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Cacao Crunch Smoothie

Cacao Crunch Chocolate Smoothie

Summer is for smoothies and we’re crushing on this cacao crunch chocolate smoothie! This is perfect for when you are craving something chocolatey but don’t want to go through a sugar spike.

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Mid-Day Elevated Matcha Latte

Switching out our afternoon cups of coffee with creamy, nutrient-dense matcha lattes like this elevated matcha latte. This naturally-energizing matcha latte made with our Green Dream, Coconut Magic and Green Bee Honey is nourishing, energizing and healing.

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Chocolate & Peanut Butter Superfood Freezer Fudge

Summer’s just around the corner and with the weather warming we’re on the hunt for more superfoods treats & sweets that cool us down. These superfood freezer fudge bites are made from a mix of raw cacao, plant protein, ashwagandha, and maca. So yummy and good for you!

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Easter Brunch Recipe Round Up

Whether you’re gathering with friends or family, we’ve got recipes to make your Easter brunch spread a true splendor. From waffles to oats, eggs and more there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

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Sweet & Savory Rice Cake Snack Bites

Rice Cracker Snacks

These sweet & savory rice cracker snacks have EVERYTHING you need — delicious crunch, sweet nuttiness, savory goodness, and superfood toppings galore!

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Healthy, Tasty Spinach Chocolate Chip Muffins

Filling our life with yummy GREENS but these muffins may not be the greens that you think. These sweet & tasty chocolate chip muffins are made with spinach, bananas, and Philosophie Green Dream Superfood Blend.

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Crispy Buffalo Tofu Cesar Superfood Salad

Not your average Cesar salad! We love this recipe made with tofu, greens, avocado, tomatoes, purple cabbage, celery, sesame seeds and a vegan Green Dream Cesar Dressing.

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10 Cacao Recipes to LOVE

Valentine’s Day is next Monday!! To celebrate, we’ve compiled 10 of our favorite Cacao Magic recipes for you to dream up in your kitchen and share with your special someone. 

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Superfood Pumpkin Banana Bites

Celebrating a delicious start to the week with these pumpkin banana bites made with our grounding, season pumpkin-spiced blend - Fall Vibes! Make sure to bookmark this recipe for the holidays! It’s a great treat the whole family would LOVE.

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