5 Foods to Boost Your Brain Power

We may not give our brains much thought, but as this beautifully complex organ conducts the movement and flow of our bodies each and every day, we ought to give it proper care—just like anything else we possess. As we transition from the pool deck to the office desk, we’ll especially want to make sure our brains are running in top gear. To keep your mind sharp and focused, integrate these 5 super yummy, brain-boosting foods into your diet:  


This brain-friendly spice gathered from tree bark activates neurotrophic factors, which are proteins that aid the brain in producing brand new neurons and maintaining the health of older ones. Cinnamon, like spearmint, has also been shown to increase memory and concentration during cognitive tests, so be sure to brew a batch of this cinnamon-laden Cool Superfood Apple Cider before an exam or big presentation.


These legumes are packed with zinc, a memory sharpener, as well as thiamin and vitamin B6, which amp up your ability to zone in on a task and focus with increased energy. Integrate lentils into your regular diet as a staple in your soups and salads they work as brain boosters throughout various stages of life. For women in their childbearing years, they provide iron, an essential mineral for cognitive functioning. And as we age, we also need folate, a B vitamin found in lentils, that keeps your mind running sharp.  

Pumpkin Seeds

This fall, be sure to save your pumpkin seeds after that jack-o-lantern carving fest. These tasty pepitas serve up abundant amounts of iron (which is critical for normal neurological function), as well as a magical mineral cocktail of calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which slows the cognitive impairment that comes with age.  


These brain-shaped nuts are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which ward off depression, preserve cognition, and keep those grey cells healthy. And we all know that our brains run full speed after a good night of shut-eye. Walnuts ramp up melatonin levels, ensuring deep,restful sleep for optimal brain functioning the next day.

Dark Chocolate

In addition to providing anandamide, also known as the “bliss molecule,” dark chocolate is replete with flavonoids, which boost memory and improve blood flow through the brain. They’re also chock-full of antioxidants, which lower the chances of degenerative disorders like dementia. And the brainwhich uses 20% of the oxygen you breatheis especially susceptible to free radical damage (and premature brain cell aging), which can be neutralized by cocoa’s high levels of antioxidants. Yet another reason to make a heavenly Cacao Smoothie...


What are your favorite ways to eat these brain-boosting foods? Share them with us on Twitter with #myphilosophie! 

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The BIG REVEAL of My New Home

Earlier this year I put up a post on the blog on how I’m manifesting my dream home, speaking it into the universe. And if you follow me on social + simply by reading the title of this post you know - IT HAPPENED. 

This home has been so much more than I could have ever imagined. I’m so honored to be able to share the first BIG REVEAL of our home and all the moving parts that have been a part of this process. My intention for this post is to inspire you and motivate you to continue going after your wildest dreams. Say them out loud. Keep doing the work. Keep showing up. It can happen!! We are so excited to continue making this house into a home that our family will grow + evolve in. Hardcore manifesting works, my loves, AND a whole lot of hard work, grit and passion. 

And with that...here we go!

From renting to owning 

The entire move itself was a whirlwind and if I didn’t have an amazing group of humans supporting me every step of the way I know it wouldn’t be in the current place it is now. Not only was our last place a rental, but it was also very separated so moving from a smaller, rented loft-style home to a casita-style home like this presented its own challenge. It also created a beautiful canvas that fueled so many visions and magical creations. 

I worked with amazing creators, women-founded small businesses and truly fantastic brands to bring this all together. I’m so honored + humbled to be able to share this with this community I call family. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below!

First this first, in order to bring this home truly to life from start to finish I brought on my love, Dany from Spatial Soulutions who deeply knows my family + my needs, and also has the ability to take you from liking your space to really falling in love with it. Dany creates cohesive spaces that elevate your lifestyle. Through her collaborative process, she helps bring beauty, functionality, and thoughtful styling to your environment. As a holistic stylist, Dany knows how to see and feel out the space in order to refine it and elevate it.

Because of the size of this project, we also brought in Elsa from Composed Living to help us create the space of my dreams. Elsa is a GEM of a human who worked with Dany to streamline spaces in our home. I also got a TON of support and ideas from my friend and designer, Aisling of ALM Curation Studio. She helped put Noa’s nursery together in both our old place and this home - It was really nice to get consultation from an expert who knew my tastes so well.

Main living areas

The second you walk in I wanted to immediately evoke a feeling of openness + welcoming. We used many of the larger furniture pieces from our old home in new, reimagined ways in this home like the entry table which is now a place for our most used everyday items. This works so effortlessly for my family of 5 and all our friends + family that come to visit on a daily basis. 

My largest investment for this home was our two Southern Loom rugs (use the code “ruglove”) that completely upleveled this home. They’re absolutely stunning and entirely transformed the look and energy of our home. Throughout the main living areas, we mixed texture and elements keeping it effortless and allowing it to change and transform to our needs. 

My obsession with Rove Concepts (use the code “SOPHIE20” for 20% off) has traveled with us from home to home. We kept our blue velvet sectional and repurposed it in our “formal” living room and also got a new gorgeous white sectional, as well as a dining table and dining chairs. We also got two perfect rugs from Ruggable - one for the dining room and one for the playroom. We discovered that you can wash the top layer in the washing machine which is a game changer for my family and helping to maintain our home. The living room to dining area to kitchen follows the same flow as our last home which works well for me whether it’s moving from family time in the living room, to work at the dining table with my Philosophie team, or cooking in the kitchen. 

As mentioned, this home follows a casita layout in which everything leads to the backyard and to the communal areas. I’m so in love with this and the concept of integration. In the future, I’d love to create one large window that leads directly to the backyard. 


This was the first room that felt fully finished and the one that took the longest! From creating recipes for Philosophie, feeding the family and hosting guests this room is so important to my way of doing life. 

I worked closely with Blisshaus to help bring my organization to another LEVEL. They created beautiful labeled jars (she even made Philosophie ones for each blend!). Sustainability is a major focus in this home and bringing in products like Blisshaus that look just as beautiful as they are sustainable is perfection. We also got a gorgeous collection of plates, bowls and mugs from Rwood Studio Pottery. We can’t stop using them! 

I worked with mDesign to bring functional pieces to my pantry and kitchen tools. Brands like these helped us to maximize storage whenever possible and were so important to a smooth transition into a home. It isn’t just about the organization. It is SO much more than that. It is about cultivating a more intentional way of life (bulk bags, recipe cards, customized glass jars with labels) are amazing for anyone who wants to change the way the cook AND shop for food.

This stage of “home creating, integrating and styling”

At this current stage, there’s still a lot of moving pieces and I know it’s not completely in the place I’ve envisioned but it’s close and it’s beautiful. In moving to a larger home and doubling the payment of our mortgage I didn’t want to invest in all-new pieces, so the items that I did choose were carefully chosen and brands I’ve known for a long time I wanted to work with. 

For anyone moving, you DON’T need to invest in all new furniture. Reuse items in your new home. Create options for change and fluidity. So many of the items we used are things we’ve had for YEARS that have just been repurposed so it feels new again. 

At this stage, we’re still moving things every day to find their perfect spot and see what works best for my + my family’s needs. We’re focused on creating an experience in each room. In each room I’m asking, what experience do I envision happening? What emotions do I want to create? 

All of my FAVS

Rove Concepts (white sectional, dining room table + chairs, various rugs throughout our home)

The Southern Loom (runner and living room rugs)

Framebridge (user-friendly way to get the art you love framed)

Kardiel Modern (white couch in the “formal” living room)

mDesign (for all things organization)

Blisshaus (gorgeous glass jars + kitchen/pantry magic)

Bloomscape (plants everywhere)

Black Sheep Goods (gorgeous woven tapestry, all handmade)

Saffron + Poe (kitchen stools)

Blinds Galore and Everhem Shades 

Yamazaki Home (maximize storage + functional pieces)

Stay tuned for ROUND TWO! Let me know what you love, if you have any questions and what you want to see in the comments below. Thank you for allowing me to share this with you!!

How To Clean Activewear in 15 Minutes

What better workout inspiration is there than a super cute workout outfit? (We’ll answer that for you: There is none.) But no matter how chic your look is, a good workout will always leave your athleticwear sweaty, smelly, and in need of a cleansing routine with a little bit of muscle. So we turned to our #fitspo Sophie Jaffe, who never misses a day of physical activity, for how to keep sports bras, workout tops, leggings, and even sneakers, super clean. This is her ultra-effective 15-minute routine. 

Every single morning, I rely on an elevated morning routine to ground me and “fill my cup” so I can be the best person I can be, manifest gratitude, and find my presence. Here’s what that looks like for me: 

I’m not me if I don’t sweat and move my body daily. This is usually done in the mornings when I feel the most invigorated and motivated. It’s also the time when I have the least distractions so I can truly give to myself. Most days this looks like a long neighborhood walk or jog with my daughter Noa in my favorite athletic gear. Other days it’s a quick HIT yoga flow under the California sunshine in my backyard, followed by a jump in our saltwater pool. After, I tidy my home and get ready for whatever the day has in store. Most days, I like to get a jumpstart on housework or laundry, which, let’s be honest—is mostly all leggings and yoga pants. You can never have too much!

When you move and sweat as much as I do, the laundry can pile up, especially athleticwear! It’s important for me to use products I 100% trust and not only do their jobs but aren’t harmful to me or my family, either. That’s why I’m so happy to have found The Laundress. Eco-friendly, simple, and GORGEOUS products like The Laundress’s line of detergent, fabric care, and home cleaning are so important for keeping your clothes and home clean, fresh, and in good condition. 


Here’s how I clean and refresh my athleticwear with The Laundress products. I’ve been using this method for years and my pieces look as good as the day I bought them:

First, I use the Wash & Stain Bar on areas where stains accumulate from sweat, sunscreen, and deodorant (like beneath armpits and near the chest). Lather the bar with cool to warm water and gently work it into the material. If any residue or oil is left behind you can add a drop of Stain Solution and work in with the Stain Brush to really get in there. Repeat as needed.

To eliminate odor from those serious sweat sessions, I use this trick before washing them. I’ll add ¼ capful of Scented Vinegar to a washbin or tub and let my athleticwear (especially my sports bras!) soak for up to 30 minutes. The Scented Vinegar is amazing because it has all the same cleaning properties of regular vinegar but contains calming essential oils that counteract the strong smell. 

When I’m done pretreating, I separate my athleticwear like leggings, workout tops, and sports bras and do them together in one load. First, I place sports bras and small items in Mesh Bags to protect them from snagging in the washing machine. Then I select the normal cycle with cool to warm water and use Sport Detergent. It was made specifically to clean and preserve high-performance, moisture-wicking fabrics like activewear and swimwear and I love that it also helps these items maintain their shapes.  When the wash is done, I hang my pieces because putting them in the dryer can compromise the structure of athleticwear. I lay them flat in their natural shapes on a drying rack.

For items that can’t be laundered such as spin shoes, helmets, yoga mats, and gym bags, I give them a good spray-down with The Laundress Sport Spray. With natural antibacterial properties, the formula helps freshen and banish odors in seconds!

And that’s it! I hope that you’re able to pull some inspiration (and tips!) from my morning and laundry routines. Both regimes have really helped to destress and structure my day-to-day and I know they’ll do the same for you. 


Use the promo code SOPHIE25 for 25% off TheLaundress.com through Oct. 29! This offer is better than their regular anniversary sale which only applies to staff favorites. 

HOTW: Model Meals Complete & Fresh Meal Delivery Service

Life has been non-stop, but when is it not?! Traveling, unpacking and more life has been full to the max for my family and me! One of my favorite things to do to drop in a de-stress is being in the kitchen creating high-vibrational dishes full of nutrient-dense superfoods, but when I’m pressed for time (which is, if I’m honest, almost all the time) I’m lucky if I can cook one meal for my family. Which is why I’m so happy Model Meals came into my life. This fully cooked and super fresh meal delivery service makes it so easy to feed my family of 5, our live-in au pair and the occasional guest or family member ready-to-eat meals that are super tasty and good for you!

While I’m not someone who labels the way me or how my family meats, I do love that Model Meals is Whole30 approved because their meals are guaranteed healthy and use all organic and locally-sourced ingredients. Their menus change week to week creating some fun variety and there’s no subscription necessary! It’s so easy to try them out and see if something that’ll work for you and your lifestyle. If 100% worked for mine!! 

The convenience factor of Model Meals, along with their yummy food, makes keeping my family healthy really easy. And NOW, you can ADD-ON our amazing Green Dream Superfood + Protein Blend and Cacao Magic Superfood + Protein Blend to uplevel any Model Meal dish! I loved adding a touch of Green Dream to their salmon and spinach meal - so good! 

Add-on Philosophie Superfood + Protein Blends to your first Model Meal delivery by going to https://modelmeals.com/pages/order-new and clicking “Add-Ons”. It’s so simple. Let me know what you’re adding to your delivery! 

Tips for adding superfoods to your complete meals:

Make a Green Dream Hummus and use as a superfood dip

Use Green Dream to make a superfood salad dressing

Sprinkle on top of roasted veggies

-Mix Cacao Magic nut or seed butter for a protein-packed topping for apples or toast.


What are healthy eating hacks do you use for you or your family? Share them with us on Facebook with #MyPhilosophie!

How I Navigate the Entertainment Biz With My Kids

It’s safe to say that my kiddos take center stage in my life and since they were little they’ve never shied away from a camera. Following my mama intuition, I decided a long time ago to embrace the radiance that was pouring out of my boys and manage their biz in the industry. I’ve been asked by so many of you for tips & tricks for getting your kiddos in the industry, so here’s my attempt! Please, please remember that this is my advice and my experience in LOS ANGELES. You can take it and leave a lot of it too, depending on which city you live in and depending on the needs of you and your family.


As I say over and over again, listen to your gut and your intuition. It knows what’s best when it comes to your kid’s health and wellbeing. My kids THRIVE in front of the camera and they have fun with it. However, if they’re tired or burnt out then we won’t go to the audition and I will never force them to do something they don’t want to do. When I go with them I give them my full attention + play with them instead of using it as time to get my own work done. I REFUSE to become a typical stage mom and work hard to not let them get sucked into the industry.


That said, it brings me so much joy to see the screenshots I’m sent of Kai or Leo on TV or on a billboard. And they’re SO proud too when they see themselves on the screen. Currently, my little lion and I are in JAPAN for one of his gigs. Seriously the trip of a lifetime and he is loving every second of it.

Image via Anine Bing Kids


How my boys got started

Kai and Leo both started to work in the industry in the first 6 months of life. We’ve lived in LA since before they were born and I, myself, have been acting and modeling since I was 18 so for us, it was an easy transition. It’s something I was familiar with and felt comfortable navigating. If it’s something you’re trying to get your little ones into, the newborn stage is actually the best way to “make it” without compromising too much of your routine with your babe since they can only be on set, legally, for 20 minutes.

What are the benefits of putting your kids into “the industry” and taking them to auditions?

What are the downsides?

These are the questions I’m constantly asked! While this is more personal, I will happily share my own experiences with my kids. For my kiddos - who both attend a Waldorf school and went to a Montessori preschool - it may seem, in many respects, an industry job in entertainment (specifically modeling for huge brands and acting on big-budget TV commercials) seems counterintuitive.


However, I chose to focus on how I can make each experience as fulfilling + creative as possible for them. At auditions and on set, they have limited access to screens and instead draw, do activity books, puzzles, etc. There’s also a teacher on set to help with school work. For both my children, the CONFIDENCE it has provided them is immeasurable. They can go anywhere and talk to ANYONE from any walk of life. They are comfortable in their skin, they can take direction and they have a sense of work ethic. 


At a young age, they’re blossoming into their gifts and showing off their natural talents to the world. Finding the balance of embracing the spotlight and staying humble allows them to step into their own being + beautiful light.

Image via Junk Food Clothing Co

My tips of the trade

Acting classes are super important for everyone at every stage and age. In the beginning they will just teach them how to slate (which you could do at home) and to be around other kiddos going through the same thing. I try and do one class a year or every 18 months to keep them fresh and learning. 


Make sure you get amazing headshots, and get new ones every time there’s a big change. 


BE SURE TO KEEP ALL YOUR ACCOUNTS UPDATED for stats. This is HUGE! Your agent will submit you based on these stats and if they are off by even an inch you could be losing an opportunity. 


Best acting classes in LA: 

The Young Actor's Studio in North Hollywood

Lisa Picotte's Young Actors Workspace in Pico Roberston  

Keep It Real Acting Studios in North Hollywood

Image via Anine Bing Kids



These are the best in LA and from my friend Katie Taylor (who has a casting company in Santa Monica). In no particular order:

Abrams Artists Agency

CESD Talent Agency

Mavrick Artists Agency

Coast to Coast Talent Group

LA Models/LA Talent

Paloma Model and Talent (this is our agency, feel free to put my name down to try and get your kid in!)

Zuri Model and Talent

Brand Model and Talent

Daniel Hoff Agency

Osbrink Agency



I use a Coogan Savings Account

Strongly advice to get a Work Permit (Make sure you renew before it expires so you can renew ONLINE instead of going into the hellhole that is their Van Nuys office: trust me.) 


TIPS FOR SANITY and balance:

You can definitely self submit on these online sites until you get an agent: Actors Access, Casting Frontier, Casting Networks (aka L.A. Casting), Catz, etc.

Bring TONS of snacks and activities/books to auctions to fill the time

My Fall Favorites for the Ultimate Coziness

I’m all about FALL - it’s a wonderful time for turning inward, finding gratitude, expressing love and cozying on up! I need this energy so much in my life right now so I’m making this season count and taking full advantage of the cozy vibes.

Along with joining my Philosophie fam on a GROUP FALL RESET (starting on the Autumn Equinox on Monday, 9/23) these are some of my favorite essentials I keep around the home all throughout this season for my own self-care and healing.

1) Books! And one of my go-to's for DROPPING IN is Mamaste by Lori Bregman

A beautiful read about supporting motherhood from within and finding community along the way. Some others in my essential reads are: The Book of Awakening, Ram Daa Be Here Now, Untethered Soul, I Am Her Tribe, Yoga Journal

2) Palo Santo 

A MUST for creating positive energy. I use Palo Santo during the cooler months because we’re home more and have a tendency to invite over more friends + family for the holidays so I want to make sure we invite in positive, uplifting energy in our space. 

3) Liquid Sunshine Chlorophyll Drops

Chlorophyll has been part of my daily routine for years and I’m so happy I can share this magic with you all! It has the power to completely transform your water - it detoxifies your body systems, hydrates your skin and boosts the stimulation of the immune system. So necessary when battling a cold!

4) Green Dream Savory Blend

An essential for easy nutritious + tasty dinners for you and the family! I use it on all my favorite roasted veggies, soups and savory meals! So yummy!

5) Superfood Lattes

Mmmmm! I can't get ENOUGH of these superfood lattes! While a fancy latte may sound like something you should leave up to your barista, it's just as easy to make in your own home! 

6) The Moon Deck Cards

This deck is one of my best friends and is so beautiful! Whenever I feel super overwhelmed or like I need a bit of inner guidance, I use this deck to tap in and it always gives me a beautiful message of clarity.

7) Chrysalis Healing Water

This is pure SKIN MEDICINE, an anti-aging treatment AND a skin hydration solution that makes me glow. I usually put it on throughout the day + it smells amazing—it's a luscious combo of sweet orange, rose, and plumeria.

8) Candles and I’m loving Dehv!

A good candle can completely change the energy of a room and I love using candles that are made consciously and so full of love like Dehv. Their packaging is also insanely gorgeous!

What are YOUR fall favorites? Share them with us on Instagram with #myphilosophie!

Refusing To Cover Up + Products With A Purpose

As a mama and, truthfully, a woman, I’m told a lot about what I should and shouldn’t be doing in order to have a perfect, healthy life. After years of work in establishing boundaries and leaning in fully to my intuition, I’m not easily swayed by the rules and labels put on women. I’ve created such a strong circle that I barely come across products and stigmas that don’t align with my life. But, I know they exist and my hope is to help other women cut through all that noise and come back to their own body in a beautiful, gentle and loving way. I REFUSE to shrink and label myself to do things that make me look, feel or SMELL better. The second we try to hide what we’re made of is the second we create a toxic cycle within our bodies. 

This is why I’m challenging myself to commit to certain clean, non-toxic products that enhance my natural body’s makeup for the next few months and see how I feel and where I end up. I would love for you to join this movement with me!

Using products made with natural and purposeful ingredients EMBRACES our natural beauty. I am partnering with type:A deodorant for the next few months to see what happens after committing to ONE clean deodorant for several months. I’m so excited to see it all unfold and will update you along the way! 

Deeply connecting to our intuition and focusing on the natural beauty allows us to truly radiate out to the world and we organically look, smell and feel better without harmful chemicals and toxins covering us up. Other ways you can create this natural beauty and glow is through:

Mindful movement: Moving your body in a way that feels good deep within your bones like a morning yoga flow, a midday afternoon jog around the neighborhood or a HITT class at your local gym.

Daily nourishment: Eating lots of fresh fruits + veggies and TONS of superfoods because it gives you long-lasting energy and boosts your body’s nutrients. Eating all the colors because it’s fun, delicious and rewarding.

Conscious consumerism: Using trusted and safe products like type:A to support natural body functions (aka sweat!) makes you GLOW from the inside out.

All type:A deodorants are aluminum-free, paraben-free (needed!) and come in gorgeous scents like The Dreamer which is made of a soft white floral linen scent with hints of ylang ylang and jasmine. It feels super lightweight when I put it on and gentle to my skin. Since it’s cream-based it also moisturizes my skin but dries to the touch. It’s amazing! I’ve never had deodorant in a tube, but I can already tell, I’m a fan.

If you’d like to join me and try type:A for yourself, use my code “SOPHIE20” for 20% off! So excited to see how my body feels after these few months and I’ll continue to update you all throughout this journey!