Welcome to our newest plant-based superfood & adaptogen blend, BUTTERFLY BOOST

What started as a shared love of accessible health and wellbeing for the WHOLE family between two mamas crystallized into this beautifully vibrant, nutrient-rich superfood blend for mental clarity, nervous system support and balanced daily nutrition.

   Designed to support your daily nutrition while boosting brain health, enhancing beauty, uplifting energy levels, and improving mood, Butterfly Boost is the ultimate companion for your wellness routine. Just a spoonful of this enchanting blend will help you emerge from your cocoon and embrace your full potential.

A kid-friendly, mama-approved blend to transform any recipe into a dreamy, potent and powerful creation.

butterfly pea


A magic blue powder that supports brain health, beautifies skin, aids digestion and soothe your nervous system.



One of the most powerful foods in Ayurvedic healing for reducing stress and soothing your mood.



An adaptogenic herb for increased energy, focus, and high levels of iron.



Incredible skin food strengthens skin barrier function and soothes the skin from the inside out.

coconut milk


For that creamy, dreamy finish.


10 years ago, Sophie and Daniella met and instantly connected over a shared love of holistic wellbeing, intuitive eating, and modern mama living.

Both mamas have made it their purpose to fight against society’s hustle culture and break away from quick fix, diet culture schemes. Sophie desired to create a blend that would specifically target mental health, nervous system support, and emotional wellbeing and knew Daniella was just the human to help bring it to life.

Sophie Jaffe and Daniella Monet desire to activate the joy within and make healthy eating beautiful, vibrant and accessible. This blend was created to make it easy and accessible for ANYONE to take charge of their health and wellbeing. That’s where Butterfly Boost was born.

Two wellness mamas on a mission to make brain, body and mood health accessible to the whole family.

Love love love.

I love this product. It's so cute!! YAY

Marina S.

The Best Superfood Product!

My wife and I are firm believers that the body can heal itself. We have tried many products that are similar to this but were never fully satisfied. This product is not only smooth but tastes fantastic! We highly recommend these products to our patients!

Zachary C.


Daniella Monet is an American actress and influencer who is best known for starring as Trina Vega in the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious. LA native, animal activist, and sitcom actress Daniella Monet has spent the last few pivoting into being a full-time ethical entrepreneur—having invested in several conscious companies that help make living a plant-based lifestyle more accessible. She is a mom of 2, entrepreneur, investor, and podcaster who leverages her social media following as a platform to advocate for a holistic vegan lifestyle. In 2018, she co-founded Kinder Beauty Box to curate and deliver cruelty-free beauty products via a subscription model. She has been plant-based for 20 years, and an animal advocate from day one.


Sophie Jaffe is a Los-Angeles health and wellness expert, superfood entrepreneur, couples therapy coach, co-host of IGNTD, yoga teacher and mother to 3 beautiful children. A clinically-trained couples therapy coach at The Gottman Institute and 500 hour certified yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. She founded her superfood company and wellness brand, Philosophie, with the goal of making it easier, more inspiring, and more delicious to attain optimal health and radiant wellness. She loves sharing her raw & real experiences on how to live a life full of unbounded energy, bliss, and freedom everywhere she can and savoring every moment with her three beautiful children and loving husband.