Strawberry Avocado Power Salad Recipe

In the spring and summer, I especially love adding some sweetness to my salads!

Go on the hunt for strawberries that are super sweet (the kind that taste like little sugar packets!) and toss them up with avocados (for good fats), almonds and nori seaweed sheets (for a satisfying crunch), cauliflower rice (to keep you super full!), sauerkraut (so SO good for your gut health), and of course, mandatory leafy greens.

The balsamic glaze whipped up with the peach fish oil creates a ridiculously amazing dressing that ties the whole salad together and adds an extra dose of omegas!

Gather This:

  • 1/2 avocado, sliced
  • 5 "very sweet" strawberries, sliced
  • 5 nori seaweed sheets, ripped in half
  • cauliflower rice (so excited they sell this now!!)
  • slivered almonds
  • sauerkraut
  • mixed super greens
  • Trader Joe's balsamic glaze (for dressing)
  • fish oil (for dressingI love the peach flavor!)

Do This:

In a small bowl, whisk together the balsamic glaze and fish oil to create the dressing. Then in a larger bowl, combine all of the salad ingredients, toss with the dressing, and IN JOY!


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Easy Homemade Pesto + Green Summer Salad

This has been a quarantine staple in the Jaffe home! We make HUGE batches of this Green Dream homemade pesto sauce for all our favorite dinners - salads, pasta, and spiralized veggies. A classic, simple basil pesto recipe is made with fresh basil, nuts, garlic, Romano or Parmesan cheese, olive oil, salt and pepper but we added a few extra in there for more nutrients and taste!

If you pair a vibrant green summer salad with this Green Dream Pesto, you’ll end up with a fast, raw, gluten-free, + vegan dinner packed with protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamin C, + manganese (an essential mineral for bone health and brain and nerve function). Be sure to make extra—it’s beyond delish + makes a wonderful lunch for the next day!

Gather This:


1 cup basil

1 cup spinach

¾ cups olive oil

¾ cups soaked cashews or walnuts

1 lemon

Salt + pepper

1 tsp garlic

1tbsp Green Dream Superfood + Protein Blend

Parmesean cheese


1 bag mixed greens

Handful of cherry tomatoes

Handful of mixed nuts

Do This:

Mix up your salad and set aside.

Tear stems off your basil and add to a blender (you can also add other greens). Add soaked or unsoaked cashews to blender - depending on personal preference. Add Green Dream Superfood + Protein Blend, lemon, garlic, cheese, salt and pepper. Add oil and blend until smooth.

Dish your salad onto a plate and cover with the homemade pesto sauce. You can also top with extra Green Dream Superfood + Protein Blend. Then, enjoy!



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Vegan Cacao Freezer Fudge

We’d like to introduce you to your new favorite naturally-sweet and incredible decadent chocolate dessert! 

This vegan cacao freezer fudge is made with only 4 ingredients: Cacao Magic Superfood + Protein Blend, nut butter, Coconut Magic Coconut Butter, and coconut oil. We’re all about simplicity here at Philosophie and this is perfecto! 

If you want to put any toppings on your fudge, wait about 20 minutes, and then add the toppings on the fudge. Bee pollen, coconut shreds and cacao nibs all taste wonderful with this! This is a great dessert to make all through summer for a healthy treat to indulge in throughout the season. Kiddos love it too!

Gather This:

1 tbsp Cacao Magic Superfood + Protein Blend

1 cup nut butter (we used Georgia Grinder’s Maple Nut Butter)

2 tbsp Coconut Magic Coconut Butter

2 tbsp coconut oil

Do This:

Stir it up using a food processor or hand mixer (pop in the microwave if too solid) then pour into an ice tray or mold and freeze for about 30 minutes to an hour until solid. Spread on your favorite toppings and enjoy!

What are some of your favorite healthy superfood treats you’re making this summer? Share your creations with us on Instagram using #PhilosophieSuperfoods or #MakeEveryFoodASuperfood!

Honey-Infused Berry Banana Smoothie Bowl

This season is full of smoothies around the Philosophie kitchen - we love the simplicity, refreshment and nourishment they give on a warm summer day. When you spend the extra time to turn your favorite smoothie into a smoothie bowl you’re able to create a more substantial meal by loading it up with satisfying toppings. 

We made this honey-infused berry banana smoothie bowl with lots of mixed berries, a frozen banana to make it thick, dairy-free yogurt, nut butter, a date (nature’s candy) and our Berry Bliss Superfood + Protein Blend for an extra immunity boost + beautifying adaptogens. 

Smoothie bowls like this one are a great source of plant-based protein, fiber, healthy fats and carbohydrates to start or re-energize your day! We added an infusion of our Berry Bee Honey loaded with vitamin C and a much better alternative then your regular sweetener. Kiddos and dads love this recipe too!

Gather This:

1 frozen banana 

½ cup mixed berries (fresh or frozen)

1 cup nut mylk (try out this homemade mylk recipe

1 cup strawberry dairy-free yogurt (we used Culina)

1 tbsp Berry Bliss Superfood + Protein Blend

1 tbsp Berry Bee Honey

1 tbsp nut butter

1 date



Goji berries

Bee pollen

Granola (we love Purely Elizabeth)

Edible Flowers

Berry Bee Honey

Do This:

Blend all ingredients into a blender. Pour smoothie into the bowl and top with your favorite toppings or the ones we used above! Enjoy!


Did you get your fill of Philosophie superfoods today?! I love swapping recipes, share your favorites with me on Instagram. Use #PhilosophieLove or #PhilosophieSuperfoods.

Vegan Cacao Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

In the mood for baking! Anyone else been baking more these days? The best thing about these yummy chocolate oatmeal cookies is that you can enjoy treats without guilt and feel amazing knowing you are putting superfoods in your body at the same time!

These cookies are extra soft + THICK! This recipe was inspired by another cookie recipe but revamped with our own Philosophie touch. These cookies are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and high in antioxidants like reishi, which has healing properties and helps boost your immune system. Something we all need more of in this new world we’re living in! 

Enjoy these cookies with the family (or keep them all to yourself!) with a big cup of nut mylk or this grounding chai date latte!


Gather This:


1 ½ cup rolled oats

¾ cup all-purpose gluten-free baking flour (I like Bob's Red Mill)

1 tsp cornstarch

½ tsp baking soda

½ tsp cinnamon

¼ tsp nutmeg

¼ tsp salt

1 tbsp Cacao Magic Superfood + Protein Blend


1 flax egg (1 tbs ground flax + 3 tbs warm water)

¼ cup coconut oil (melted)

¾ cup sugar, agave or Cacao Bee Honey (or a few drops of stevia)

1 tbsp dairy-free milk (try this homemade cashew mylk!)

½ tsp vanilla extract

½ cup raisins

Do This: 

For the flax egg, combine ground flax and warm water in a small bowl. Set aside to thicken.

In a medium bowl, add the dry ingredients (rolled oats, flour, cornstarch, baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt and Cacao Magic) and stir to combine.

In a large bowl, whisk together the melted coconut oil and your sweetener of choice.

Add flax egg, dairy-free milk, and vanilla extract and continue to whisk.

Add dry ingredients to wet, and stir until fully combined then gradually fold in your raisins.

Chill dough for (at least) 30 minutes.

Preheat oven to 350 °F and scoop ½ tbsp of dough and place onto a parchment-lined baking sheet.

Flatten the cookies as they will not spread much during baking then bake for 10-12 minutes, or until edges begin to turn golden brown.

Let cool on pan for a couple of minutes, then transfer to a rack to continue cooling.


This recipe was inspired by Sweet Like Cocoa!

What are some of your favorite baking treats to make while staying home? Share yours with us by tagging us on Instagram using #PhilosophieSuperfoods!

Summer Berry Salad with Berry Honey Dressing

Been feeling the urge to fuel my body with more organic fruits and vibrant greens so I’m whipping up a refreshing, summery salad bowl topped with my favorite homemade dressing using Berry Bee Honey + Berry Bliss.

Not enough people are talking about how important it is to support your immunity during these times. I’m giving each of my kiddos a small spoonful of Berry Bee Honey daily to help support their immunity and flood their bodies with vitamin C. We’re adding it to meals as much as we can like in this salad dressing or in our tea, smoothies and desserts. We feel better when we make trips to the store or go to the local park because we know our systems are supported and strong. 

Pair this salad with our grounding beet smoothie or a huge glass of chlorophyll water and you’re ready to go!

Gather This:

1 bag mixed greens

1 cup strawberries (sliced)

1 cup blueberries

½ cup raspberries

1 cup coconut 

1 ½ cups silvered almonds

Handful of edible flowers

Sprinkle of bee pollen


2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp Berry Bee Honey

1 tbsp Berry Bliss Superfood + Protein Blend

Splash apple cider vinegar

Do This:

Chop your lettuce into small bite-sized pieces and add to a large bowl.

Pour berries on top of lettuce in the bowl.

Add your almonds and bee pollen on top of the berries.

Stir everything together.

Make your dressing on the side by adding all ingredients to a small bowl and stirring well. 

Generously pour your dressing over the salad, mix and enjoy!

How are you sneaking in vitamin C support this summer? Share your favorite summer superfood dishes with us on Instagram using #PhilosophieSuperfoods or #PhilosophieLove!

Red, White & Blueberries Yogurt Bites

Celebrating the long weekend ahead safe at home with yummy superfood treats around the pool! This weekend is a celebration of health and love with family. A celebration of how grateful we are to have access to food that nourishes us and supports us so we can continue to show up in the world. We’re sharing a fun, summer recipe perfect for your littles and instant crowd-pleasers!

Whip up these red, white & blueberries yogurt bites as a celebration for YOU - for how far you’ve come and how far you’ll go. For the milestones you’ve reached and the values you’ve built within you and your family. For the commitment to learning and evolving. For being willing to surrender, admit to mistakes and rise above.

We’ll be making these beauties all summer long! They’re super easy to make and a fantastic healthy snack alternative for your kiddos. Add in Philosophie Berry Bliss Superfood + Protein Blend for that extra dose of vitamin C and immunity support - so needed!

Gather This:

1 ½ cup yogurt

1 tsp Berry Bliss Superfood + Protein Blend

1 cup mix of berries

Optional: Berry Bee Honey

Do This:

Combine the yogurt, Berry Bliss and berries in a small bowl. Scoop into an ice mold (make it fun by using one with fun shapes) and freeze for 3+ hours. Drizzle with Berry Bee Honey and enjoy poolside!

What are some of your favorite superfood frozen treats? Share with me on Facebook using #PhilosophieSuperfoods or #MakeEveryFoodASuperfood.