Heart of the Week: Intention Cards

May 22, 2015

While we were in Mexico on the Nourish Your Soul Retreat, we would select a card before our daily meditation to set the tone for the day. I’m a huge believer in setting intentions each morning with any sort of affirmation, angel, or tarot card and recommend making this a daily ritual to pair with your cup of tea or latte.

All you need to do is take a few moments to reflect on what your chosen card means and how you can positively apply its message to your day ahead. Between now and the next sunrise, return to the card’s message and use it for positive support and guidance in keeping your head clear and your heart pure. (This is especially helpful if you lose something, have a negative interaction or encounter with someone, or if something is going badly or not how you expected.)

Here are a couple of my favorite decks for setting intentions and learning how to explore and interpret my journey during the day:

Messages From Your Angels Deck

l love these angel cards, which are so full of positivity + light! On the final day of the retreat, I picked these two cards (how fitting!). I interpreted the card on the right as a goddess mama (me!) with two little kids on the right path. I saw myself again in the card on the left as a spiritual teacher on the right life mission :)

Your Joyologist “Own Your Awesome” Affirmation Deck

This week, I picked the Your Joyologist affirmation cards with Kai and Leo before our school/workday yoga flow. Kai picked “I choose Gratitude as my Attitude,” which was perfect timing because he was ultra moody that morning. We discussed switching to gratitude + using his magic to create love and gratefulness whenever he was feeling frustrated. He brightened up, and then we flowed through playful poses.

Every morning, Tricia (Your Joyologist) also sends out affirmation emails—it's the first email I open, and it always gives me a boost of determination to fill my day with as much energy + love as I can. Sign up for these magical messages at the bottom of her site!


How do you set your intentions for the day? Share your thoughts with us or snap a photo of your intention card and share it with us on Facebook and tag #myphilosophie! 


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