LV Fit + Philosophie Bundle LV Fit + Philosophie Bundle LV Fit + Philosophie Bundle

LV Fit + Philosophie Bundle


Fearless, inspiring leader of Philosophie, Sophie Jaffe teamed up with super fit, powerhouse babe, Laura Varney from LV Fit to bring you a perfectly aligned deluxe bundle to inspire you to live a life full of energy and BALANCE. Empower your wellness with this one-stop shop for all you need to make the changes you WANT to see in life and learn from the two leading ladies who have made it their mission to inspire and motivate others in creating a dream reality.

Wellness is equal parts fitness, nutrition and everything in-between. We created this package so you don’t have to keep asking HOW and get lost in all the noise, but instead to focus on what matters….you and how you feel.

This exclusive, magical bundle includes:

Laura Varney’s highly rated “Activate.Hustle.Glow” guide full of -

  • Strength training workouts

  • Cardio plan

  • Yoga videos

  • Meditation guide

  • Nutrition information

  • 12 recipes

A Philosophie Superfood Starter Pack which comes with -

  • Three 4 oz. bags of our flavors trio (Cacao Magic, Green Dream and Berry Bliss)


A Philosophie Cacao Coconut Butter!