Thunderbird Superfood Bars

April 16, 2013


I was sent some of the most beautiful superfood bars on the market by Thunderbird Energetica.

I was shocked that I hadn't yet discovered them, given my obsessive tendencies with healthy snacks and bars.

They are all 100% soy-free, vegan, gluten-free and nothing processed whatsoever. Most importantly: they absolutely "Make Every Food A Superfood" a la Philosophie mantra! They are nutrient dense AND taste absolutely delicious. Can't beat that!

I would definitely recommend them to clients on the cleanse if you need a quick snack and don't have time to prepare anything. They are great to keep up a healthy active lifestyle as well!

We each had a bar on our way to Ojai for our first trip without the kids since Leo was born. We fueled on these bars before hitting up a 6 1/2 hike!

I plan on buying a case and keeping them in my purse and gym bag. They were even "Kai Approved" (my toddler)! My favorite was the mint cacao hemp walnut flavor. Mmmmm! You know how I love me some cacao + mint! Hubby liked the almond one best. They are our new fave bar when we don't make them ourselves! Thanks, thunderbird!





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