Philosophie Lovers Bundle

Philosophie Lovers Bundle



Meet your daily ritual. 

The original trio that started it all…enjoy zero additive, organic, plant-based superfood blends - Berry Bliss, Cacao Magic, and Green Dream - to add extra nourishment to any magical recipe creation you’re whipping up! 

Each of these blends is organic, raw, gluten-free, and contains absolutely no filler ingredients. The detoxifying Green Dream blend, beautifying Berry Bliss blend, and energizing Cacao Magic blends contain nothing but the purest, most healing ingredients that have been deemed “superfoods” due to their exceptional nutrient density. Because these blends can be added to absolutely any food, it’s easy to enrich every meal with the amazing health benefits of the world’s most potent superfoods.

Whether you’re new to trying out our superfood blends or looking to save on your daily ritual at this discounted offer, when you harness plant power you elevate your energy, mood, health, and well-being.

This bundle includes: 

1 bag Berry Bliss

1 bag Cacao Magic

1 bag Green Dream

Quality & Safety

We consciously source and rigorously test our ingredients, including third-party testing, to ensure we’re providing you the highest quality products possible. 


♥ Please see individual superfood blend flavors for more info on each! ♥