Magical Morning Ritual Bundle Magical Morning Ritual Bundle Magical Morning Ritual Bundle Magical Morning Ritual Bundle Magical Morning Ritual Bundle

Magical Morning Ritual Bundle




1 bundle of the Philosophie Superfood Coffee Bundle, 1 bag of Canyon Coffee Tolima Especial, The Moon Deck, and a Magic Morning Ritual guide for everyday magic during the winter season.

Everything you need to start each day with MAGIC. The power of a ritual offers a moment to breathe, collect your thoughts, set an intention, and allow a bit of sanctuary outside the fullness of your life.

This Magical Morning Ritual Bundle will give you or your loved ones the tools to create your own magical morning. Come discover how healing, transformative + expansive a ritual can be with this lovingly crafted, guided bundle.

PHILOSOPHIE SUPERFOOD COFFEE BUNDLE (1) are all the essentials to make your own Philosophie Superfood Coffee at home! It’s super clean, super tasty and so satisfying. All you need is high-quality coffee, nut milk, and superfoods! You can easily adapt it to whatever you need for the day. Add extra mood boosters or keep it simple with just superfoods and coffee. If you’re looking for a high-vibe, uplifting boost without the crash, this does the trick.

TOLIMA ESPECIAL CANYON COFFEE (12oz bag) is a Colombian coffee with flavor notes of chocolate, nougat, and stone fruit. When it comes to Canyon Coffee, their goal is to find coffee beans that can be brewed at home and taste delicious to a wide range of palettes. They've honed in on a tried-and-true medium-coarse grind setting that works well for a range of home-brewing methods, including pour-overs, coffee machines, and french press.

THE MOON DECK (1) can be worked with as an oracle guide, as a daily tool for reflection and meditation, or in tarot-inspired spreads. It includes: 44 lovingly illustrated cards carrying potent mantras, The Moon Deck Guidebook with insights + rituals tailored to each card, and a beautiful + sturdy printed paper box to keep your oracle set safe.

Reconnect to your magic within.