A New Tool in Addiction and Yoga's Healthy Coping Mechanisms

My husband, Adi Jaffe, is getting his PhD in Psychology at UCLA. His goal is to help people who are addicted to anything from gambling, to sex, to drugs and alcohol find healthier ways to cope with life. Therefore, we have a lot in common! Yoga and eating healthy food, in my opinion, are two of the greatest coping mechanism when dealing with life's obstacles and greatest challenges. We are both dedicating our lives to helping others figure out the best way to navigate this ship we call life, both in our individual and unique ways.

A New Tool in Addiction Treatment

There are so many ways to treat addiction, and just like he states in a post he wrote, "different methods work for different people...if there's a tool that can help, we need to put it into action."

He's also been working on a system of matching each person to a treatment facility that is the best possible "fit" for that individual. The person goes onto his website, and after answering a few questions, the system figures out what would be the best match for them. As he explains, "We’re currently testing a system that will use some basic, and some a bit more advanced, criteria to help direct addicts towards the right provider for them. Don’t have much money and working full-time? Then residential treatment should probably not be your first choice? Medicated for schizophrenia? You better stay away from providers that don’t offer serious mental health services (though they’ll sure take you if you walk through their doors)" This amazing new tool will be available in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!!!

(This rehab finder is NOW AVAILABLE! click here to access this phenomenal tool)

The point here? We're not all the same. We are extraordinarily unique individuals with equally as unique issues. These issues could be worked out in a million different ways, and it's important that we are treated by and as the one-of-a kind person we are to get through these issues in a healthy way.

Yoga and Healthy Coping

There are all kinds of ways to cope with life's challenges. One way is by getting yourself to a yoga class and working out your issues on your mat. Yoga is a beautiful metaphor for life. As you practice yoga, moving through the asanas (postures/poses), you move as gracefully and truthfully as possible. Wherever you are that day, maybe you're in a crappy mood, you're just doing the best you can: moving, growing, evolving. Just as in life.

[caption id="attachment_1110" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Camel Pose-Backbend"][/caption]

Back bends, for example, are a natural way to release endorphins. Natural opioids (also called endogenous opioids), which include endorphins, are used by the body to relieve pain and increase relaxation, especially during periods of extreme stress. These are the chemicals that make sure we can function during accidents, like after breaking our leg.

This chemical is released during yoga over and over again, which is why we feel so good during the class and for hours following the practice.

After a light warmup, you can practice back bends in the comforts of your home. It's a great way to relax before bedtime or if you begin to enter into dangerous space or get thrown off track. After your body is warm, a really gentle pose to try is upward facing dog or Urdhva Mukha Svanasana.

Try This Heart Opening Yoga Pose

[caption id="attachment_1113" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="upward facing dog"][/caption]

1) Lie prone on the floor. Stretch your legs back, with the tops of your feet on the floor. Bend your elbows and spread your palms on the floor beside your waist so that your forearms are relatively perpendicular to the floor.

2) Inhale and press your inner hands firmly into the floor and slightly back, as if you were trying to push yourself forward along the floor. Then straighten your arms and simultaneously lift your torso up and your legs a few inches off the floor on an inhalation. Keep the thighs firm and slightly turned inward, the arms firm and turned out so the elbow creases face forward.

3) Press the tailbone toward the pubis and lift the pubis toward the navel. Narrow the hip points. Firm but don't harden the buttocks.

4) Firm the shoulder blades against the back and puff the side ribs forward. Lift through the top of the sternum but avoid pushing the front ribs forward, which only hardens the lower back. Look straight ahead or tip the head back slightly, but take care not to compress the back of the neck and harden the throat.

5) Urdhva Mukha Svanasana is one of the positions in the traditional Sun Salutation sequence. You can also practice this pose individually, holding it anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds, breathing easily. Release back to the floor or lift into Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog) with an exhalation.

Impulse control has a lot to do with ones addictive behavior. If we can learn to regulate our impulses in healthy ways, i.e. through healthy challenges like sitting through an entire yoga class, we can figure out ways to bring this control off the mat and into our everyday habits.

There are so many healthy ways to cope with life's challenges other than reaching for an unhealthy addictive substance or turning to an addictive behavior. One extremely healthy way to face obstacles in one's life is by getting into your body to get out of your head or repetitive unhealthy patterns. Yoga is a wonderful way to connect inward.

Adi Jaffe writes for a website/blog called All About Addiction, which is a great resource for the latest cutting edge research and science in the addiction and psychological realms. He also contributes to Psychology Today, another amazing resource.

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For dinner, I’ll make our family grilled salmon or a filling soup, and lots of greens and roasted veggies. Since I have such a sweet tooth, we’ll also have a heavenly dessert like vegan ice cream or chia pudding.

If there’s still a bit of light outside, we’ll go for an evening walk. Beyond fresh air and light exercise, these walks provide a space for togetherness and reflection that allow us to truly reconnect. I definitely think my family feels that freedom—we talk about moments in the day we’re grateful for and what our hopes are for the next!

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Pastel Parfait Recipe

Whip up this pastel-hued parfait recipe for a super simple, yet beautiful treat that shines as a weekend brunch crowd-pleaser or as the perfect pairing for your bulletproof coffee and latest read in bed!

For each layer, all you need is a nourishing yogurt (regular or dairy-free, your choice!), plus Philosophie Superfoods for added nutrients and a healthy serving of plant-based protein. A few spoonfuls of raw granola provide extra fiber and will also keep you full in between the layers of yogurt–a heavenly trio of Green Dream, Berry Bliss, and Cacao Magic.

For toppings, sprinkle on shredded coconut and fresh strawberries to finish your snap-worthy parfait!

Gather This:

Green Dream Layer:


Berry Bliss Layer:


Cacao Magic Layer:



  • ½ cup raw granola of choice
  • shredded coconut
  • organic strawberries, sliced


Do This:

Stir together the ingredients for each of the layers. Start with the Green Dream layer and gently scoop it into the bottom of your favorite bowl. Then add half of the amount of raw granola, followed by the Berry Bliss layer. Add the other half of the granola and then the Cacao Magic layer. Top with the shredded coconut and sliced berries. Enjoy!

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14 Days On The Philosophie Cleanse

Curious about our nourishing, food-based cleanses? Want to know more about how they'll help you feel lighter, more energetic, and absolutely RADIANT? Read on for Marissa Cohen's recap of her two week journey on the Philosophie Cleanse!  

Two weeks ago, I decided to embark on the Philosophie 14 Day Cleanse to kick start my spring. All of the Philosophies cleanses are food based cleanses (repeat: juice is a snack, not a meal) that focus on filling your body with high vibrational foods and Philosophie superfoods, of course. I chose to do to the fourteen day program because I felt I needed a longer commitment.

Typically, I eat a balanced diet, so why did I feel a need to cleanse? Well, I felt heavy from this winter. The cooped-up energy from the cold here on the east coast, along with the tension from the change in world events and my own life events left me feeling weighed down physically and emotionally. I felt a need to focus on caring for myself holistically, and having done the Philosophie cleanse before, I knew this was the way to go.

What makes the Philosophie cleanse different?

Within the first few pages of the Philosophie cleanse booklet, you will notice that this cleanse is about abundance, not restriction. Sophie dedicates a page on “how much to eat,” encouraging those following her format to “eat as much as you feel you need to.” There are numerous, delicious recipes in the program, but there are no listed portion sizes. A part of the cleanse that can be challenging for some people, and it was for me, is learning to trust your intuition.

So often we follow diets and detox programs that tell us to have ¼ cup of almonds or 1/3 cup of quinoa, but the Philosophie cleanse encourages you to eat how much your body truly needs in that moment–to learn to reconnect with our innate hunger signals and to trust what our body is craving.

The program is designed to be plant-based and gluten-free, but you have the option to include clean sources of protein as you desire. The cleanse offers a guide of what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks over the duration, but you have the freedom to mix and match as you desire.

Craving the Carrot Cake Smoothie every day for two weeks? Enjoy it! Do you want to have a different one of the salad recipes every day to keep yourself excited? Go for it! Would two bowls of the beautiful, nourishing vegetable curry leave you feeling satisfied? Then go for the seconds, my friend. The guidelines of the cleanse are there for you to fall back on, but ultimately your body will tell you what and how much of the foods you need each day.

The food is delicious.

As I mentioned, this cleanse is not about deprivation. Philosophie does not subscribe to the mindset of figuring out how little you can eat to keep yourself functioning throughout the day. Instead, the focus is on filling yourself with as many nutrients as possible. I found that I was eating more diversity than ever before. We’re talking Mint Chip Mylkshakes for breakfast, crunchy, satisfying salads for lunch, and warming, creamy pad thai for dinner, with figs dipped in almond butter and Matcha Green Dream Fudge in between. Actually drooling.

I felt supported.

The cleanse is about more than just the food. It is about creating rituals that ground you and releasing tension you may be holding on to. With the booklet and superfoods, you also get detox soak baths and herbal teas to pamper yourself. A few days into my cleanse, I felt I needed more direct support, so I reached out to Sophie and had a one-on-one consultation. I also joined the Philosophie Cleanse Facebook group and followed along with Sophie’s vlogs of her cleanse experience on her YouTube channel. With these resources, I was able to communicate my troubles and triumphs and connect with others on the same journey. No Philosophie babe left behind!

How did the cleanse make me feel?

At the start of the cleanse, I was so excited to get going. I knew that I needed to go inward and focus on restoration. I took yin yoga classes, meditated, journaled, and was gentle with my body. By the end of week one, though, I had so much energy that I needed to release!

I felt excited to do HIIT workouts. My sleep improved and I woke up feeling a sense of peace. I found myself smiling more and scrolling through social media less. Having IBS, I have always had digestive issues, but once I was rolling with the cleanse I found myself regular. The bloating was virtually gone. What a relief! Overall, I felt empowered.

And it started to show on the outside.

Before the cleanse, I was breaking out around my chin, an area that typically flares up for me under stress. By the end of the two weeks, my skin was better than it has been in a while. That “glow” that people in the health world talk about? Yeah, I have it now! I can’t say that I dropped 20 pounds in the two weeks, nor was that my goal, but I felt lighter and my clothes were looser.

My stomach is certainly flatter, even though I guarantee you I was eating much more than I had been! The “good fats get rid of bad fats” motto certainly proves true. I had spoonfuls of the Philosophie coconut butters throughout the day and my body (and taste buds!) couldn’t be happier. People asked me what I was doing differently, and I realized the answer was simple: I was eating an abundance of real foods and taking care of my physical, spiritual, and emotional self.

So what comes after the cleanse?

The “cleanse” is actually more of a lifestyle. I refocused on the principles of the program for two weeks, and now feel ready to bring the practices back into my daily life. Virtually all of the recipes of the Philosophie page are cleanse approved. Having the PDF of the booklet means that I have access to all of the recipes from the program forever!

So whether you’re a newbie to the world of clean eating asking yourself what the heck a chia seed is or if you drink your green juice while balancing in crow pose, the Philosophie cleanse can benefit you. Philosophie makes cleansing simple, fun, and full-on delicious. It goes beyond what’s on your plate and transforms you on a deeper level, although we promise you your plate will be as full as heart by the end!

Interested in our cleanses? Ask me ANY + ALL questions about them on Twitter with #PhilosophieCleanse!

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