Heart of the Week: Sticky Be Socks

April 29, 2016

These Sticky Be Socks are perfect for times when I'm caught without my yoga mat or want to integrate quick stretches throughout my day.

Oftentimes, I’ll have 5 minutes in between a call or just before picking up the kids from preschool. In those moments, I can whip these socks out of my purse and have instant grip for short + sweet flows or 1 minute handstands! 

They’re also so snuggly for chilly mornings when the sun hasn’t yet risen and I’m just waking up to do some writing + tea drinking.

So in a nutshell, my wellness tip of the day is Sticky Be Socks = instant yoga mat!  ;)

Do you use sticky socks for yoga, barre, or pilates? How do you like them? Let me know on Facebook with #myphilosophie!


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