Sugar Challenge and some (healthy) sugar substitutes!

Spring Cleaning--Sugar Challenge!

Starting today, I am beginning a sugar challenge. My buddy, Erin from Well in LA has started the process and I am piggy backing on this escapade! As most of you know, I am 5 months pregnant. It's really easy to fall into the trap of eating poorly when pregnant because, "I'm getting fat anyway, why not indulge?" I truly do think it's fine once in a while, everything in moderation (including moderation!).  BUT, when growing a HUMAN LIFE--now is not the time to eat low-nutrient foods just for kicks. I've been hearing and reading about the way Jessica Simpson was eating during her pregnancy and it makes me want to throw up. Jessica shared, "Kraft mac and cheese with Lawry's seasoning salt is the breakfast for pregnant champions!!!" I couldn't eat that way if I tried! My body would dispute!! It IS difficult when you have certain cravings that are indeed intensifies when pregnant, but I'm here to support you! I'll post tricks, recipes and tips here.

Extreme doesn't work for me!

Many people have the wrong idea that people who consume a diet of exclusively raw foods or vegan are extremists who deprive themselves of all things delicious and decadent, namely sweets and desserts. It can’t be too much fun having a bowl of chopped broccoli for dessert, can it? Some assume that those who insisted that they did not eat sugar were lying, weird, or had no fun eating. After being raw for several months at a time and vegan for years, I now understand completely why people would give up processed sugars and I also understand how we can give it up without sacrificing the fun! Read on to learn about a healthy substitute for sugar, no matter what your needs are-from baking to a sweetening a smoothie.

Sugar-what's the big deal?


Over the last few years, there has been a worldwide explosion in the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes – the third leading cause of death in the US. Type 2 diabetes occurs where there is sufficient insulin, but when insulin receptors become less sensitive.

This insulin resistance is the common factor in a cluster of cardiovascular disease risk factors known as metabolic syndrome. 20% of adult Americans have it, and it affects up to 40% of those over 60.

Eating sugar shoots our blood sugar levels up and triggers a spike in the hormone insulin, which is needed to prep our cells to absorb the sugar. If there are no other nutrients to sustain our blood sugar level, it crashes as quickly as it rises — and we crave another hit. This is how sugar addiction begins.

Moreover, sugar floods us with pleasure by stimulating the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin, and probably other mood-elevating substances. Scientists report that eating chocolate initiates a brain response similar to falling in love.

And so our brains have learned over time to equate the taste of “sweet” with a rapid infusion of energy and pleasure — a good thing when food was hard-won and life a battle to survive. Even now when we eat sweet foods, special taste buds trigger enzymes that prime our brain to anticipate this extra boost. With a balanced diet and a healthy metabolism, a calorie–control mechanism kicks in after a few minutes to regulate the desire for more food, including the satiety hormone leptin. But with too much sugar, we eat and eat and can’t get satisfied.

Another big difference between prehistoric times and now is that sugar back then came solely from complex natural sources that had other nutritional qualities, such as fruit, honey, bark, and leaves. And because naturally sweet food is seasonal, ripening with the sun in the summer or growing almost exclusively in warm climates, it was relatively rare in past times.

Sugar Alternatives

What is glycemic index? GI only measures glucose, so numbers don't tell us the whole story; it isn't measuring calories or other substances that impact blood sugar like sucrose or fructose.


Agave Nectar: this golden or dark brown liquid is derived from the blue agave plant. It's glycemic index (GI) is low-15. it contains slightly more calories than white sugar.  It's best in soft-textured foods such as smoothies, drinks, salad dressings, pies and cheesecake. Can also be used in breads, cakes and cookies. Substitute 2/3 cup agave nectar for 1 cup white sugar; in baking, reduce other liquid by about one-third.

Brown Rice Syrup: This dense liquid is made by fermenting brown rice with enzymes to convert starches to sugars. Thick, creamy texture, pale golden color and mild sweetness is reminiscent of butterscotch. It has a relatively low GI of 25. Same calories as sugar but only half as sweet, so you may need ot use more. This sweetener is best in soft textured dishes such as pie fillings, hot cereals, and sauces. Butter for crunchy items like granola or cookies versus baked goods because it makes them heavy and hard. Substitute 1 212 cups brown rice syrup for 1 cup sugar; reduce other liquid by 2 tablespoons.

Splenda: avoid this sweetener. Once it gets to the gut, sucralose goes largely unrecognized in the body as food — that’s why it has no calories. The majority of people don’t absorb a significant amount of Splenda in their small intestine — about 15% by some accounts. some side effects: Sucralose has been implicated as a possible migraine trigger.  Self-reported adverse reactions to Splenda or sucralose collected by the Sucralose Toxicity Information Center include skin rashes/flushing, panic-like agitation, dizziness and numbness, diarrhea, swelling, muscle aches, headaches, intestinal cramping, bladder issues, and stomach pain.

Organic granulated sugar: Unbleached, less processed granulated sugar cane. Not made from genetically modified sugar beets. Turbinado organic sugar ("raw sugar") is slightly browner, with larger crystals. Essentially the same calories and GI as white sugar, but retains some of the mineral-rich molasses. This is best in anything that uses regular sugar; similar texture and adds no color. Substitute 1:1 for regular sugar.

Stevia: Derived from a shrub; now available in leaf form (ground or whole leaf) and as a refined liquid or powder concentrate. Usually sold in the supplement section. The raw leaf is 60 times sweeter than sugar; in concentrated form, stevia is 150 to 300 times sweeter than sugar. In South America and Asia, people have used raw leaf stevia safely for centuries. with zero calories, it exerts no impact on insulin levels (some studies suggest stevia may help control insulin levels). Late last year the FDA granted "no objection" status to Cocoa-Cola and PepsiCo to use stevia based products in beverages. Ideal for sweetening tea, lemonade or other liquids. Lacks bulk so it's tricker for baking-works in cookies, granola and pies but not well in breads, cakes or anything where texture matters. In baking, replace 1 cup sugar with 1 teaspoon stevia powder (or liquid), plus 1/3 cup of a bulking agent such as egg whites, applesauce, mashed bananas, pumpkin puree, or yogurt; increase liquid by 2 tablespoon May add a bitter aftertaste so go easy!

Yacon Root Syrup: a specialty sweetener made from an Andean root which has many health-promoting qualities. It's rich in potassium, phosphorus, chromium, calcium, iron and other trace minerals. It contains a whole B complex profile and important antioxidants. The root can also be found in dried powder or snackable “chip” form. Has been shown to be helpful for diabetics with a neglible effect on insulin. It improves digestive health because of the Fructans (FOS) that allow the body to use yacon as a prebiotic "food" for the digestive tract. Similar in consistency to maple syrup.

Xylitol: white crystalline alcohol powder once commonly derived from birch bark, now mostly refined from corn, berries and plums. Similar in appearance and sweetness to white sugar. This sweetener doesn't metabolize as sugar, so has no effect on insulin levels. Contains 9 calories per teaspoon, about half that of sugar.  Shown to be effective in preventing tooth decay; may have positive effects on bone health. Note: EXTREMELY toxic to dogs. Xylitol dissolves easily in liquid; idea for beverages, smoothies, sauces and ice creams. Not suitable for yeast-based baked goods but works well in quick breads. A direct substitute for sugar. In recipes calling for high quantities, use equal parts xylitol and another natural sweetener to reduce xylitol's potential bloating or laxative effects.

Fresh Ripe Fruits from Your Kitchen: This is the simplest way to get some sweet flavor into your foods. Ripe bananas in particular are very sweet and are commonly used in smoothies and blended foods. You may also want to chop or rehydrate some fruits you may have dehydrated in your own kitchen, or purchased in bulk at the natural foods market. Feel free to experiment. I freeze bananas once they ripen and keep them in the freezer to pop into a smoothie when needed.

I challenge you to go even a week without processed sugars. You'll not only notice a difference in your energy levels, but you'll notice how addicted you actually are!! Explore these different options above and figure out what works for you and your body. 

Let me know how it goes, I am here to support you!

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Philosophie Babe Recipe: Rainbow Chia Pudding Jar

Photo provided by Carolyn's Pantry

There is absolutely nothing better than to look at your meal and see a rainbow. I LOVE to eat all the colors! So, clearly, I’m a huge fan of this Rainbow Chia Pudding Jar created by Philosophie Babe, Carolyn from Carolyn’s Pantry.

This is such a fun way to celebrate fruits and superfoods! All the flavors effortlessly combine to create a delicious snack. This perfect little pick-me-up is loaded with Berry Bliss Superfood + Protein Blend, Berry Bee Honey, vanilla yogurt, turmeric and topped with bee pollen. Did you know turmeric is a star ingredient for supporting weight loss and fighting blemishes? Amazing, right?!

My boys love to get in on the action whenever I’m in the kitchen, so introducing them to this recipe was such a treat. It’s so fun to explore with colors for your food palette. Plus, this is packed with Berry Bliss which provides an extra boost for your immune system. Much needed during this season!

Gather This:

1/4 cup chia seeds

1 cup almond milk

2-3 tablespoons plant-based yogurt

1 teaspoon Berry Bee Honey

1/4 cup fresh or frozen raspberries

1 tablespoon Berry Bliss Superfood + Protein Blend

1/4 cup fresh or frozen raspberries

1/4 cup frozen blueberries

1/4 teaspoon ground turmeric

A dash of cardamom

TOPPINGS [Optional]:

Your favorite granola


Bee Pollen (highly recommend!)

Do This:

The trick to making this layered Rainbow Chia Pudding Jar is to create a large base of chia pudding, then create your layers from there. Make a base of vanilla chia pudding by combining the chia seeds, almond milk, Berry Bee Honey and plant-based yogurt in a large bowl. Stir occasionally for about 3-5 minutes while the chia seeds expand. Tip: Don't let the chia seeds clump up!

To make the layers, evenly separate out your vanilla chia pudding into 3 bowls for raspberry, blueberry, and turmeric layers. To make the raspberry layer, mash the 1/4 cup of fresh or thawed frozen raspberries and add them along with the Berry Bliss to the vanilla chia pudding. Stir to combine and watch the mixture take on a gorgeous pink color.

To make the blueberry layer, just take 1/4 cup of thawed frozen blueberries and mash gently before combining with the vanilla chia pudding. Stir to combine and allow the color to seep through. Make sure to put the juices in the mixture as they give everything the best color.

To make the turmeric layer, just add 1/4 teaspoon ground turmeric and a dash of cardamom to your last vanilla chia pudding bowl. Feel free to add more honey if you like a sweeter taste against the flavor of the turmeric.

Grab a mason jar or better, Philosophie Smoothie Jar and layer the colored chia puddings one by one. Top with blueberries, bee pollen, and your favorite granola and ENJOY!

It MAKES my day when you share your magical creations featuring #PhilosophieSuperfoods with us on Instagram. Share away + let us know if you have any magical recipes you'd like us to feature on our blog!

Confessions of a Binge Eater

I try my best to practice mindfulness everyday and in all areas of my life. As a mama, friend, wife, yoga teacher, and health+wellness coach I do my best to promote both inner and outer awareness. I’ll be the first to admit how hard it is to maintain this mentality during the holiday season. The chaos can engulf you forcing you to forget to maintain the most important aspect your life, self-love.

The first to be thrown off course? Food intentions. Our Philosophie Goddess, Marissa Cohen, shares a personal and very real experience on losing a grip of one’s relationship with food and the journey it takes to gain it back.

There’s so much magic in the holiday season, but don’t let yourself get caught up in the chaos. Remember, your relationship with SELF is the most important relationship in this life.

This past week I was listening to Adi and Sophie’s new podcast, which is all about relationships. As I was walking through the chill of the winter air in Boston, I began to reflect on my own relationships. What comes to mind this time of year is my relationship to food, and to myself. Amidst all the holiday parties, finals and other events, I find myself breaking my usual food routine and engulfing a lot more treats. From holiday cook swaps to work parties to family gatherings, there is no shortage of sweets.

For people like me who have struggled with eating disorders, the holidays can bring up anxiety. In the past, I struggled with binge eating. My binge eating started when I was in elementary school and would return home after school to an empty house and a full fridge. I would restrict myself during the day on whichever diet I was dabbling in, only to raid my pantries at 3 p.m.. This continued in different cycles during high school and even in recent years. It became an emotional pattern. I ate to avoid my feelings and I ate out of rebellion to the stringent diet rules I had impressed upon myself. Eventually, I couldn’t even understand why I was binging. The binges were followed by self-loathing, further restriction, attempts to purge, and most of all, sadness. Through therapy, consulting sessions with Sophie, and dedication to inner self work, I have been able to manage my patterns. But the holiday season is triggering. The reality is, most people are overindulging during the holidays. The majority of individuals are eating more than one or two cookies in a sitting. For a former binge eater like myself, there can be a thin line from enjoying yourself and losing control.

Binge eating is defined by a pattern of compulsively overeating. What resonates with me is the fact that it is compulsive. I don’t think there is any amount that can quantify a binge. Likewise, I don’t think people just binge on traditionally “unhealthy" foods. There were many nights that I found myself eating copious amounts of nut butters, healthier versions of treats and entire portions of meals designed to feed four. Instead, I define a binge as the uncontrollable feeling that accompanies overeating. When you binge, it feels like an out of body experience. As if your body goes on autopilot -- you have tunnel vision and all rationality vanishes. My heart would beat faster; my skin would feel hot. I was overtaken with anxiety as I ate and finished shattered in shame. I couldn’t understand what I had done or why I had done it.

As I said, it has taken a lot of work to overcome my binge eating patterns, but the first step was regaining control by practicing mindful eating. It is about slowing down. Taking 10 deep breaths between the time that you open the fridge and opening your mouth. Talking yourself through the feelings before you even begin, instead of beating yourself up once it is done. It is all about learning to eat with intention by learning to let go feelings of guilt and embrace feelings of love. Now, I can eat five cookies from a place of joy if I genuinely and mindfully choose to do so. But, if I don’t connect to myself and let the feelings of guilt and punishment overcome me, it is a completely different experience. It is about learning to make the shift from guilt to gratitude.


There is no perfect method when it comes to eating. Recovering from disordered eating patterns is a process. The first step is learning to become present and aware of your choices. It is not about avoiding certain foods to stop yourself from binging. It is about learning to be able to freely eat whatever you choose from a place of consciousness and intention. It is about knowing that no matter how dark it feels, you are not controlled by your mind and no matter how ingrained your habits are, it is always possible to make a change. This is about loving yourself enough to know that you are worth treating yourself with so, so much love.


Mindful Eating Exercise

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. In your body, feel what it feels like to feel happy and content. Create that feeling by bringing attention to each part of your physical being (your hands, your chest, your belly) and allowing your mind to become heavy without thought. Focus on cultivating the experience by saying to yourself “I inhale self-love, and I exhale self-doubt.”

Want to share ways how you practice mindful eating? Connect with me on Facebook. Share your own stories and tips using #PhilosophieLove or #MyPhilosophie.

Cacao Magic Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Tis the season of sweet, sweet indulgence. Instead of sugar cookies and gingerbread, try this Cacao Magic Smoothie Bowl for a nutrient-packed, guilt-free superfood dessert! Our Cacao Magic Superfood + Protein Blend adds a decadent, chocolatey flavor and naturally caffeinated punch then combine it with Vital Proteins Collagen for gut health AND extra hair, skin and nail enhancement (perfect for the holidays).

This cacao smoothie also contains a touch of He Shou Wu from Root and Bones, which is pure MAGIC because of its hormone balancing, organ tonifying, and other cleansing properties.

Top with berries, chocolate chips and Cacao Bee Honey for added sweetness and you have a perfect after-dinner treat!


Gather This:

1 Frozen Banana

1 Tsp Cacao Magic Powder

1 tbsp Cacao Coconut Butter

1 Scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen

1 tbsp Jem Organics Chocolate Hazelnut Butter (completely organic)

1 tsp Root and Bones He Shou Wu


Handful of Golden Berries

2 tbsp Goji Berries

¼ cup shredded coconut

¼ cup Lilly’s Chocolate Chips (ZERO calorie, stevia sweetened)


Do This:

Add smoothie ingredients into high-power blender and blend until smooth. Load with toppings to your heart’s content and serve in a pretty bowl!

Share your own Cacao Magic Smoothie Bowl creations on Instagram! Use #PhilosophieSuperfoods or #MyPhilosophie.

She is Not You

As the season slowly changes to winter, we begin a time of reflection on the year we leave behind. The happy and sad. We think about all we accomplished and all the things we didn’t. We make goals and resolutions with new ambition. Our Philosophie Goddess, Marissa Cohen, took time to share an important message to remember as we turn our attention to the year ahead and the person we wish to manifest in us.

Thank you, Marissa. More than ever, we need to remember to truly love yourself.


When I was a freshman in high school, I heard two popular upperclassmen girls talking about their latest discover: The Master Cleanse. I walked into the bathroom and pinched my tummy and then went home on a mission to survive off of cayenne pepper, lemon juice and a touch of maple syrup for the next week.

Soon, it wasn't just the girls I knew in my life that I compared to my diet. Social media gave me the ability to see what everyone from a fit model in LA to a food blogger in Australia was eating in a day. I became obsessed with watching "what I eat in a day" YouTube videos and was infatuated with discovering exactly, and I mean exactly, what others consumed. I wanted to know how much of something they ate, how often, at what time, whether they ate the same thing every day or if it constantly changing. Once I started following specific dietitians and health influencers' pages I began to see their ways as the "right" way. Of course, this was extremely confusing when everyone's opinions conflicted. Vegan or paleo? To juice or to chew? Food became divided into categories of good and bad, allowed and forbidden, even, safe and scary.

My effort to understand what other people ate was rooted in my desire to be more like them. I figured, if I could follow their diets then I could look like them. As if shaping my plate to reflect theirs would lead my body to mirror theirs. This way of thinking led to me to disregard my own preferences, my own needs and my own sense of independence about food. Although I was eating, I was depriving myself. Every time I craved something that wasn't what "she" was eating, I would deny myself and force myself to have whatever social media said was acceptable. I listened to Instagram over intuition.

But that “girl" on Instagram I was comparing myself, as lovely as "she" may have been, is not me. Whoever you are judging yourself against, she is not you. You will never be her. No matter if you eat like her, or dress like her, or even act like her, you will always be you. And that is beautiful. It is your privilege and your right to be uniquely you.

I'm learning to look at others as inspiration instead of direction. Your favorite Instagrammer’s smoothie recipe might be a good rotation to try, but it does not have to become your one and only breakfast. Drinking her smoothie will not magically give you her stomach.

You will always have your one body -- your legs, your stomach, your hips, your arms and everything in between. You can become your best self, whatever that looks like and whatever that feels like by taking the best care of yourself. But you are not her. She is not you.

How do you show self love? We love the uniquely versions of YOU! This Philosophie community could not exist without each and every one of you. Connect with me on Instagram. Use #PhilosophieLove or #MyPhilosophie.

Green Dream Superfood Popcorn Recipe

Lately all I’ve been craving are bland foods with a touch of flavor. Our superfood powders have been a serious godsend! Sprinkled over any quick meal and you’ve got the perfect snack for a soon-to-be mama suffering serious food aversions.

All you need for this Green Dream Superfood Popcorn is a bag of popped popcorn (organic and unsalted) and a sprinkle of Green Dream Superfood Blend. This superfood powder contains a blend of organic maca, mesquite, hemp powder, chia seeds, vanilla, and protein-packed spirulina.

Gather This:

1 Bag of Organic Popped popcorn

1 tsp Green Dream

1 tbsp Nutritional Yeast


Do this:

Pop popcorn according to directions, sprinkle nutritional yeast, salt and pepper to taste, use your hands to toss and serve in individual bowls.

Did you try this Green Dream Superfood Popcorn for your family? Let me know what you thought on Facebook. Use #PhilosophieSuperfoods or #MyPhilosophie.

11 Weeks Expecting + How My World Turned Upside Down

For 11 weeks, I’ve been hiding my pregnancy. If you follow me on IG, you may remember the story of the boys and I going to the OB-gyn to remove my IUD last April. I asked the kids in the IG video why we were at the doctors and Leo (adorably!) noted, "To have a little lady!”

I then spent April through August allowing my body to regulate. It was so thrown off from 5 years of having the local hormones of Mirena flowing through my body that I would spot irregularly, bleed for days, and didn’t re-regulate my period for some time.

In August, on our trip to Israel, Adi and I read the book, The Shettles Method and focused on what life would look like with three of our own.

The Shettles method was recommended by our best friends, Katie and Duncan, who had their little boy using this system. The basic idea is that boy producing sperm is much faster and dies quicker, while girl producing sperm is slower and lasts longer. Therefore, if you want to have a girl, you have sex several days before ovulation and stop having sex two days before.

I really wanted to “spin” to have a little girl. But to be honest, spending thousands of dollars on a less than 100% plan that meant pumping my body with hormones, blood tests, feeling like a crazy person until we got pregnant and THEN still end up with no guarantee of the gender we wanted didn’t sound like my cup of tea. So we tried this.

From August to September, Adi and I weren’t IN IT yet. We were both afraid and getting far too deep in our heads. Mostly, we have been in a really awesome place the past two years, doing pretty much anything we wanted to do when we wanted to do it. We reached a very cool balance of parenting and having an independent life without kids. We have had an amazing flow with babysitters we trusted and the kids are both in school all day (Leo is 5 in tK and Kai is 7 in 1st grade). We take stay-cations at hotels with friends when we feel like it. We head to Ojai or Joshua Tree for an adventure on a whim. We go to concerts, date nights, late dinners or out for drinks whenever we damn well please. If we are tired on a Saturday morning from staying up late the night before, we simply tell the kids to make themselves breakfast and play in the playroom until we wake up. Kai proceeds to make them both gluten-free waffles with a side of berries and they go upstairs and play with their toys and use their imaginations until we wake.

PRETTY DREAMY, HUH? So why fuck it all up?

My relationship with my mother has gone through years of healing. Mostly on my own and including cutting energetic cords, therapy and resolution within my own heart+soul for our relationship. I prayed to have boys because for so long my relationship with my mom was tumultuous at best, and I feared replicating that relationship with my own daughter.

A baby's body is literally made of her mother's juices. If mama’s brain habitually produces stress hormones and she keeps herself in fear+anxiety based thoughts then that is the chemistry the fetus is growing in.

This is why it is so essential to work out all the psychic confusion as early as possible in the process.

If this work is done before conception, it allows the future parents to attract a more evolved soul to partner up with them than if they have ignored the work.

Get to work on yourself now. Whether it's for you or your calm, peaceful, alert+happy baby! You'll forever be thankful.

Now that I’ve healed this maternal tie, I am ready for the next, most challenging journey of my life: raising a daughter.

There’s a part to me that feels incomplete. I dream of this baby girl. I’ve held her in my arms and I’ve seen her as a teenager. I see her connecting with Kai and Leo. I imagine adventures together as a family of five.

Once Adi and I got it together and realized that we can create anything we want in this life, that we already have, and we will only continue this dream…we were ready. The end of September, maybe with the change of seasons, we were finally aligned.

I lead my first IGNTD women retreat with Caley Alyssa in Vail, CO and during that time I called myself out on not fully showing up to this decision. That out of fear, out of wanting things to stay in easy flow, I was denying myself one of the most rewarding pleasures in all of life: raising a little girl.

I spoke my intentions into reality. I created a dream scenario, moving meditation that entailed waking up in my bedroom to the sound of our baby girl's coo from the basket beside the bed and envisioned her with me every step of the day.

That weekend, I believe the baby implanted. That weekend, I believe I manifested, or womb-ifested this dream into a reality.

It’s amazing what happens when you really and truly step into your life, face your fears, process it ALL and show up 100%.

The following week my body already felt different. The skin around my belly felt softer and it felt almost like a different consistency. It felt weird to lay on my stomach (the way I work on my laptop most days).

One week later I bought a 3 pack of 5-day early pregnancy tests. I took a pregnancy test 5 days out from my first missed period and it was negative. I didn’t let it upset me because I knew it was wrong. The next day, I went to NYC for a quickie work trip to promote our Yoga Girls reality show and continued to feel I was holding onto a secret that only my body and I knew. Before a test could even detect. Before it even showed up in my urine. CRAZY! The evening I flew home from NYC (3 days out from the first day of my missed period) and chugged water in my Uber at midnight, ran upstairs to my bathroom and took the test. The entire house was sleeping, all three boys snoring away.

The second line appeared right away!!!! I had to blink my eyes a few times and felt this incredible surge of energy rush through my body. It was 1am on October 11th, Adi and mine’s anniversary. I woke Adi up and he was super disoriented as I was crying happy tears and told him in the dark. He kissed me, said how happy he was and we lie in the bed for hours restlessly thinking about the rest of our lives with another being in it.

That was 6 weeks ago.

The way they calculate pregnancy is quite odd, since they don’t know the exact day of conception they calculate your due date based on the date of your last period. So, I’m 11 weeks pregnant now, but in fact my body has really only been pregnant for 6 weeks. Not sure if that makes sense.

Our little fetus has been developing beautifully, but making me incredibly sick. About a week after I found out I was pregnant the “morning sickness” hit me. It increased as the days went on. I had to cancel multiple events, incredible dinners, birthday parties, panels, so many amazing and fun things in my world because I wasn’t able to keep my food down or go anywhere without feeling disgusted by smells and needing to lie in the fetal position.

I spent a solid month napping the day away and dreaming of the next nap, since I was physically exhausted and sleeping was the only time I didn't feel extremely ill.

This time was a time of complete surrender.

A time to remember my choices, a time to reflect on my desires, to really connect to this reality that THIS IS HAPPENING. That she will turn my life upside down and that nothing is as important as her, her health and my love for her.

We couldn’t be more excited for this baby girl to join our world.

I know with my whole heart and soul that she was destined for me and I for her.

I know deep within my bones that Adi and I can handle anything thrown our way and that we will continue to be successful and full of joy in our love and life.

Thank you all for following on this journey and for your endless love+support.

I’ll keep updating along the way! Feel free to ask questions, we are all in this together and it truly takes a village. Xx

Have anything to share or questions about my conception with our newest Jaffe member? Connect with me on Twitter. Share your own conception story using #PhilosophieLove.

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