Cacao Bee Honey

Cacao Bee Honey



LOVE our Cacao Magic blend? Make this yummy, super-charged honey (which also increases energy and has natural antibiotic properties) one of your pantry staples!


  • raw honey (unfiltered!)
  • Cacao Magic
      • organic cacao powder and cacao nibs
      • organic maca
      • organic mesquite
      • organic reishi
      • organic chia seeds
      • organic vanilla
      • organic hemp protein


♥ Get creative with your Cacao Bee! ♥


-Add it to green tea or coffee as a sweetener.

-Drizzle it over fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, or toast.

-Swirl it on top of fresh oatmeal or acai bowls.

-Combine it with citrus juice and oil or vinegar to make a salad dressing.

-Use it in place of sugars in paleo baked goods, like this delicious Cacao Magic Paleo Bread.

-Use it as a glaze for grilled foods.

-Enjoy it right off the spoon!





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