Creating a Nest In Our New Home

Twelve months ago, my husband and I set an intention to find a new home for our family where we could continue to create magic and grow together. And since then, that intention has definitely manifested! 

The lease on our other home in the Valley (where we had lived for 2 years) was ending in August, so when my DREAM of a kindergarten/elementary school had a spot open up in July, I said YES immediately. I didn’t even really digest the whole idea or think about HOW we would make that happen. I just knew that we would, especially since we had applied for a spot through a lottery system way back in March!

At that time, we were living almost an hour and a half each direction from the school. I'm usually in the city every single day for events/meetings/work/auditions (sometimes multiple times a day), and my husband, Adi, has his private practice, Alternatives, in the city. He also works at UCLA in the psych department leading lectures 2x a week so we were both commuting all the time. It's incredibly draining.

We loved our home because it was so far from the reality of city lifea quiet little oasis where we were always in the backyard gardening, doing yoga, or swimming with the kids. I had a regular meditation and yoga ritual in that backyard. The kids learned to swim in that magical pool. We hosted multiple birthday parties for the babes there, held summer gatherings, and hosted moon circles. It was potent with our magic, but that magic was sure to follow us anywhere we were to go.

Once we realized our life in the valley was coming to a close, we quickly made the decision to manifest a dream home in the city. I wrote out EXACTLY what I wanted. A bright beautiful white kitchen, spacious energy, an outdoor area for the kids to feel comfortable playing in. Neighbors. Good families.

Then we found it. We fell head over heels in love with this modern home, where everything’s brand new and full of good juju since the owners are Israeli (like my hubby). The landlord’s name was also Adi, and her birthday was the exact same day and year as my hubby’s! Now if that's not a sign, I’m not sure what is!

My absolute favorite part about our new home is the LIGHT. Every single room has beautiful, bright light which brings joy and good vibrations to anyone that enters. My master bathroom is stunning, with 2 skylights to bring in even more gorgeous overhead light. Every time I walk into my bathroom in the morning, I'm reminded how lucky I am. The kitchen is a dream room and I’ve been really enjoying taking photos for the blog and all my Facebook Live broadcasts for Tastemade. It's a pleasure when it's so bright and stunning! Makes my job very easy :)

We have yet to have a housewarming, but we hope to in the beginning of the new year. The crazy part is we've been NONSTOP busier than ever this fall and winter. A couple days after moving into the house, we had the MindBodyGreen Revitalize event (which Adi spoke athere's his beautiful talk). We then returned, and a few weeks later, I had to be in Santa Barbara for an influencer event with the amazing skincare line Ole Hendrickson. 2 days later, Adi and I flew to Cayman Brac to create content and magic with the team for our couples retreat in March (Please come! We are so excited!)

All this travel and intensity didn't leave much time for nesting. Anytime we were home, I just wanted to organize and settle in.

Since then, I've had so much fun picking out our furniture because it allowed me to go outside my normal bohemian style and select more modern pieces. It was fun to stretch my comfort zone and get really creative. Adi found this table from Rove and we FELL IN LOVE! It's a beautiful clean family table with a nice wood insert to extend the length. I also really wanted to get a unique feel for the chairs so they didn't feel so cookie cutter.

Since I was already paying for shipping to have Rove Concepts send us our table and chairs, I figured I may as well look at their other fun furniture. I had searched for days for the perfect counter stools, and it was surprisingly really challenging to find cute ones! Once I saw these stools from Rove, I knew they were the ones. Not only was the price super affordable (way less than the others I was finding, and I preferred these!), I love the blue colorit makes me happy!

I've had my eye on the rugs from Frances Loom for some time now. Everything she finds in her travels lights me up and instantly transports me. We went with this smaller size to go under our more modern chair so it would complement both the boho and modern styles. I love the sheepskin throw on top of this modern chairagain connecting both my vibe and the new vibe of the house.

I love using essential oil diffusers and pretty candles in every room of the house. We are always lighting palo santo each morning to bring in new energy and start fresh each day. I have crystals in every corner of every room, on tables, on stands.

We tried to integrate what we already had in as much as possible and didn't rush to buy new things. The secret to this home was not having the moving company put everything into the bedrooms/living rooms. Instead, we asked them to put our stuff in the garage so we could take our time sifting through it all.

On the weekends while the kids played and we didn't have to rush out the door for work or travel, Adi and I would go through box by box keeping things super organized. We purged SO much the weeks leading up to the move, had 3 yard sales, put things on Craigslist, took things to Goodwill and consignment shops. There was no rush. It was more important to me to do it right and not be wasteful instead of throwing things away (which is sometimes much easier). I took photos, posted on social media, and sold so many things to beautiful new owners. Everything from baby clothes to my workout outfits found new homes. It felt good to do it right.

We didn't buy anything new for the bedrooms or playroom or guest room. We got creative and shifted some of the rugs from one room to another to switch up the vibes. We are attempting not to allow clutter to be created and not have too much in the common areas that create stress. The less clutter in one’s home, the less clutter in one’s head.

Our new trick to staying organized in the house is a "store" system in our garage. We purchased a bunch of plastic containers in various sizes and labeled each one with a label maker. This is where we store everything from bathroom supplies to extra vitamins to extra cans of coconut milk.

This has offered us so much breathing room so that we don't have extra stock of food/medicine/TP in the main house and you can actually see what's in the pantry or cabinet. The minute we run out of paper towels, we get it from the garage. The minute we run out of crackers, there are more in the garage to replenish. Then when we notice that we are out of something or using the last thing in the garage, we add it to the shopping list.

We just started decorating the walls as well. In each home we've created together, Adi has put up a really cool, unique wall. At our home in Beverly Hills where Leo was born, we had an entire wall in the living room made of red, black, and white stripes. In our last home in the Valley, we had a wall in the kitchen of gold and bronze dots in various sizes. We just put up some adorable photos so that when you walk upstairs to the common area, you see our family images.

We are doing a wall behind the dining room table full of art that makes us happy and more family photos and art that the kids make. Possibly some plants, too!

We love our new home. We love creating a new space together and making it feel good to both of us. We have very different styles so the minute we find a piece of furniture (like this Flag Halyard Chair) or art we both agree on, we jump on it. It's so joyful to co-habitate and work hard to create a home that feels warm, organized, and nurturing.

I would love to see your beautiful home! Share your nest with us on Instagram with #myphilosophie! 

Comments (4):

Ash on

Cool space it looks so peaceful. Do you have any other vintage or antique rugs in your space? I’d love to see a post on them or at least how you shop for them, cool stuff.

- Ash @

Sonia on

You guys are my inspiration, my family goals, I wish you say more about crystals…. Where and what… Tha would be awesome

Wendy Irene on

Loved seeing the pictures! Your new home looks beautiful. Congratulations! Happy New Year!!

Simona on

Really beautiful, congratulations!

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How are you supporting your health + body during the bustling holiday season? Share your tips + tricks with me using #PhilosophieLove or #PhilosophieSuperfoods.

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A fudge recipe that requires one bowl, is ready in thirty minutes, and is superfood spiked? Yes, please. The other day I came home with a deep craving for a piece of creamy, decadent fudge. In order to satisfy my sweet tooth, I whipped up this recipe using Cacao Magic Superfood + Protein Blend and a few other simple ingredients in no time.

Unlike other treats that may leave you with a bit of a sugar hangover, this fudge will make you feel amazing. The Cacao Magic provides the rich, chocolatey flavor with healing adaptogens and energizing nutrients. I sweetened it with the Green Bee Honey for a hit of antioxidants and cleansing powers of spirulina, and the Coconut Magic makes it oh-so creamy.

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¼ cup Cacao Magic Superfood + Protein Blend
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Do This:
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Note: This recipe can keep in the fridge for up to two weeks in an air-tight container (not that it will last you that long).

If you make this recipe or any other creation using Philosophie products tag your creations with #makeeveryfoodasuperfood and #philosophiesuperfoods!

A Note on the Final New Moon of 2018

Happy first week of December loves! I’m loving the cold, rainy weather here in LA. All I want to do is stay home, snuggled up with my family. Did you all know that Noa is now 6 months?! Time is flying by! Feeling it ALL.

This week we are greeted by an ever-expansive and mind-opening New Moon in Sagittarius in the early morning on December 7th. This moon is energizing and fueled with a spirit that challenges your expansion and growth, perfect for switching your intentions and manifestations to 2019.

New Moons are a beautiful time for new beginnings and new cycles. It’s a time to turn inward and set intentions whether emotional, physically or spiritually on the cycle ahead. This moon is challenging you to dream. Dream bigger than you’ve had all year.

New Moon in Sagittarius

The Sagittarius New Moon challenges us to seek optimism and expand your mind outward. You may feel a new sense of hope and uplifting. The eternal wanderer and traveler that is Sagittarius, offers us with mystical New Moon energy to expand our horizons and experience new experiences and new truths.

This is the time to allow yourself to leave the painful parts of your past behind and take hold of the inner work you did during Scorpio season and branch out, visualizing a brighter and more fulfilling path ahead. If you find yourself suffering in emotional, physical, or mental ways brought on by the struggles of the year - this New Moon offers hope and small joys in the magical little wonders of life. Instead of seeing a situation as it is, you will be able to imagine what your situation could be.

Full of adventurous and impulsive energy, this Sagittarius New Moon could give you that final push to move ahead on a big decision you’ve been troubled over or book that trip you’ve been longing for.

The Sagittarius New Moon this week encourages us to celebrate all that we have done and all that we have achieved over the year. It asks us to recognize the inner growth we have completed and to celebrate where we stand today. I can’t think of a better way to welcome in the final month of 2018.

New Moon Ritual

This ritual is to help you step into a more relaxed and positive state of mind for the final month of the year. It is going to use the energy of the New Moon to help you celebrate where you are, and all the hard work you have achieved throughout the year.

Inner growth was a huge part of 2018, so even if you feel like you haven’t done much, know on the inside you have been transforming + growing.


Palo Santo


Crystals (choose one that calls out to you for the upcoming cycle)

Begin by cleansing yourself and your space with your Palo Santo. Light your candle and place it directly in front of you. Take your crystal, hold it in both your hands and press it against your heart center. Take 10 deep breaths here. Take in the energy pulsing around you and the energy of the crystal. Imagine yourself inhaling and exhaling with this vibrant energy.

Recite a mantra or affirmation while you’re doing this, such as -

I open myself so I may see the path to my highest destiny. With my gift of openness, I offer joy. I will fill my life with joy, love, and laughter.

I will turn big ideas into action.

Allow yourself during this New Moon to find happiness and give yourself love. Do something that brings you joy and fills you up. There are no limits and it can absolutely be something simple. Make yourself a healing + nourishing superfood smoothie like the Cacao Magic “JOY” Smoothie or baking warm chocolate chip cookies. Maybe it’s dancing around the living room with your littles or quieting your mind in a healing detox bath. Whatever it may be, allow your heart to completely fill up.

What are your intentions for this month + new cycle? Share yours with me in the comments below or on Facebook using #PhilosophieLove.

Sophie's Thoughts on Navigating the Societal Landscape

This past week has been an absolutely magical one. My family and I spent the holiday weekend with my love, Eva Shipp and all her kiddos. Experiencing all the kid’s love + joy for each other and watching the magic of life through their eyes is such a blessing. It has such an impact on our family to be able to escape for the weekend, reconnect, and experience the magic of play + imagination.

Coming back home I’ve been reflecting on all we’ve gone through as a society especially us here in Southern California. In one week, there was a shooting in Thousand Oaks and then devasting wildfires near Malibu. These were so close to home. I’m sincerely grateful every day that our home is okay and my family is safe + comfortable.

When tragedies like these hit so close to home they have an effect on your mental wellbeing and her kids’ emotional + mental health. My boys are at an age now where they know the seriousness of these events. There are elementary schools practicing active shooter drills. My boys wake up in the middle of the night from a nightmare about a fire or a shooting. This is our reality.

I’ve always loved the holiday season because of it’s magical quality to transcend reality and create a bubble of comfort, joy and love. You're able to spend time together as a family, curl up with a movie, and enjoy a delicious hot chocolate or yummy chocolate chip cookies. But as a mom, I know that tragedies are just that because of there nature to happen unexpectedly with serious effects. How do we navigate it? How do we stay prepared + responsible, but still remain optimistic + elevated for our kids?

Here are some ways we’ve made changes in our home to help navigate the societal landscape.

Create a code word with your kids.

As an entrepreneur and a mama with a little babe, I’m perfectly comfortable asking for help with my boys’ schedules. Whether they have a casting call, yoga class or want to go play at the park, they may be accompanied by Adi or I or any of my the beautiful souls in my support system. When I need to use a babysitter or carpool service like Kango (use my code “Sophie20” for $20 off a ride!), the kids and I created a code word that means this person is safe and you can trust them. It gives us all comfort.

In times of tragedy, heal yourself first.

It’s so important to take the time and process whatever happened in your own way. Maybe that looks like a really intense workout class, a long soak in a bath, or a night out with your girlfriends. Connect with your community, escape for a bit, let out your emotions so you can come back to your kids and approach them in a more grounded, level manner.

Digest the scary topics at their level.

Take the time to talk with your kids and explain what happened in a way they can digest. Talking to them about it early on allows them to process it in there way, ask questions and allow the space to heal as a family. This way they don’t learn about these events in the media or at school where it can be misconstrued.

Above all, show up to the world the way you want to. I show up with love - love for everything and anything. When I show up with love, my kids see it and hold on to it. They, too, know how to give and receive love.

Hold your families close this holiday season. It’s truly a magical time and a wonderful time to teach and connect with your kids.

How do you stay present + grounded as a mama? I’d love to know! Share in the comments below or connect with me on Facebook using #PhilosophieLove.

Velvet Berry Bliss Oatmeal Recipe

After the festivities from this weekend, a healing + nourishing oats bowl is just the answer this week to get me back into my flow. This touch-of-velvet oatmeal dish is loaded with a couple of my favorite berries and tons of our Berry Bliss blend.

Berry Bliss Superfood + Protein Blend is made with camu camu, the one of the world’s most potent form of vitamin-C making this a great blend to incorporate into your favorite dishes as we head into the winter season. A spoonful of Berry Bee Honey not only tastes amazing but feels so healing on my immune system.

Let me know what you think after you make this oatmeal full of sweet fruit goodness!

Gather This:

2 cups rolled oats

2 cups almond milk

1 cup water

1 cup organic blueberries

1 scoop chia

1 tsp cinnamon

1 scoop coconut flakes

1 tbsp Berry Bliss Superfood + Protein Blend

A handful of organic raspberries

A drizzle of Berry Bee Honey

Sprinkle of bee pollen

Do This:

Mix the oats, milk, water in a pot and turn to medium heat. Add in the blueberries, chia, cinnamon and Berry Bliss until well mixed. Place in a bowl and top with raspberries, coconut flakes, bee pollen and a drizzle of Berry Bee Honey. ENJOY!

What superfood dishes are you making this week to get you back to your grind? Share your recipes with me on Facebook using #PhilosophieLove! We always love to see what you create!

Cacao Magic “JOY” Smoothie Recipe

We are all in the Thanksgiving spirit at Philosophie HQ! We hope your day is filled with love, kindness, gratitude, yummy food and...JOY! We are so, so grateful for all of you. We have so much to be grateful for this year. We have so much to be humbled by. Remind yourself throughout the day how wonderfully sweet your life is (almost as good as the food you’re blessed enough to enjoy!).

We created this beautiful high-vibe smoothie to help kick your holiday into gear and start your day in the best place possible. We lovingly crafted this perfect little cacao smoothie, so you’re reminded that you are JOY! It’s inside all of us. It’s our choice to share our joy + happiness with those around us. Choose today. Share your light. The world deserves to know it.

This smoothie is filled with our favorite Cacao Magic Superfood + Protein Blend so you feel naturally energized + vibrant ready for the day ahead!

Gather This:
½ cup frozen banana
1 room temperature banana (add more banana to make it extra thickkk!)
¾ cup full-fat coconut milk
1 tbsp Cacao Magic Superfood + Protein Blend
1 tbsp almond butter
2 pitted medjool dates
1 tsp vanilla
½ tsp cinnamon

½ tsp nutmeg
Dash of pink sea salt

Do This:

Blend, top with cacao nibs + ENJOY!

Optional: use a banana + small cookie cutter letters to cut out letters and create your own affirmation on top of your smoothie!

Are you making something special for Thanksgiving this year? Did you recreate this joy-filled cacao smoothie? Share your creations with me on Instagram using #PhilosophieSuperfood or #PhilosophieLove.

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