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Green Bee Honey



Add a touch of sweetness to your favorite dishes while still packing on your daily dose of greens with this super-charged Green Bee Honey.

This product was cultivated + handcrafted especially for all our Philosophie mamas. Sophie Jaffe created our beautiful Green Dream blend while pregnant with Kai so you already know about it’s healing and nutritionally-packed properties.

Our Green Bee Honey combines the powerful natural antibiotic properties of raw honey with the cleansing and energetic vibrations of the Green Dream blend. Honey is used to combat colds, allergies and stomach bugs. Our super-charged honey can be used as a cleansing and + hydrating face mask for a DIY spa day.

 The Green Bee Honey has a surprisingly sweet taste making it perfect in your morning matcha for a clean energy boost.

Green Bee Ingredients

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Get creative with your Green Bee! ♥
  • Add it to green tea or coffee as a sweetener.
  • Drizzle it over fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, or toast.
  • Swirl it on top of fresh oatmeal or acai bowls.
  • Combine it with citrus juice and oil or vinegar to make a salad dressing.
  • Use it in place of sugars in baked goods, like this Superfood Date Nut Bread
  • Use it as a glaze, like this Sweet and Sour Sauce, for grilled foods.
  • Use it as a face mask like this Green Dream Face Mask
  • Enjoy it right off the spoon!
Green Bee Allergen Info
  • free of nuts (made in a nut-free facility) 
  • free of tree nuts 
  • free of soy
  • free of dairy 
  • free of gluten 
  • free of all additives + fillers