Hello Sunshine


Transform the gloom & doom of your days to SUNSHINE. Because that’s how Philosophie Sunshine Drops makes you feel, like you’re harnessing a little bit of sunshine right from a bottle.

 Everything about becoming more of who you want to be is a practice in creating small, mindful habits over time.

So maybe that just looks like some chlorophyll in your water every day, then a walk once a day, until you’ve created a lifestyle that inspires you. That elevates you.

 Simply add to water, sip, and SHINE.

Cacao Magic and Coffee
Cacao Magic and Coffee

Can’t live without!

I’ve been taking Chlorophyll drops for years now and these surpass any other brand I’ve tried. The hint of mint changes up the taste but it’s still subtitle enough to not over power your water. They also work magic for feeling tired/ hung over / jet lagged.

Haley A.


We created Philosophie to make it easy to bring health into every household. Our vision is to help people achieve their fullest state of health by making it easy to get complete nutrition in every meal. Our Superfood Blends & Infusions nourish the body with whole, live, nutrient-rich foods and NO fillers.

 Our mission is to make wellness more accessible, to lead the industry with a new standard and to “make every food a superfood.”

For mothers, health-conscious millennials and anyone looking for massive immunity and health gains without complexity and confusion - Philosophie is here.

Sunshine Drops

Hello Sunhine

It’s no secret that keeping your body well-hydrated does wonders for your overall health and wellbeing. It keeps us well-balanced and overflowing with energy. When you harness the power of plants you provide your body with vibrant skin, optimal digestion, a strong gut, and immunity.

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Best hydration tool!!!

Tastes fresh & I can take it with me on the go. My kids love it too!

Callie S.

✔ Sugar and Calorie FREE!
✔ Great for DIGESTION
✔ The best INTERNAL deodorant
 ✔ An incredible ENERGY source