Mystical Moon Ritual Bundle


 1 bundle of Dragon’s Blood Sage, Chrysalis Bath Soak, Buffer Tea, and Moon Soak Ritual guide in one burlap satchel for everyday magic.

You have the power to create your own mystical rituals in your own home. Rituals that make you DROP IN, that connect you to what’s going on underneath, to uncover who you really are and witness how beautiful that soul is.

The power of a ritual gives a moment to breathe, collect our thoughts and offers a bit a sanctuary outside the fullness of our lives.

This Mystical Moon Ritual Bundle will give you the tools you need to create your own moon ceremony at any time of day whether there’s a New Moon, Full Moon or not. Come discover how healing, transformative + expansive a moon ritual can be with this lovingly crafted, guided bundle.

Is as magical + ethereal as it sounds. This powerful spiritual tool is used for cleansing + purification and made from sage dipped in Dragon’s Blood resin. Dragon’s Blood is the red sap of a rattan palm tree that has a spicy and floral scent. It has focusing, guiding and passion energies that are used for protection, clearing away negative or unwanted energy, and brings in a vibrant new energy. Sage has long been used as a sacred, cleansing, and protective tool for years. When combined this rare and magnetic sage bundle creates an intoxicating cleansing aroma stronger than the normal apothecary smudging tool. 

is comprised of two cups of highest quality sea salts, bicarbonate of soda, purest essential oils, healing grapeseed oil, and other secrets.  Dissolve the entire container into a tub of steaming water, and create a concentrated drawing bath of powerful agents that will leave you feeling clear, bright, and full of energy. 


a handcrafted medicinal tea for rest + relaxation made from a combination of mild-tasting herbs that work wonders to detox, recharge and reset your body. It's slightly diuretic, warming, and easy to drink. You can enjoy this tea while you're soaking, and the combined effect will change your world! 

Reconnect to your magic within.