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Berry Collagen Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Warm weather and sunshine can only mean one thing...endless smoothie bowls! We’re bringing back one of our classic berry recipes made with collagen for that glowing skin!

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Green Dream Açai Smoothie

I was craving a big bowl of greens in smoothie form, but we were fresh out of greens!! What’s a girl to do? Between the açai, the matcha, and the Green Dream...I think we had our bases covered! It may sound like a weird combo, but that’s usually when the magic happens! It was the perfect post workout treat! The one thing that I consistently do and can attribute to helping me achieve my fitness goals is superfoods. Incorporating greens and superfoods whenever I can, even when I can’t get a workout in, is really what keeps me looking and feeling amazing! #AbsAreMadeInTheKitchen

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Monday Bliss Smoothie

This dreamy smoothie swirls together acai, pitaya, and strawberries, along with avocado for added creaminess + healthy fats. Then layer on a dairy-free whip and top with our honeys, superfood macaroons, and fruit for a bliss-inducing, nourishing treat to lift up your Monday!

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Superfood Acai Bowl Recipe


Create this BEYOND GORGEOUS Superfood Acai Bowl from my beautiful friend Jordan’s new book Breaking Vegan. Whip up bananas, dark cherries, acai, pitaya, almond milk, almond butter, and our Berry Bliss trio to make a magically magenta base + then top with walnuts, goji berries, coconut flakes, and cacao nibs for a smoothie bowl as nourishing as it is yummy!

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Boo Berry Smoothie

Blend up this Boo Berry Smoothie before taking a chilly trick-or-treating trip with your little ones OR the morning after your Halloween feteit's bound to boost your immune system + flood your body with protein, vitamins, and minerals! With freshly-grated ginger and a dash of cayenne pepper, this one's got a bit of a kick, but tastes oh so ghoulishly good with Coconut Bliss + Berry Bee! 

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Berry Bliss SUPERFOOD Granola Bars

These homemade granola bars are packed full of nutritious ingredients!  An easy to carry snack that will give you the long-lasting energy and vitality to continue through your day. 

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Berry Cherry Smoothie Recipe!

Berry Cherry


This is a fun, easy, summertime recipe that I look forward to making once the weather gets warm. The pineapple is great for digestion because of the natural enzymes, the Berry Bliss superfood blend is high in plant-based protein + the mint lightens the smoothie up making it uber refreshing! If you want it a little sweeter, a ripe banana would be delicious in this. Enjoy! 


yields ~16oz


-8 oz water

-1 T Berry Bliss

-1 T Chia Seeds

-1 C frozen black cherries

1 T Coconut oil or butter

-1/2 C pineapple (frozen or fresh)

-8-10 sprigs fresh mint (or more if you love it!)


Berry Bliss Philosophie Superfoods- vegan, raw, glutenfree




philosophie berry bliss powder- gluten-free, protein, plantbased


enjoy outside by the ocean, with your feet in the grass or by the pool! :) smile and know how lucky you are. share your pics with us! tag @philosophiemama on twitter, facebook or IG! 

Guest post by Greer Inez - Blue Green Envy Smoothie

I am so honored to be doing a guest post here on Philosophie. I surely adore Sophie, she is a constant inspiration to me as a woman + a mama! Since I am obsessed with Sophie's products, I thought it'd be great to give you one of my favorite superfood smoothie recipes. I love to put either berry bliss or (and!) green dream in this one.

This recipe is inspired by my favorite smoothie from Active Culture Cafe in Laguna Beach.


raw + vegan + gluten free + soy free
  • whole banana sliced + frozen
  • 1/2 C of frozen blueberries
  • 1 C of kale
  • 1 T of raw almond butter
  • 1 T of maca powder
  • 1 T of cacao nibs
  • 1 T of chia seed powder
  • 1 T of berry bliss and/or green dream
  • 2 C of almond milk [my recipe]

I hope you enjoy this yummy smoothie! If you're a mama, check out the next MODERN MAMA eCourse that starts May 4. It's a 5-week eCourse for the mama wanting to lead a blissful life in today's busy world. It is filled with inspirational material on healthy living + nutrition + natural parenting + self-love + eco-living. I share all my secrets on how I efficiently maintain a blissful life for myself + my family on the daily. 
Philosophie Superfood Smoothie recipe - berry bliss and green dream superfood powder