Heart of the Week: Intention Cards

While we were in Mexico on the Nourish Your Soul Retreat, we would select a card before our daily meditation to set the tone for the day. I’m a huge believer in setting intentions each morning with any sort of affirmation, angel, or tarot card and recommend making this a daily ritual to pair with your cup of tea or latte.

All you need to do is take a few moments to reflect on what your chosen card means and how you can positively apply its message to your day ahead. Between now and the next sunrise, return to the card’s message and use it for positive support and guidance in keeping your head clear and your heart pure. (This is especially helpful if you lose something, have a negative interaction or encounter with someone, or if something is going badly or not how you expected.)

Here are a couple of my favorite decks for setting intentions and learning how to explore and interpret my journey during the day:

Messages From Your Angels Deck

l love these angel cards, which are so full of positivity + light! On the final day of the retreat, I picked these two cards (how fitting!). I interpreted the card on the right as a goddess mama (me!) with two little kids on the right path. I saw myself again in the card on the left as a spiritual teacher on the right life mission :)

Your Joyologist “Own Your Awesome” Affirmation Deck

This week, I picked the Your Joyologist affirmation cards with Kai and Leo before our school/workday yoga flow. Kai picked “I choose Gratitude as my Attitude,” which was perfect timing because he was ultra moody that morning. We discussed switching to gratitude + using his magic to create love and gratefulness whenever he was feeling frustrated. He brightened up, and then we flowed through playful poses.

Every morning, Tricia (Your Joyologist) also sends out affirmation emails—it's the first email I open, and it always gives me a boost of determination to fill my day with as much energy + love as I can. Sign up for these magical messages at the bottom of her site!


How do you set your intentions for the day? Share your thoughts with us or snap a photo of your intention card and share it with us on Facebook and tag #myphilosophie! 

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7 Tips for Clean Eating and Attaining Balance

In living an abundant human experience, we are able to nourish our minds, souls and bodies to the fullest extent possible. Yet recently, and especially within the wellness space, we have exploited the notion of balance. I am one to believe that perfect balance is never fully achievable because we are humans. We’ve looked to conflicting diets, programs, remedies and trends that tell you to eat this, do that and avoid “blank” at all costs. It can leave us obsessive, anxious, frustrated, or shameful. We forget the power of food as medicine and turn it into a way to look our best. 

After years of trying various different diet plans out there, including being vegan for 2 years, healthy or “clean” eating to me looks like enjoying beautiful, wholesome foods that you actually look forward to and completely S A V O R. It’s developing a strong and healthy intuition-based relationship with food. It’s being able to listen to your body and eat what you know your body wants. When we eat from a place of love - a love for the food itself and the experience of eating or sharing a meal - we are so much more able to give our body exactly what it needs.

The idea of having “balance” can be overused and lose its potency. It’s a beautiful notion but if we obsess over the idea of maintaining a perfect balance in everything we do we set ourselves up to fail. We’re never going to obtain balance, but if we can decide to show up as we are then we’re able to rise and meet our highest self. Balance is eating a leafy, veggie-rich salad because your body hasn’t had greens in a while; it’s also enjoying a decadent cup of hot cocoa while snuggled up on the couch with your family. Finding balance and tapping into your intuition is never fear-based or controlling, it’s listening inward and following mindful food choices that lead to a strong sense of what works for YOUR body and eventually leads to your everyday reality. 

Clean eating and maintaining balance comes from following your intuition and cultivating a healthy relationship with food. You have to determine what works for YOU and you alone. Each meal is a gift and energy you have the opportunity to create. Give yourself forgiveness and release any guilt you have around food. Choose to rediscover your body through food. 

Here are seven tips for eating clean and attaining YOUR unique balance. My rule of thumb? Superfoods in every meal! 

Keep a food journal. Start with three days and write down everything you eat and how you felt after. After three days, notice if any patterns or observations that come up. Every food has a different energy and responds to your unique body in a different way.

Each meal is an opportunity to start fresh. Say, for example, there’s a night where you had bowl after bowl of ice cream and you end up feeling a wash of shame over it (as we so often do when it comes to what we eat). Instead, tell yourself that you can start the day fresh tomorrow with a nutrient-dense brekkie. We can always begin again. A bump along the way is just that — a bump — not a detour. 

Practice gratitude. While you’re preparing your food and/or during a meal find gratitude in the practice of fueling your body with the bounty given us here on the planet. Listen to soulful music that brings you happiness and makes you want to dance as you pour love into your meal. 

Similarly, try to prepare your own food as often as you can! You’re so much more intentional in what you eat when you make a dish yourself and know what ingredients are going directly into your body. This will also give you the opportunity to make more health-conscious substitutions. For example, if you’re gluten-free and the recipe calls for flour you can sub a wheat-free, nutrient-dense flour. 

Allow yourself a treat every once in a while! It’s a source of pleasure and a way to let go. There are 365 days in a year, and if we commit to fueling and nourishing our body then there are definitely times here and there when we can enjoy the birthday cake, cookies, fries, etc. that feel GOOD at that moment. 

Create a clean food kitchen. Toss out anything processed, anything with high fructose corn syrup, anything with gluten, and anything that you question whether it's healthy or not. Don't be afraid to let it go, I promise you you can always find it again at the store if you MUST have it.

Don’t worry so much about calories (that's so 1990’s!) but instead about nutrients. If you eat nutrient-dense foods, you will be full and satiated for longer. The rule of thumb when you're eating is to think about NUTRIENTS, not just energy/calories. Ask yourself what NUTRIENTS are in your meal, not just putting empty calories into your body. For example, when reaching for a snack, don't eat 5 rice crackers because they are low in calories, eat an apple and a handful of almonds because then you're getting vitamins, fiber, protein and good fats (and you'll stay fuller longer!).

Here are some of my favorite superfood recipes I’m loving that help me eat cleaner and achieve my personal balance:

No-Bake Cosmic Cashew Butter Truffles 

Honey-Infused Berry Banana Smoothie Bowl

Kid-Friendly Nourishing Green Smoothie

Magic Tips for a Fulfilling Long-Term Relationship

11 years and what a journey it’s been! We’re more in love than ever and more in sync than ever but wow, it was NOT easy. We put the faking work IN and now we go on trips together, share more intimate moments and I get superfood coffee every morning (thank you, my love!). We show up for one another and for each other consistently even when we don’t want to. Even when we are tired.

You have many CHOICES in life. In serious relationships, you get to choose to be entirely with someone as your partner, or not. My biggest piece of advice for anyone in any type of relationship is to allow this choice to empower you to fully step into your love and relationship. Let it be a choice and a DECISION based on your own sanity.

At the beginning with Adi, I wasn’t 100% in. I had one foot out the door. He would say something that pissed me off and I would run away to my parent’s house for days or to a friend’s place. I kept this mentality of “one foot out the door” for a really long time. After years of this mentality and behavior, I truly decided to end this and to fully be present and committed to our love, marriage and life. 

This switch in my mental state to fully being in it without one foot out helped our relationship in SO many ways. It strengthened us. I feel so solid and in love and consistent now. Relationships are your CHOICE and DECISION which is EMPOWERING because it’s what you want.

So in honor of 11 years and this month of love, I’m sharing 11 magic tips for a lasting fulfilling marriage, from our hearts to yours.


If you know us at all then you know this is what we’re all about and share in our IGNTD podcast! It’s the way we communicate within our relationship and builds residency for the long haul. Being radically transparent builds DEEP TRUST but it’s a practice like yoga or meditation, you have to keep showing up and leaning in. It keeps you authentic. Watch our IG video here more about it!


Relationships don’t work unless you do. Come back to your toolbox whenever you need it without shame or guilt. This means therapists, healers, coaches, inner work and others you trust. Write down what’s on your heart when you’re frustrated and then share when you are less upset. 


You’re not going to always share the same perspective and opinions on things. That what makes it lit up! But even if you disagree with your partner, respect that they are allowed to have a different view on things.


Have a babysitter/mom/dad/neighbor/aunt/bestie come for a weekly date night. Make it a non-negotiable.  Try new places, do new things and make it fun. Double date with inspiring couples who are in mad love and respect each other. If you’re not able to get a sitter, make a date night at home when your kids go to bed. Treat yourselves to dessert, watch a movie and go all out.


I’m going to be real here, schedule it if you have to. Life gets full and sometimes intimacy can get pushed to the back burner. Prioritize your sexiness and closeness so you keep that fire alive. Try new things! Push your boundaries and stay open. We are grateful that we don’t take it personally, that we can just schedule it in and try our best to make it happen. For us, it’s scheduled once a week which hopefully allows for one extra night a week naturally.


Laugh together. Put on wigs and be ridiculous. Dance around your house and keep the music flowing. Go on trips together and challenge each other. It doesn’t have to be so serious!


You need to ask yourself, “Do you want your relationship to thrive, or do you want to be right?” Sometimes it’s simply the choice between “winning” and argument or being kind and supportive. Lean in. And if you’re the thick of it? Take some time for space just like you would do if your kids were fighting. Parents need a “timeout” sometimes too! Go for a walk. Take a break. Go do something that makes you feel good that allows you to disengage from the argument and release some of the wounds. Own your emotions and feelings and trust that your partner can support them and show up to you. Adi and I go back to this phrase over and over again, “Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?” 


We are ever-evolving creatures. Even when you feel stuck, stagnant or contracted it’s important to be open to the possibility of growth and use your partner and support system to challenge your growth edges. Don’t be afraid to have difficult conversations and make time for them. That’s where the boundaries are broken. 


Save this post for this check you can do with your partner daily or as often as you need to align and connect. We picked evenings after the baby is asleep when we know the older boys are able to play independently or watch a show. During our check-ins, we let one person speak about whatever they want to share without judgment or speaking. Just HEARING and holding space for them. Then the other shares. It’s so nice to just be held and heard. We’ve realized going out for a walk is also an easy, DAILY way to check-in and have time together


Your beliefs and opinions came from your experience, consider that a different perspective may bring different values. Recognize the both of you as parents have your own value systems and you can get defensive if your values are challenged. 


Instead of shying away from confrontation, lean in, even if you’ll get hit on the way. Adi and I do a lot of work with people in relationships through IGNTD and how to heal pain, trauma or open up more love and it always goes back to communication. Open communication can help you grow as you approach from the level of support you need instead of coming from a place of negativing or blame. We’re in relationships to be better humans, so we need to be each other’s support system, whether it’s in parenting or simply in life. Everything should come from a place of love. 

Tips for Managing Burnout in the Age of Remote-Work & Zoom School

We are approaching one year of this pandemic mark. Pretty crazy, huh? Our approach to managing the events of last year is unique to us all. While we collectively have faced a period of challenges, restrictions, awakening and changes, how we cope and the path we walk is different.

Life as a working mother during the quarantine era has been challenging. This past week alone, I fully stepped into the role of SAHM with my boys still going to Zoom-school, a 2.5-year-old running around, a photoshoot, and running multiple businesses out of our home. Stay at home mamas, I see you! There have been multiple moments where I’ve wanted to scream or cry and wanted to hide away in my bathroom or closet just for some alone time. I know I’m not alone when I say, I’m just over it. 

When I start my day and feel flustered, overwhelmed, and not sure what to do, I typically know I'm burnt out. I've been through many of these burnouts in the past five to six years, but especially this past year. Living with intention and being fully honest and transparent with who I am, always brings me back to what matters. I've been working hard to be more intentional with how I start and end each day by checking in with my intuition and listen to what I NEED to feel good and in alignment with my true self. I also have a "joy" list written in my phone that I come back to whenever I feel myself spiraling or in a dark place. It really helps when I'm feeling frozen.


Are you facing the breaking point of burnout? Here are 5 common symptoms to recognize when you’re in a period of burnout.

  • You’re constantly feeling tired, drained and worn out.
  • You’re numbing to the outside world. Your energy and compassion for others are low.
  • The work you are putting out is not at your best.
  • You’re feeling that nothing you do matters.
  • Your creative spark is low or non-existent.

If you’re feeling any of the above, you’re not alone. It’s hard to maintain a strong sense of self and balance when we are in a constant state of a pivot. I want to share some tools I’ve been using in my life to help manage this burnout in the hope it might help you too!

De-stress in the Kitchen and High Vibrational Foods

Cooking can be a wonderful way to relieve stress because it can help you focus your attention on something positive and nourishing. And if you’re like me, one of the first things you turn to to help ease stress and anxiety is food and SWEETS! As long as you check in with your intuition to make sure you’re actually hungry then absolutely enjoy a meal but make it one full of high vibrational fruits, veggies and superfoods. Baking, in particular, is a great kitchen activity for releasing tension because the unique sensations of working with dough and batters with your hands can get you out of your head and back into your body very quickly. Not sure what to make? Try your hand at some delicious baked goods, like these Gluten-Free Superfood Crescent Moon Cake Cookies with our Coconut Magic.

Try Alternative Therapies

A steady meditation practice is one of the very best things you can do to let go of stress in your life. It cultivates a deep inner peace and the ability to let distressing thoughts go instead of circling them obsessively. There are tons of different types of meditation practices, but even taking just a few minutes a day to sit quietly and focus on your breath can have dramatically positive impacts. You can also try aromatherapy or get a massage (or ask your partner for one) to help ease tension. 

Get Out in Nature and Move Your Body

There’s something about the simplicity and beauty of the natural world that reminds us that our ultimate purpose in life is to simply be the best us we can be. Modern life worries feel so far away when you’re out on a hike or sitting on a beach listening to the ocean waves and that little bit of space can help make stressful situations seem much more manageable. It’s also important to see movement every day. Whether it’s a HIIT workout, yoga flow, run or strength training, try different things every day to feel what works best for you and your body. If you’re looking to try yoga, you can join my Live Intuitive Movement Class I host virtually once a month by signing up here: Livekick.com/sophie.


I’m really sensitive to my sleep and if I don’t get my average full night’s of sleep it will throw my entire day off or if there are days where I didn’t get enough sleep overnight then I will definitely take a delicious power nap during the day. Your body needs sleep and often when you’re burnt out this can be the reset you need. Drink some chamomile tea with Berry Bee Honey then slip into bed and sleep.

Seek Out JOY and Have a Dance Party 

The pandemic has put a strain on our excitement, passions and creativity. It’s harder to tap into that sense of joy, but not impossible! I’ve found my joy by shifting more into each present moment and appreciate the small moments of life these days. It can be as simple as ordering food from a local restaurant, watching a new episode from a good TV show, or spending time with your littles in their bright, beautiful world. When I’m burnout I LOVE to laugh and have a dance party. I dare you to try it! Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, step away from the source of the stress for a few minutes, turn on your favorite beats, and rock out. It may not feel entirely natural at first, but if you allow yourself to connect with the music and really let your body express any pent up feelings through your movements, you just might find that you can completely turn your mood around in just a matter of minutes!

What are your go-to ways to relieve burnout? Share in the comments below or tag us on Instagram @philosophielove!

My Daily Non-Negotiables as a Mompreneur

I don’t pretend I have my life together because most of the time I’m figuring it all out too like everyone else! Last year was incredibly transformative in so many ways but definitely felt like survival mode in others. Having kids home 24/7 PLUS more work than ever (grateful for this!) didn’t allow for ANY space to PROCESS.

My solo time is where I process and FEEL. It’s where I integrate all the lessons and gifts of this life. This year I am committing to a concentrated effort of taking time for myself, every single day. I feel the difference in my anxiety and stress levels and want to continue this practice. There’s no excuse in my life I can possibly create to NOT allow this daily.

I’m lucky because no day is exactly the same so I don’t live by a hard and fast routine. Being a mama does have its perks and I don’t need to rely on an alarm clock to wake me up! Whether it’s my toddler jumping into my bed, one of my boys coming to snuggle, or my husband with superfood coffee I often wake up to lots of love.

I’m sharing my daily non-negotiables that are super important for connecting to my intuition and gives me the space to process, feel and integrate to expand. We all forget who we are and how extremely strong and powerful we are. It’s important to keep coming back and prioritizing creating more love and space in your life. 

Superfood Coffee. I can’t start my day without a superfood coffee and find that having my daily rituals like superfood coffee, some alone time to drop in and connect to my inner spirit, and movement of some kind is absolutely CRUCIAL for my sanity. I’ve been adding my Philosophie Cacao Magic Superfood + Protein Blend to my coffee for years now with our Coconut Magic Coconut Butter and coffee for a balanced energized hit. There’s NO crash which I really appreciate and it brings me joy and sanity when I’m feeling off-balance. You can easily adapt it to whatever you need for the day, add extra mood boosters, or keep it simple with just superfoods and coffee. If you’re looking for a high-vibe, uplifting boost without the crash, this does the trick! For the recipe, check it out here.


5-Minute Check-In. I’d like to say that I start each morning with mindful meditation, yoga practice and journaling/reading but as a mama of three and entrepreneur that’s just not possible every day. But, connecting to my intuition is super important to me. At some point in my day, I have a 5-minute daily check-in which includes setting an intention, reviewing a mental or physical gratitude list, breathwork, and some movement. That’s it! I prioritize my day by following the FEELING I want to feel. If I want to feel connected to my kids then I prioritize moments with them meaning phone away, fun playtime and connection. If I want to feel accomplished with my work then I make a list of all the priorities and check them off one by one. If I want to feel free, I start out my day with a hike in nature or leave my phone at home and take a really long bike ride to a coffee shop or adventure. 


Time in Nature. I’m a double Earth sign and THRIVE being in nature. It heals me. Whether it’s a 10-minute backyard yoga flow, a hike up in the trails around my city, beach days with my family, or traveling to witness the full beauty of Mother Earth I get outside at least once a day. Your energy can change so much the second you connect with the elements. Even if it’s a little walk around your neighborhood, it can leave such an impact on your daily wellness.

Liquid Sunshine Chlorophyll Water. I created Philosophie Liquid Sunshine after 15 years of using liquid chlorophyll in my water. I love to elevate my water on the daily with the detoxifying power of concentrated liquid chlorophyll and mint essential oils. It’s no secret that keeping your body well-hydrated does wonders for your overall health + wellbeing. It keeps us well-balanced and overflowing with energy. When you harness the power of plants you provide your body with vibrant skin, optimal digestion, a strong gut, and immunity. 


Games and playtime with my kids. 2020 brought me beautiful, treasured moments with my children. We were home together and while there were so many (SO MANY) moments that were tough balancing work, mom life and home life I found a love in embracing presence with my kids. Last year, our priorities became crystal clear after everything else was stripped away — no distractions from the truth. For me, that’s my children, husband and chosen family. Period. My pure heart. My luminous raw love. How to embrace moments with them? I get silly. We dance in the living room. We play make-believe or create obstacle courses in the backyard. We tell stories, create art or yoga play. Simple as BE-ing.

What are some of your daily non-negotiables? Share with me on Instagram and tag us @philosophielove!

What’s Infrared? Plus Some of My Favorite Healing & Self-Care Rituals for Stress

Ah, 2020. It was a transformative year in so many ways but I definitely felt like I was in survival mode for most of the year. Intuitively, I knew my body needed so much more space for healing and self-care than usual.

With distance-learning and homeschool for my kiddos, more work than ever (so, so grateful) and hardly any alone time for this mama of three my energy was stretched thin. I’m was in desperate need of some space. My solo time is where I process and integrate all the lessons and gifts of this life. The past year I made more of a concentrated effort of putting my phone away and taking time for myself. I feel the difference in my anxiety and stress levels when I take time for myself. Loves, there’s no excuse to not allow a daily moment to yourself.

Keep reading for my little secrets to heal your body, better your mood and cultivate natural energy!

My favorite hiding spot - my sauna 

No joke, I will actually go and hide in my sauna (or in my closet or bathroom) to get some time alone time. My infrared sauna sanctuary was the biggest investment in myself and my health, and I’ve never been happier about it. 

Fun fact, I also helped get a sauna for my mom for her arthritis and the healing has been incredible. Since using her Clearlight Sauna she notices feeling so relaxed during and after a session. At night she sleeps so much better as there is less pain from her rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. A regular sauna treatment has the power to calm you, decrease anxiety and so many other benefits.

Why infrared saunas?

Infrared saunas gently penetrate the skin 5-8x deeper than regular heat alone and are one of the most effective and healing ways I have found to heal from toxins, physical stress symptoms and more. It feels like laying in the sun on a warm day and feeling the heat deep into the core of your body. Infrared rays have the ability to revitalize your cells and metabolism, soothe your muscles, relax your nervous system and sweat out toxins. There are so many incredible benefits of infrared from detox to better sleep, improved circulation, stress support, and an immune system boost. 

Take the pressure off

Your sanity and happiness, moment to moment, is way more vital than checking everything off your to-do list. Start simple, one step at a time. Follow the good feelings from one into the other. Show up to the world the way you want to and the way you need it. I choose to show up with love — so my kids see it and hold on to it.

Choosing natural ways to boost energy

Slamming coffee ALL day, every day is (surprise, surprise) not good for your nervous system and adrenals! Choosing natural energy boosts like cacao lattes, liquid sunshine chlorophyll water and adaptogenic collagen lattes heal your nerves instead of killing them. 

I LOVE Liquid Sunshine because it’s super alkalizing, anti-inflammatory and helps fight infections and diseases. Our unique organic mint & water infusion helps to detoxify your blood, liver and beautiful bod! Chlorophyll is the molecule found in plants that give them their bright green color and captures sunlight for photosynthesis. It helps to eliminate harmful bacteria from the body, hydrates and heals the skin and boosts your energy.

My three favorite natural energy-boosting recipes:


Blend 2 tbsp of Cacao Magic Superfood + Protein with 1 cup of nut milk and a spoonful of honey or sweetener of choice. Heat on the stove and enjoy!


Combine 1 cup of nut milk with 2 tbsp Cosmic Elixir and 1 tbsp honey or sweetener of choice. Heat on the stovetop, sip and smile!


Take a huge glass of water and add 1-3 droppers full of Liquid Sunshine and hydrate! You can add lemon and cucumber and turn it into a fun herbal cocktail! 

Allow time to play and flow to happen

Simple moments are truly treasured. When I am so intuitively connected to the voice within me, to the messaging within my body that is constantly sharing with me what she desires, I’m way more open to play and celebration. It’s the moments of laughter, games, dancing and exploration when we’re filled back up. We all need breaks from reality, time to decompress and allow the true beauty of who we are sink in. When we step away from our routines we gain a new perspective and find more appreciation in where we are and how far we’ve come. Allow yourself to let go, even if only for 10 minutes.


Make sure you are getting enough for YOU and your body. Try and settle down an hour before you want to get to sleep, turn the lights down, turn the computer/tv off (stimulation for the brain) and read, meditate or take a bath. Make sure you have a routine and attempt to get to sleep around the same time each evening. I love to take a bath with my Chrysalis Bath Soak and turn off my phone then go to sleep. 

How to Use our Cosmic Collagen Blend [Plus Recipes to Get You Started]

We’re OBSESSED with our newest superfood beauty Cosmic Elixir Adaptogenic + Collagen Blend and want to share a little more on how to tap into this bliss! This is our first blend with collagen in it, which all of us here at Philosophie love adding to coffee and smoothies anyway so win-win!

Our founder Sophie Jaffe designed this high vibe vanilla blend with the beauties at Almost 30, Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik to celebrate all of us in every season of our lives. This blend was intended to help balance the hormones and mood - especially after 2020 and beyond! We’ve included some other powerful ingredients in this blend to make it truly out of this world! 

The Benefits of Collagen

A superfood blend infused with collagen like our Cosmic Elixir is an easy way to help promote vibrant skin, as well as balance and support your mood in your everyday life. Collagen is the most abundant source of protein in your body. It’s a major building block of bones, skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments and helps keep skin glowing and smooth. 

Why do you need Collagen?

The body naturally produces collagen on its own but over time it slowly loses the ability to synthesize enough of it on its own. In supplementing your diet with an adaptogenic and collagen blend you’re supporting your body’s natural ability to produce collagen and keep you feeling blissful longer!

Easy Ways to Use a Collagen Superfood Blend

We are so excited by this adaptogen, collagen blend because not only does it taste amazing but it makes it so easy to incorporate extra nutrients into your daily routine. Here are some easy ways to incorporate it into your routine plus two of our new favorite recipes!

  • Make a grounding morning or evening latte by blending with your favorite nut mylk
  • Add to ice, milk & organic fruit/veggies to create a tasty smoothie
  • Add to any batter for a delicious take on pancakes, waffles or any baked goods, or other tasty treats
  • Add to water, ice and citrus to make an herbal water cocktail
  • Add to oat bowls and other brekkie creations


A calming, warm latte to enjoy in the evenings or substitute with your morning coffee if you want to skip the caffeine! 

Gather This:

1 cup nut milk of choice

2 tbsp Cosmic Elixir

1 tbsp honey or sweetener of choice

Do This:

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend. Heat on the stovetop and sprinkle with cinnamon. ENJOY!


A tasty treat for those cool evenings. Sip and cozy up!

Gather This:

1 ⅔ cups cashew milk

1 tbsp Cosmic Elixir 

½ tbsp Cacao Magic 

1 tbsp coconut oil 

2 tsp Cacao Bee Honey 

Pinch of salt

Do This:

Pour cashew milk into small saucepan and heat on low heat until steaming. Turn off heat and whisk in Cosmic Elixir, Cacao Magic (or cacao powder), honey, coconut oil and salt. Pour into mugs and garnish with a sprinkle of cinnamon and enjoy!

How do you plan on using our Cosmic Elixir Adaptogenic + Collagen Blend? Tag us on Instagram @philosophielove and let us know!