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Blissfully impressed!

"The flavor and feeling from Berry Bliss is incredible. This supports me during busy days and fuels my body after workouts. I’m so grateful I found Philosophie. Don’t hesitate to grab this tasty supportive product!"

Katherine C.

So tasty!

"It really is so good! It doesn’t have that chalky taste that many products have. I love that it’s full of wonderful ingredients and that my kids can enjoy it also. So excited to find more ways to add it to our lives."

Angela B.

Pantry Staple

"The perfect clean protein powder for a berry smoothie. No need to open 6 different jars or pouches of powders and potions to create something similar. Sophie has taken all of that work out and created a product that is loaded with clean protein, adaptogenic superfoods and immune boosting herbs without the added sugar. This is a pantry staple for me."

Shelby Z.

Berry Yes!

"I have purchased this powder multiple times now and I love the way it adds a rich berry taste to everything I add to it too and packs tons of nutrition with loads of Vitamin C and supports our bodies in producing collagen. My favorite thing about this powder though is the value. As someone who's been using superfoods for 10+ years, I remember the day of having to buy each one of these ingredients individually and having to make my own chalky powder. Berry bliss removes that steps and makes it deliciously easy to get in all those superfoods"

 Marlo C.