1 London vegetarian cook & 1 raw organic vegetarian restaurant = one happy American

January 05, 2010

Reporting in from InSpiral Lounge- London, England

I'm writing this review as I sit in this lively raw organic vegetarian restaurant (and Vegan) in Camden Town, London. I'm sitting at a small wooden table with uneven chairs, by the glowing Himalayan sea salt figure light source, while the energetic African music smiles in my ears.

I just finished eating a raw nut burger, what they call their "Sunfood Burger". It was a little dry, but overall very tasty and I basically swallowed it whole.With every dish you purchase, you get 3 sides included, so I chose 3 raw salads with bright, vibrant colors and distinct familiar tastes. It's been 3 days since I've had this food I love so dearly, so I practically licked the plate.

My husband and I drove back to London today from Belgium in order for me to work for this restaurant, InSprial. This is our "honeymoon", or at least our version of it. It's not that we aren't enjoying each other, or totally infatuated with each other: it's just that we love our jobs that much. We are in Europe and by day we walk around on the bustling streets and go have European cappuccinos (mine with soy obviously) and for a few hours each day we bring our computers and tap into our clients, blog readers and the jobs we love so dearly.

Which brings me to this moment:

At first I thought it was oxymoronic to say "healthy food in London" BOY WAS I WRONG!

I emailed InSprial before leaving for England, after finding them on the internet, explaining I was coming to London for two weeks and would love to do a workshop for them on raw food or help in the kitchen. A week later, I received an enthusiastic reply, indicating they would put me in touch with their head chef. A few days later Enzo, their vegetarian cook, wrote asking if I could help the restaurant recreate their raw menu for the New Year. I obviously said Yes... with zero attempt at hiding my zealous vigor.

I met with Enzo last week and we discussed his ideas and what he needs from me. In the quickest hour of my life, I told him what I thought of the dishes they already have, he told me what he thought, and within 60 minutes we had a plan. He needed 7 new raw salads with superfoods in the dressings or in the salad & 2 new entree's-one raw sushi dish and one random dish using my incredible imagination :)

We decided on my hours for this week (so that Adi and I could go to Paris and Belgium for a few days) and voila! Here we are! I showed him all my work--the 7 new recipes and 2 entrees--and he loved all of them.

Here's a sneak preview on my ideas:

  • Sprouted Mung Bean Salad with Sesame Seeds and a Raw Tahini Lime Dressing
  • Edible Flower Mixed Greens Salad with Fresh Raspberries, Agave Soaked Goji Berries and a Creamy Lemon-Maca Dressing
  • Raw Caesar Salad with Baby Jam Lettuce, Raw Parmesan and Capers with A Cacao-Balsamic Dressing

for my "creative" entree I decided on a Mock Loaf with a Raw Mushroom Gravy...

PICTURES TO COME!!!!! Things may change a bit once I get into the kitchen, but that's when the fun & gratification really begins!

Stay tuned. :)


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