Superfood Blends

How did the Philosophie superfood powders evolve and why?

I got tired of blending 8-12 different superfoods into our smoothies. It took too much time and was frustrating to have to keep buying them all separately when really, the only time I used them was in these smoothies. I noticed that I was using the SAME superfoods for the SAME smoothies over and over again. Some flavors just worked better together. And thus: the blends were created.  My clients are happy, I am happy and you will be too!

Each superfood blend come in 1/2 lb and 1 lb packages, pre-blended and include an EASY recipe! 

What’s the purpose behind the Philosophie superfood powders? What are the health benefits?

  • convenience and ease. Just add 1-2 Tablespoons of the blend to your smoothie (or more!) instead of different measurements from each one… I already did the work for you.
  • saves money. No need to purchase all the superfoods separately anymore.
  • Highest Antioxidant scoring of any food on the PLANET.
  • Completely Organic
  • 100% Raw & Vegan
  • all the powders are certified Fair-Trade
  • weight loss for anyone replacing one smoothie as a meal
  • natural energy gain (no caffeine)
  • mental clarity, focus

What are the different “flavors” or blends?

  1. Cacao Magic (superfood powder blend) includes Chinese medicinal mushrooms- reishi, cordyceps, chaga, maca, cacao powder & nibs, chia seeds, tocos and fresh vanilla.

  2. Green Dream (superfood powder blend) includes spirulina, fresh vanilla pod, raw vegan sprouted protein powder (hemp), maca (balances mood, high in iron and protein), tocos (vit.E), chia seeds, mesquite and chlorella.

  3. Berry Antioxidant (superfood powder blend) includes the highest Vitamin C and antioxidant content of ANY food source in the world-Camu Camu, maca, goji, pomegranate, acai.

Anything else?

  • We supply you with recipes for each powder. They can be used in many different ways, from savory to sweet smoothies and can be added to coffee, tea, oatmeal and soups too! (see here for more recipes)
  • These blends can be used as meal replacements OR as a snack/pre-workout fuel or post-workout rejuvenation tonic.
  • I hand picked and hand-blended these superfoods. They are what I use every single day. You won’t find anything out there like this, promise! In fact, if you purchase the powders and are not 100% happy with them, I will refund you completely. I believe in this product whole-heartedly.
  • These powders don’t have ANY FILLERS. They are 100% PURE, RAW, ORGANIC, potent herbs and superfoods from all over the world. Once smell or taste and you’ll never go back to any other product! They are extremely potent ingredients so you only need 1-2 tablespoons per smoothie. Over time you can use more, but in the beginning you need no more than that.
  • These are not PROTEIN powders per se, they are superfood blends that happen to have a load of protein. (unlike anything else). They have NATURALLY high protein in each of the blends (for example, spirulina has 70% bio-available protein, hemp seeds are full of protein, etc.)
  • clients have lost up to 54 lbs using the Philosophie powders as a meal replacement for at least 1 meal per day over a 4 month period. (weight loss, energy gain)