditate, journal, or practice some skincare, whatever clears your mind after a long day. Set the mood in your room by dimming the lights while you get unready. Take a warm bath (elevate it with our Chrysalis Bath Soak) or simple stretch and breathe. 

Try to unplug 2 hours before it’s time to hit the hay.

It’s time for ALL of your screens – your computer, TV, tablet, phone – to go to sleep so you can give your eyes and brain a chance to wind down. If you have the discipline to not get sucked back into checking your email or Instagram, then feel free to use your phone as your morning alarm. But otherwise, I suggest getting a good ol’ fashioned clock and leaving your phone in the kitchen or living room.

Brew a cup of calming bedtime tea.

Chamomile is always a wonderful go-to for bedtime, but if you’d like to try a potent blend of herbs and flowers, try Yogi Bedtime Tea. We love this relaxing, stress-relieving tea because it contains chamomile, valerian, St. John’s Wort, lavender, skullcap leaf, cardamom, cinnamon, rose hip, raspberry leaf, stevia, passion flower, licorice root, AND spearmint. We recommend drinking your tea an hour and a half before it’s time to go to bed so you can hit the bathroom right before you go to sleep. Add a spoonful of superfood honey like Berry Bee Honey or Green Bee Honey for extra immunity and glowing skin!

Write down 5 things from the day that you’re grateful for.

While you’re sipping your tea, take out your favorite journal and reflect on 5 amazing things that you’re thankful happened. They could be as big as getting a job promotion to as small as noticing how pretty the flowers were outside your neighbor’s home. Write down whatever made you smile + filled your soul with bliss.

Do 5 restorative yoga poses or breath work.

One of the best ways to ensure restful sleep is to cap off your day with restorative, bedtime asanas. Slowly begin to calm the nervous system down with these five relaxing yoga poses—a lovely way to counteract stress, naturally prevent insomnia, and promote peaceful dreams.

Those few moments before you drift off to sleep can be deeply healing. By using breath work or pranayama practices you have the ability to drop whatever is weighing you down to completely reset as you sleep and wake up ready to show up in the world as your best, most vibrant self. 

Our 5 Tips to Navigate Indulgence Over the Holidays

Halloween is here which means we’re at the official beginning of the holidays and the beginning of a whole season of edible temptations. From leftover Halloween candy at home to the bombardment of holiday treats that seem to start popping up everywhere, we’ve developed a game plan that can help you enjoy treats in a healthy way.

My guess is you found yourself here because you are someone who cares about personal well-being and nourishing the body from the inside out. So I want to tell you that just because it’s the season of indulgence doesn’t mean you’ll be sacrificing all the good you’ve done all year. In fact, because of all the good you’ve done, you shouldn’t feel guilt or shame around indulging a little as long as you do it intentionally, and indulge from a place of love.

We like to look at holiday sweets and treat them as “bad” instead of just food—food that has the potential to fuel us and feed our cravings. Make a choice to change your perspective. It’s okay to enjoy a slice of home-baked warm pumpkin pie or chocolate goodness. It’s about balance.

This holiday season, remind yourself of all the good you’ve done, and all the good you’ll continue to do. Step into the present and fully embrace time with friends or family. Once you’ve decided to provide your body with all the love, care, and superfoods it needs you’ll understand how to fully treat yourself this holiday season.

Here are our 5 tips to navigate indulgence during the holidays.


All throughout the day and whenever you can. Before going to a holiday party, fuel your body with whole, nutrient-dense meals. Eat gently and flood your body with organic fruits and veggies. Superfoods and adaptogens are a great way to give your body a boost when you need it.


Keeping yourself well-hydrated keeps your body feeling full longer. Our snack cravings often come from dehydration. Enjoying a cool glass of high-quality water will also help you tap into what your body is actually craving. Elevate your water with Sunshine Drops for even more hydration power.


Another body cue that people mistake for hunger is exhaustion. When you aren’t getting an adequate amount of sleep, blood sugar and hormones that affect appetite can be affected in ways that lead you to feel hungrier than usual. People who are sleep deprived also tend to have more intense cravings for sugary foods and simple carbs as the body seeks a quick energy boost. Be sure to get a full night of restful sleep or take a mid-afternoon nap to avoid rampant ravenousness. Create a sleep ritual that keeps you grounded and balanced. I love diffusing essential oils, taking a bath with a detox bath soak and putting my phone on airplane mode in my bathroom (away from my body).


Volunteer to bring a dessert to a holiday get together and make a recipe that may seem like a sweetness overload but is actually nourishing for the body and full of vitamins and nutrients. I love making healthy dishes disguised as desserts because it not only feels good making it, but it tastes amazing and you feel just as good after. Try Nice Cream, Dark Chocolate Bites or my own Immunity Chocolate—they are all ways to satisfy a sweet tooth but also feed your body with things it loves. Make sugar substitutions when you can and use intentional ingredients like Fall Vibes which is loaded with superfoods and adaptogens combined with the traditional pumpkin spice flavor we all love.


The holidays are a beautiful time of the year, and over before you know it. When you enjoy a little sweet here and there throughout the season, really take the time to enjoy it. Savor each delicious bite. By tuning into the beauty of the experience, you’ll truly feel satisfied and actually pretty good about yourself. Remember, when we deprive ourselves and restrict foods, it triggers a mechanism of survival in our brains. Cravings, overeating and binge-eating happens when we deprive and neglect ourselves from simply enjoying our food, our lives and the moment.

I’m by no means perfect, but I know in my heart that I do my best. Either you can obsess over the one slice of delicious pumpkin pie you ate, or shift your focus to the accomplishments that you’re proud of. You need to change your tune and look at indulgences as rewards for treating your body with love and filling it with superfoods MOST of the time.

The Magic of Superfoods: Reishi

We believe that superfoods should be a part of everyone’s daily ritual. Why drink a plain black coffee or a latte when you could be drinking a supportive cup of coffee, full of powerful superfoods and adaptogens that give you even more energy and stamina throughout the day. 

While adding any kind of edible mushroom to your diet can produce awesome detoxifying benefits, there’s nothing more magical than the reishi mushroom.

This superfood that is included in our Philosophie Cacao Magic Superfood Blend has so many awesome health benefits including life-extending properties, anti-cancer properties, the ability to promote the regeneration of liver cells, and neuroprotective properties. Reishi mushrooms have also been found to help protect your immune system and provide a quick energy boost. A life saver for any busy mama.

Here are 5 incredible, scientifically studied health benefits of reishi mushrooms:

Increases your longevity

In 2009, a lab-based study published in Bio-organic & Medicinal Chemistry concluded that the polysaccharides, or long chains of carbohydrates, found in the reishi mushroom had life-span-extending properties. These unique molecules were linked to promoting longevity by boosting the immune system and preventing abnormal blood vessel formations that could lead to life-threatening cancerous growths. In other words, if you drink reishi mushroom tea every day, it could have huge long-term payoffs.

Anti-cancer properties

While so much of what causes and prevents cancer remains a mystery, there have been studies conducted around reishi mushrooms that find that regular consumption could help fight against cancer cells. The reishi mushroom has not only been shown to prevent the development of cancer, but research has indicated that the reishi mushroom may also eliminate existing cancer cells in the body. 

They have neuroprotective properties.

Want to improve your memory and protect your brain against some of the diseases that come with aging? There are a number of ways to do this, and reishi mushrooms might be one of them. In studies, it’s been shown that reishi extract supports the production of nerve growth factor, a protein that is vital for healthy neurological function.

They can give your immune system a boost.

No matter what the season, our immune systems can always use a boost. A number of studies have shown that reishi mushrooms can affect the genes in white blood cells, thus altering and lowering inflammation levels. When your inflammation levels are lowered, your body is better able to fight off infection.

They could help improve mood and might fend off depression.

Struggling with depression, anxiety, or irritability? While reishi mushrooms won't cure it once and for all, there is some evidence to suggest that eating, drinking, or taking reishi mushroom supplements could do quite a bit to ease some of the symptoms.

Check out a couple of ways to use our Cacao Magic Superfood products for a healthy dose of reishi.

In smoothies - Our superfood products are an easy addition to any smoothie mixture. Take a look at our Classic Cacao Magic Smoothie recipe for a Cacao Magic smoothie favorite.

As a topping - Adding our honeys and butters on a piece of toast add a high vibe punch. Fruits like blueberries, or fresh figs covered with our Cacao Bee Honey + Coconut Magic Coconut Butter combine for an extra delicious snack.


Find more recipes using our Cacao Magic Superfoods on the blog and be sure to follow @PhilosophieLove for more tips and tricks to start your week healthy and balanced.

Accessing Your Authenticity in a World of Labels and Limitations

Morning Coffee

We’re on a journey to have the courage to be real and human in this world of labels, rules and limitations and it’s not always an easy journey. From early on, our founder, Sophie Jaffe made it a mission to remain authentic and vulnerable no matter how much she was risking. Why? Because it’s so powerful.

When I first moved to LA I started working at a raw juice bar. I was so excited to be welcomed into the community that I immediately transitioned into a raw and plant-based diet. While it felt good and I learned about the powerful effects of raw, whole and nourished fruits and veggies, I began to take this label to an extreme. Soon, my body began to feel restricted. It was draining. 

That’s when I decided to make my own rules. I decided what I could and couldn’t eat. I started listening to my intuition. I finally felt balanced. 


Our subconscious tells us that we need to label who we are and what we do. I can’t tell you how many times I’m asked how I remain authentic and vulnerable as an influencer. It’s not easy. I’m constantly challenged. But there is a power when you access your authenticity.

Superfood Coffee

What it means to access your courage and authenticity

I encourage everyone to remain authentic and have the courage to be real and human. The true you is so beautiful and the world deserves to know it.

By opening up and being the REAL YOU, you can inspire others in such a profound way. Listen to your body - each one of us is so uniquely different. No one is going to crave the same thing, and similarly, we’re all not all going to feel nourished by the same things. What diet may work for someone may not work for another. Ultimately, what matters is if you do everything from a place of love - love for the way you fuel your body, love for the way you move your body and love for yourself.

At this point, the only challenge you’re left to face is blocking out negative talk and surrounding yourself with support. This took years of practice, but what I can tell you is to remind yourself of all the love you’re worth.

Repeat this mantra: I am abundance.

Raw Superfood Honey

Here are some tips to accessing your authenticity

Turn to self-care and know when to step away from a situation or maybe, when you may even need to let go of a relationship. 

Develop healthy eating habits that fuel you from the inside out. One place to start is integrating the magic of superfoods into your meals like Cacao Magic into your morning coffee, Berry Bliss into your afternoon smoothie, or Green Dream on your roasted veggies.

Be careful about the circles you enter and who you follow on social media. If you’re in need of a little body positivity then follow a boss lady who’s all about it. 

Most importantly, find out what works best for you. For myself, sometimes that’s a piece of chicken, or smoothies every morning for a month, but most times, its chocolate late in the evening. 


Your body knows what it needs - listen to it.

Accessing your authenticity is a challenge but once you do, it can be so liberating. The world will open up and you’ll find an inner strength you never knew you had.

If I walk away each day inspiring one person to live their truth and walk their own path, I feel aligned with the truest version of ME. And that ignites me.

Superfood Morning

A Philosophie Guide to the Moon’s Phases

The moon follows a beautiful cyclical cycle; its waxing and waning affects everything from the ocean to our own sleep cycles. You may already begin to notice your energy affected during different phases of the moon. During a New Moon, you may feel softer while on a Full Moon you may experience a high flux of energy and cascading emotions. When you begin to align with the moon and her phases you begin to connect to your inner self, and harness all you need to manifest and expand to your highest self.

Our energy softens and heightens the same as the moon. We are not always supposed to be in a constant state of go and hustle. The moon encourages you to tap into your best version of self, embrace your uniqueness, and own your independence. How can you connect your dreams to your real physical life? How can you go with the flow more?

Make a cup of tea with a spoonful of Berry Bee Honey or Green Bee Honey and learn how to become aware of the cycles of the moon to take another small step on the path to wholeness and connection to our higher selves.

We love this recipe for relaxation and introspection: Moon Pearl Latte Recipe

NEW MOON // the dark moon

A New Moon is completely shadowed and invisible in the night sky. It marks the start of a new lunar cycle and therefore represents the birth of creation and intention. It’s a new beginning. Every New Moon is a chance to let go of anything from the past and reset. During a New Moon your energy is lower making it a beautiful time to turn inward. It’s full of loving yin energy that embraces the emotional self and helps you to soften. Use New Moon energy to put your intentions out into the universe and trust that they will manifest. Take time during the New Moon to cleanse your space, journal your intentions, meditate, and practice loving self-care rituals like a bath soak


During the Waxing Moon, the moon is growing larger and enters three phases: Crescent Moon, First Quarter or Half Moon, and Gibbous Moon. These phases are full of energy all about taking action on your intentions and trusting the process that unfolds. It’s a time to set definable goals, research, ask questions and plan. Using this energy you can take your intentions and turn them into actionable items. This is a time to prepare for your future, listen to your needs and connect with others. You may notice problems that continue to show up and it’s a wonderful way to align with the energy of a Waxing Moon by working through them and take decisive action. 

FULL MOON // illuminated moon

During a Full Moon, she is at her brightest and illuminated by the sun, unobstructed by the earth. Her energy is brightest and the most potent. We can either feel full of love, excitement and joy or anxious, vulnerable and sensitive. It’s okay to honor both. Because this energy is more intense during this phase than the rest we may have trouble falling asleep and can be hit with our inner shadows. We align with this energy by embracing it all and feeling into it. Go out and celebrate with loved ones, host or participate in a moon ceremony, dance, move your body or turn inward and meditate. Whatever you may need. A Full Moon is also a good time to charge your crystals and journal. With a Full Moon, your intentions are illuminated so you can carry them out more clearly. 


During the Waning Moon, the moon is getting smaller, on her way to begin her cycle over again. She enters three phases: Disseminating Moon, Third Quarter or Half Moon and Balsamic Moon. These phases allow you to asses the progress you’ve made and clear out any clutter stopping you from achieving your manifestations. The energy present allows you to face what you are called to release and let it go from your life in order to make room for abundance. Take some time during these moon phases to physically and energetically cleanse the space around you (I love using Chrysalis Water). Use the energy present to reflect on areas of your life that could use a little more love and nurturing and transition in the growth and expansion of these areas. Let go of what no longer holds you to a higher path and surrender to all that comes - ready to begin again. 


What new projects or positive changes are you going to embark upon with the moon? Share them with us on Facebook and tag @philosophielove!