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Superfood Veggie Skewers

Get ready to fire up those grills! These vibrant veggie skewers are seasoned with a tangy, Green Dream glaze, and are guaranteed to light up your Memorial Weekend festivities. Eating your colors never tasted so good!

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Green Dream Guacamole Recipe

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with this Green Dream guacamole! It’s zesty, satisfying, and enhanced with energizing superfoods!

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Red, White & Blue Yogurt Bowl Recipe

This yogurt bowl features all the colors of America’s Independence Day and a variety of essential nutrients for anyone looking to celebrate their nutrition as well as their country. 

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4th of July Burgers + Fries

Sure, we all love to snack on the 4th of July, but what about the main attraction? We’ve got the stars of your party right here… Burgers + Fries. So get ready to dig into our plant-based spin on this American classic! It will leave you feeling full + satisfied without the guilt!

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Berry Bliss Mai Tais

With the holiday weekend coming up, there’s a great possibility that you may want to celebrate with a cocktail, or two. Try mixing up this berry blissful Mai Tai- it’s citrusy, packed with Vitamin C and B-Vitamins to keep you energized, and unbelievably refreshing!

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