Move. Nourish. Believe. Sophie Jaffe- Sporty Sister of the Week

wanted to share this beautiful interview from the lovelies at Move Nourish Believe! If you've never checked out their blog, I highly recommend it!

Sporty Sister Of The Week: Sophie Jaffe

Sophie Jaffe BANNER

Another Friday, another influential Sporty Sister. This week, we would like to introduce to you… Sophie Jaffe from Philosophie. All the way from Sunny California, we have been so honoured to sit down and chat with Sophie. Not only does she live and breathe the Move, Nourish, Believe way of life, but she is a woman of many talents – (throw in being a wife, a mother AND working with various celebs) – this girl is invincible!

Sophie shares with us a little snippet of how she is living her best, most beautiful life.

MNB: Hi Sophie, welcome to our humble MNB! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am firstly, a mama. I have two babes- Kai, 2 1/2 and Leo, 8 months. They are my heart and soul. I am married to a brilliant man who has his doctorate in psychology and is helping the world change the way we look at addiction. I’ve always been a super active person, constantly on the move. Nothing puts me more at peace than playing with healthy, happy food in the kitchen. I’m {overly} optimistic and trusting and would do anything for anyone I love.

MNB: So, word in the blogosphere is you’ve worked with a few big celebrities through your business Philosophie! Tell us more…

Yeah! Word is right! I can’t reveal all the celebrities I’ve worked with but I can peep about a few!

“I worked with George Clooney and Stacy Keibler for over 8 months multiple times a week in George’s home as his personal chef. I did several cleanses for Stacy and 2 for George. They were super sweet and wonderful to me. They LOVE my superfoods!”

I also helped Gerard Butler cleanse on two separate occasions, delivering food to his house each morning and staying to do a private yoga session a few times during the 10 days. It was pretty intense. We did an activity where we stared into each other’s eyes for several minutes (his suggestion) and I must say, as “yogi” as I am, I smiled a few times (breaking code) and it was such a challenge to not burst into tears or laughter. It was such an insane moment in my life.

MNB: As a wife, mother of two AND business woman, how do you manage to stay on top of it all and always perform at your peak?

Without working out, getting sunshine and eating a superfood-dense diet, I absolutely wouldn’t be able to handle it all. It’s all about balance and completely about taking the BEST care of yourself so you can better take care of everyone else. I also couldn’t do half the things I do without a serious support system.

My parents & my sister luckily live locally so they help when they can with the kids and emotionally support everything I do. My friends are there for me to vent and let go with anytime I need, and without my husband I wouldn’t even still be doing Philosophie.

He is the backbone of support, doing all the “behind the scenes” not-so-fun stuff like anything to do with finances and helping me really focus on my goals. We keep each other on track and motivated to be the best people and parents we can possibly be.

MNB: Have you always been passionate about healthy living? What was the ‘uh ha’ moment for you…

When I was a teenager I definitely wasn’t conscious of what it meant to be healthy. When someone else is responsible for grocery shopping and putting food on the table, it makes you very passive. I grew up in a reasonably healthy home and our meals were usually organic and filled with love.

When I moved to LA to live with my dad and attended UCLA, I was walking around a farmers market in Hollywood and had my “aha” moment. I saw a sign that had a baby lamb and some ridiculous verbiage… And from that moment on I went mostly vegan. That lasted 7 years, until I became pregnant with my first son. I began craving & dreaming of eating meat… And I had my second “aha” moment: listen to your body and intuition; don’t put yourself in a box. Ever since then I’ve been focusing on nutrition and superfoods and less about which “box” I put myself in (gluten-free, vegan, etc.).

Sophie Jaffe

MNB: What does a typical day of MNB’ing [Move, Nourish, Believing] look like in your world?

  • Wake up: “believe”- set my intentions for the day. Don’t touch my phone or computer ’til intentions are set & kids are fed and loved.

  • Breakfast: “nourish”- a huge superfood smoothie with Green Dream, Cacao magic, Berry Bliss, or ALL 3, and/or “green eggs” with spinach and green dream. Everything is family sized!

  • After dropping off my son at school: go straight to the gym. No excuses. Best way to start the day–“move”!

  • Then I usually run around nonstop until I pick Kai back up in the early afternoon. Running into the office to ship orders, demo samples at the stores I sell in, meetings, etc. Drink tons of h2o and snack on healthy fuel throughout.

  • I end my day by doing something for my spirit. This could be journaling, going to hear Marianne Williamson speak, a meditation with my hubs, or just saying out loud what I’m grateful for. This is the last thing I do before I hit the bed, and it ensures I have the best night of sleep possible!

MNB: Okay, so if you had to choose…what would be your top 3 ‘can’t live without’ foods of all time!

For sure my Green Dream superfood powder (I keep it in my purse!), raw chocolate & zucchini! I add my Green Dream to EVERYTHING from muffins to smoothies to doughnuts. Raw chocolate keeps me sane (every day) and zucchini is super versatile. It can be grilled in the summer, added to a stir fry dish or sliced thinly into raw “pasta”! I sneak the Green Dream and zucchini into everything for my boys.


MNB: What does happiness look like to you?

Happiness to me is giggling uncontrollably, being around those I love, fresh juice and nature. Moving in my body in a free spirited way and being so overwhelmed with joy that I cry happy tears at least once by the end of the day. Happiness is being my truest, best self, being inspired and inspiring and most of all, shedding my light and joy to others so that they can find more light within their own lives.

MNB: What are some healthy snacks we could find stashed in your handbag?

I make my own bars with the superfood blends and my own raw chocolates (all recipes on the blog). So you’ll absolutely find a bar or two and a few chocolates (if I haven’t eaten them all). I usually have fresh fruit too; an apple, banana and clementine (that’s mandarin in Australia) are the easiest to grab and go! Nut butter or a trail mix is an easy thing to keep stashed in my car or purse as well and keeps my energy roaring for hours and hours. Oh and, so much water.

Sophie Jaffe Raw

MNB: Best advice you have ever been given?

When I was 18 my mom taught me that I couldn’t do everything and that saying “no” was one of the most honest and humbling things I could say. It completely changed my life when I realized I had that magic word within me, which would empower me to be that much more powerful.

MNB: What are some of your best-kept beauty secrets?

Honestly, keep it simple. What you eat is really what shows up on your skin. I’m asked multiple times a day what I do/use for my face. I’m lucky if I have time to wash it at the end of the day. If I’m wearing makeup I remove it with a gentle cleanser, use a pad with tea tree oil all over my face, then use some witch hazel (which you can get at the pharmacy ) a few nights a week. I also slather coconut oil on my face where it’s dry. That’s it! Less is more. The less ingredients the better. Don’t over complicate things!

MNB: Any tips or advice you could give to our readers just starting on their healthy, active journey?

Start to keep a food journal. It’s the best way to get back on track when you fall off and the easiest way to get ON a healthy track by being more aware of what you put in your body. Keep it for at least 3 days then see where you can make some changes.

I’d also suggest to do a cleanse for a fresh start. Make sure it’s full of nutrients though so you don’t get hungry, that’s not the point. The point of a cleanse is to saturate your body with nutrients, not deprive it through starvation. If you want a lifestyle shift, I’d suggest my 14 day cleanse so you can learn some new ways to eat, superfood recipes, healthy tips and ideas.

The recipes are easy and approachable for ANYONE, even those who have never cooked before in their life.

Sophie Jaffe Recipe

Thank you Sophie for sharing your passion for food, positivity, love and LIFE!


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Thank YOU, Wendy!! Xo

Wendy Serrano on

Thank you Sophie you beautiful soul! It was so fun compiling this interview & featuring you on xxx

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HOTW: Mindfulness Techniques w/ Kids

Adi and I had the privilege to sit down and talk to Ashley Graber on this week’s IGNTD podcast all about mindfulness. (Listen to the talk here!) We got into all of it! From mindfulness tips expecting mamas can do to carry mindfulness way beyond the womb into your home. Tips for creating space to come together as a family and how to live more mindfully, even as a kid!

Anyone who knows me and follows me on social media knows I’m all about being a mindful and present mama and I’ve tried to instill the same practice in my boys. Noa will get there, but she’s only 4 months! It’s so hard to get the boys to stay still and focus inward. They love going to yoga and meditating with me when there are no distractions. Still, when you’re growing + experiencing this vast world the emotions that come in can be a LOT and having the tips + tools Ashley gave us on the podcast will be AMAZING to implement into our lives.

Photo courtesy of Energy Muse

One of the biggest tools she advised to try out was creating a Mind Jar. A mind jar/clarity jar is a physical tool that can allow kids to concentrate on their emotions and practice peace and stillness for merely a minute.

Ashley explains, “the jar represents the mind, the glitter represents thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. When we shake it up this represents when we are overwhelmed, stressed, upset, and/or overly excited to the point that we cannot see clearly. Our perception becomes cloudy. We can be more "reactive" to life from this place, as opposed to "responsive". It can feel like there is a storm inside and unsteady. To help balance and steady ourselves we can practice coming to our senses...literally...with focusing on one of our senses.”

Ashley advises to label each glitter with an emotion, making it super fun to come up with them together and have the discussion about why each color represents that particular emotion. Here’s how to make your own.

Gather This:

Jar with a good lid (i.e. mason jar)

Hot + cold water

Glitter of different sizes (larger & fine) + different colors (for different emotions)

Glitter Glue


Do This:

Put a generous amount of glitter glue in the jar. Add just enough hot water to cover the glue and shake up to break up the glitter glue then add cold water almost about ¾ of the way to the top. Next, add glitter of the desired color and different sizes. Fill with cold water to the top and SHAKE. Time it to see how slow or fast it settles and adjust accordingly. It should take 1 minute to settle and become clear again. If it’s too fast add glitter glue + hot water. If it’s too slow, pour out some of the water and add fresh cold water.

NOTE: Do not use red glitter – it stains the water

The important thing is that this mind jar it’s not to be used as punishment or suggested at a time when you, as a parent, are reactive and frustrated. We discussed using it at the dinner table when you’re gathered as a family or right before bedtime to relax your kiddos. Light some palo santo, sit together as a family, and have each kid take turns shaking the jar.

Besides this super awesome mind jar technique, we’ve also begun using a Feelings Wheel in our home. You can find the photo below on Google here or print it out from this post. We tape it to our fridge and whenever either of the kids is going through some particularly rough and are having trouble communicating what’s going on inside them then they can look to the wheel. Being able to label what may be going on inside them is already settling and makes the problem easier to manage. It helps us too! Sometimes we just need to say out loud that “I’m frustrated” or “I’m feeling abandoned” it makes the emotion manageable.

Being mindful doesn’t mean you need to do yoga every day, meditate for two hours and travel all over the whole on soul-searching retreats. Sometimes it’s as simple as breathing slowly for 5 minutes, or labeling what each wave of emotion you’re feeling, or making a jar full of glitter and shaking it up.

How do you practice mindfulness in your day-to-day? If you have kids, what tools do you use to teach them mindfulness? Share with me on Twitter using #PhilosophieLove or #MyPhilosophie.

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When we say you can use Philosophie superfoods in everything, we really mean EVERYTHING! We decided to whip up some fun Green Dream sushi rolls that you can make for a fun family dinner or make to pack in your lunch. So good at any time of the day when you’re craving some high vibe sushi.

These rolls are loaded with carrots, Tamari (GF), Primal Kitchen Mayo (our fav!), and Green Dream Superfood + Protein Blend, of course! Our Green Dream protein blend is entirely vegan and truly gives you the nutrient boost you need to power you through the day.

It’s the sushi roll you’ve always dreamed about, but at half the price!

Gather This:

2 nori wraps

3 organic carrots (grated)

1 tbsp Primal Kitchen Mayo

1 tsp chili pepper (optional)

1 tbsp Tamari (gluten-free soy sauce)

1 tsp Green Dream Superfood + Protein Blend

Do This:

Grate the carrots and place a nori sheet on a flat surface. Add about 3/4 of a cup of the grated mixture going lengthwise. Combine Primal Kitchen Mayo and the chili pepper paste then stir, adding a dollop on top of the carrots. Add a sprinkle of Green Dream Superfood + Protein Blend and roll up! Top with Tamari or fresh ginger! Cut and dig in!

What new + creative ways do you use Philosophie superfoods in your lunches and dinners? Share with me on Facebook using #PhilosophieSuperfoods or #MyPhilosophie.

Easy Dinner Hack + Summers to Savor Cookbook

Hi loves! I wanted to brighten up your week with a helpful dinner hack + cookbook obsession I’ve been loving lately. If you’re anything like me, your days are completely filled up then all of a sudden it’s 6pm and you have hangry kids running around asking about dinner. I’d love to say that it rarely happens to me, that I plan out dinners for the whole week, but that’s just not real and any mama out there can relate. Pretty much anyone with a career, relationships, and a breathing soul can relate!

That’s why it’s so important to turn to recipes that you can always pull out at the drop of a hat. Some of my go-to’s are a simple soup dish using leftover veggies and a delicious broth or a potato, veggie + protein dish with extra superfoods (of course!). So simple! Always try to fill plates with color and you’ll be good to go. It doesn’t have to be a perfect, picture-worthy meal, just one that’s tasty and extra nourishing.

You may have seen my last post using Dr. Praeger’s Kale Veggie Burgers for some BOMB veggie wraps. I was so in love with the dish and ingredients used that I decided to look into more from them and found an amazing cookbook, Summers to Savor created + crafted by entrepreneur mama, Brenna Praeger. She truly understands that there’s just not enough time in a day and you need a reliable recipe you can depend on when days get busy and it’s already dinnertime.

It has so many SIMPLE and nourishing meals for moms, dads, and the kiddos. Whether you’re making something for yourself, for your boo, or maybe for the whole fam there are endless recipe options. All of them are filled with nutrient-dense ingredients and are perfect for feeding + nourishing growing bodies. We decided to make the Sweet Potato Grilled Cheese Waffles and they were SO good! I love the Kid’s Table section - so many fun recipes and Kai can help me make them (even better!).

The cookbook is all about transitioning your summer foods to fall. It’s so beautiful + inspiring. I highly recommend, especially if you love enjoying summer flavors all year around. I partnered with Dr. Praeger's for an exciting GIVEAWAY. Two lucky winners will receive Dr. Praeger’s new cookbook, Summers to Savor, and coupons for five free products! All you need to do is follow @drpraegers and @sophie.jaffe on Instagram and share your favorite easy-to-make recipe on my latest Instagram post for a chance to win. Winners will be chosen on Friday, Oct. 12thGOOD LUCK BABES!

What are some of your superfood dinner hacks when you’re in need of a quick meal? Share with me on Twitter using #MyPhilosophie or #PhilosophieLove.

Welcoming the New Moon in Libra

We have officially entered Libra season - the season of balancing and realigning to our true selves. It’s a delicious time. The seasons change. The weather cools. Collectively, we feel the need to nest and make room for the things that truly bring us warmth and joy in our lives. The New Moon on the 8th is a beautiful time to set intentions for the new season and really begin some serious manifestation.

Venus also went into retrograde on the 5th and will stay there for 40 days. It’s a great time to connect to all of your relationships, romantic or otherwise, in a more authentic and honest way. Our sensuality is heightened, as well as a deeper understanding of love and our intuition. Our heart centers are open and vulnerable. Really take the time to center that energy + calm intensifying emotions. It’s a delicate time, but also a delicious time to reconnect with those who matter in your life.

October is all about your inner balance and strength. How can you turn inward and focus on using yourself for stability rather than depending on others? By connecting with your true selves and follow your intuition, you’ll be living mindfully and following a grounding life full of abundance and peace.

It’s all there, inside you. You have to dig deep and unlock your inner courage, wisdom, creativity, kindness and compassion. Begin a grounding practice and physically go outside, barefoot, and connect with the Earth. Allow yourself to breathe and focus inward. From this grounding, you’ll be able to show up to yourself and follow a more present and mindful life. It’s all about that balance. The balance between living and existing, between the divine masculine and the divine feminine, between giving and receiving, it shows up in every aspect of our lives.

Take this next cycle to find where you may need balance in your life and put in the work to realign it.

New Moon in Libra

We have a New Moon in Libra on the 8th. This moon is all about finding harmony within, then bringing that internal stability to all areas of your life - your relationships, work, etc. Libra is the sign of justice, ready to stand up and fight for our beliefs. In this delicate political season, it’s SO important to speak your truth and raise your voice. We need more of us standing together. Only as a large collective unit of female voices can we truly make a difference.

 This New Moon is all about connecting with our inner peace so we can physically and mentally prepare for balance shifts in the Universe. Take the time to return to your center and vision a future you hope to create + manifest.

Welcome the New Moon with Palo Santo for energy clearing before an intuition setting practice, meditation or moon circle. Bring out your favorite moon card deck (like The Moon Deck) for inspiring thoughts + emotions that are ready to come to the surface.

Take some time to journal with the following prompts:

A New Moon is a time to reset intentions for a new cycle ahead. What intentions do you want to cultivate at this moment? They can be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

The New Moon phase is a time to attract new people into your life, begin new projects, interview for jobs and invoke more clarity and spirituality in situations in your life. Where can you re-evaluate and plant new seeds?

Libra is all about balance. Love, partnership, harmony, diplomacy, beauty and legal matters in general. Where can you examine the work you need to do in these areas of your life? Where can you bring more balance into friendships, relationships in general, partnerships?

Love yourself, deeply. Take the day slowly and be kind to emotions that continue to rise + fall within you.

How are you honoring tonight’s New Moon? Share your intentions with me on Facebook using #PhilosophieLove or #MyPhilosophie.


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