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The Chrysalis Detox Soak is a medicinal bath, so it doesn't play around!  Two tablespoons of the purple rock candy you see at most fancy stores will not do a thing except make your water smell good.  The Chrysalis Soak is composed of two cups of highest quality sea salts, bicarbonate of soda, purest essential oils, healing grapeseed oil, and other secrets.  You will dissolve the entire container into your tub of steaming water, and create a concentrated drawing bath of powerful agents that will kick the elimination process into gear, pull out gunk like a magnet, and leave you feeling clear, bright, and full of energy.  

Chrysalis Detox Bath Soak Ingredients

Sea salt

High in minerals, salt has long been used for its drawing, cleansing properties

Bicarbonate of soda

Another staple of natural healing, baking soda is used to draw poison from stings, to dissolve sebum and open pores (ask any aesthetician), and to create an alkaline environment.  It also leaves your skin really soft.

Essential Oils

In highest-quality form, essential oils affect many levels of the system, and their power should not be underestimated.  Poor quality oils won't do a thing, and those are the ones we have most experience with.  Forget what you've heard!  The oils in your Chrysalis Soak are distilled carefully to preserve every benefit, and added at a high enough concentration to actually work.  We have several formulas to choose from--our signature detox blend is strong and energetic and useful any time, and our "summer blend" is bright and uplifting with a citrus note.  Our "winter blend" is soothing and sedating, with hints of coriander, ginger, and sandalwood.  All of the combinations will transport you, and they are each designed by the founder of Chrysalis, a Natural Therapeutic Specialist who has studied herbs and essentials for twenty years. 

Grapeseed oil

This natural oil works with the bicarbonate to dissolve blockages in the skin while the salt and essentials do their toxin-drawing work.  Only a few oils have molecules small enough to work with the skin this way, and grapeseed is one of them.  Jojoba is another.  The grapeseed oil acts as a natural preservative, a carrier to distribute the essentials throughout the salt/soda mix, and a skin-soothing miracle like you've never seen.  You'll get out of this bath feeling cleaner, purer, and softer than you've ever been before.

What You Get  

Each Chrysalis Soak is good for one soak--yep, all two cups of it.  The Soak is available in a one-dose or three-dose package--the three-dose will include one of each of our treatment blends.  Because of the intensity of the detox process that occurs with the Chrysalis Soak, it should not be done more than once a week.  You'll get an instructional packet that explains how, why, what, when, and what else.  For instance, you can supercharge your Soak by drinking tons of water during the bath, by staying in longer, and by making sure the water is hot hot hot.  You can extend the benefits while you sleep by taking certain steps.  Along with your Soak, you'll receive a bag of Buffer Tea, a combination of mild-tasting herbs that, in combination, work wonders by binding to toxins in your system and ushering them out of your body.  It's slightly diuretic, warming, and easy to drink.  You'll take this tea while you're soaking, and the combined effect of drawing from without while pushing from within will change your world!  

Should I Be Afraid?  No, you should not be afraid.  We recommend the Chrysalis Soak be taken at night, so your body can rest and continue the detox process while you sleep.  You'll wake up feeling like a new person.  There is nothing in the Soak that will cause you to break out or have an allergic reaction--if you have any specific concerns about the essential oils, feel free to ask.  

Seriously?  Yep, seriously.  This is a simple formula, but it's not available anywhere else, and its action cannot be duplicated.  We have received rave reviews about the power of the Soak, and wonderful reports about the different ways to use it--during a cleansing regime, after a week of holiday parties, in the middle of a bout of flu.  Try it for yourself.

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I recommend this product

Amazing bath!

Loved how relaxing this was



Yay! We're so happy to hear you loved the detox soak. We are so grateful for your love and support!

Karine F.

Pretty impressed - will be purchasing again

Packaging was really nice, arrived as expected. I was pleasantly surprised to see each package of bath salts came with a tea bag to sip on to help the detox process - and it tasted really great! In fact, I wouldn’t mind if she sold the tea independently as well (must have forgot that detail when I purchased it). The bath was an awesome experience and I will do this weekly as often as possible. I felt energized and relaxed afterwards. Price is also good. Overall - BUY THIS. I immediately purchased another set of three after my first experience. Great gift to get others. I love that she uses salts and oils, so it dissolves and doesn’t leave any residue in the bath - truly a stress free experience.

Larisa B.

Love it and enjed my

Love it and enjed my bathing

Benay L.

bath soak

so relaxing slept so good thank you

Tessa W.

love it!

I have loved using this and plan on buying more. Great instruction kit as well