Superfood Coconut Butter 3 Pack

Superfood Coconut Butter 3 Pack


Save money with Philosophie's superfood coconut butter 3-packs!

Includes: One 6 oz Cacao Magic Coconut Butter, One 6 oz Green Dream Coconut Butter, One 6 oz Berry Bliss Coconut Butter.

Please see individual coconut butter flavors for more info on each! 


- Organic Coconut Butter

- Philosophie SUPERFOOD protein powders (Cacao Magic, Green Dream, Berry Bliss)

- Organic Raw Unfiltered Honey

- Organic Vanilla Bean Powder


No refrigeration necessary. Coconut butter consistency varies depending on the temperature at which it is stored. To soften coconut butter that has hardened in cooler temperatures, simply place the jar in a container of warm water for several minutes or microwave on low for for a few seconds at a time to achieve a smooth, creamy consistency.