Sweet Grass


1 Wreath of Sweet Grass for inviting + generating energy

Smudge this braid in your space to attract positive energy and focus on healing. It can also be used to welcome a sweet, warm aroma into your home or burnt in times of worry + anxiety to generate calming thoughts.

Sweetgrass has a sweet, pleasing aromatic fragrance.


What is Sweet Grass?

Sweet Grass is part of the grass family and can be found all across the U.S. in wet meadows, low prairies, lakeshores and canyons. It’s commonly identified by its signature woven braid that keeps the leaves together and characterized by its vanilla-scented smoke, making an unmistakably sweet aroma.


Ceremonial Magic

Because of the welcoming, sweet aroma from the smoke of this plant, smudging Sweet Grass is often used in ceremonial rituals to welcome good spirits and positive energy. It is advised to use Palo Santo or Sage to clear out the negative, unwanted energy then smudge Sweet Grass to welcome in the positive, uplifting energy. Native American indigenous people regarded Sweet Grass as a sacred medicine, and even today is a standard substance used in shamanic healing.


Healing Benefits

Sweet Grass contains Coumarin which is a great blood thinning agent that works well for some diseases such as Lymphedema. It makes an amazing tea that many people use for fevers, colds, sore throats, and coughs. Sweet Grass can also be used as a natural body scrub, to clean off dirt and cover one's body with a sweet smelling fragrance in the shower.

Its pleasing fragrance can help to ease worry and anxiety in times of high stress. Some lay Sweet Grass on their dashboard for safe travels or as a special offering in prayer.



An added benefit of this product is how it is sustainably harvested all across North America and Eurasia. Only the leaves are used and braided together to ensure a product is made with the utmost care, love and respect. Sweet Grass is also very effective for restoring and mitigating wetland as well as spring protection restoration. It’s good for the environment, home and soul.


Burning Instructions

When you start a new Sweet Grass braid, it is recommended that you cut off any dried ends. You want it to be slightly green when you burn.

Lighting Sweet Grass is best done with a longer match or long-stem lighter as it takes a bit longer to light than Sage or Palo Santo. Hold the braid directly in the flame and rotate until all sides are lit. Gently blow out the flame. At this point you should see all smoke and no flame, a sweet fragrance will then fill the space. Move about your home, office, car, bathroom, anywhere and everywhere to welcome in positive energy. When complete, extinguish the smoke against a fireproof surface or place in a fireproof bowl to allow it to go out on its own. As with Palo Santo or Sage, always remember to use caution and approach it with love + respect.