Ellovi Body Butter: Philosophiemama Product Review

March 20, 2014

Ellovi: Yummy Body Butter Review


Ellovi sent me their beautiful body butter + their incredible lip butter. I used the butter after a detox bath + used it to lock in all the moisture from that luxurious bath formula. 


I slathered it all over my body + I must say, the consistency was AWESOME + it smells divine + I woke up with baby-soft skin. I think the combo of bath soak + this beautiful butter was the perfect match! 


Created by vegans Kelly Winterhalter and Ryan Pamplin, Ellovi is a California-based beauty brand that is committed to making high-quality products from pure ingredients. In their words, 

“Ellovi was born to disrupt a beauty industry ruled by products laden with artificial ingredients and cheap fillers”


One of Ellovi’s claims for the product is: ingredients so pure you can eat them. And they’re right! Check out the only 6-ingredients list: Macadamia Oil, Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil, Marula Oil, Non-GMO Corn Starch, Shea Butter. Yep! Could totally spread that on a piece of toast ;)

“What’s really special about Butter is that we don’t add water. That means it’s highly concentrated, can’t evaporate like other moisturizers, and we don’t need preservatives.” – Ellovi

That's my kind of product! I'm testing it out on my kids over the next week, their pure, sensitive skin will be the true test :) I'll be updating this in 1 week to let you know. 


I'm going to suggest this product for some of my pregnant friends because it's SO clean! 


Check them out here



What's YOUR favorite body moisturizer + chapstick/lip butter? Please share in the comments! I'll be sharing my thoughts on the lip butter next week :) 


  • Elaine Thomas | April 21, 2014 | 15:29 PM

    Hi Sophie:) First let me say that I love your Green Dream, Berry Bliss and Cacao Magic! Thank you for your body butter suggestion – I will check it out! I wanted to turn you on to some of my favorite natural and organic beauty lines: Jennifer Devlin ==> celticcomplexion.com (organic skin care and chemical free sunscreen), Jay and Andrea Harper ==> redapplelipstick.com (I love their Rallye Lip Balm and lip glosses). Check them out – I think you’ll love them too:)



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