Sacred Pause: Post Postpartum Recovery Guide

Sacred Pause: Post Postpartum Recovery Guide



This e-book is unlike anything out there for new mama care. It includes preparation tips including questions to ask a doula, how to approach postpartum internally and with your close friends and family, and preparation rituals + journal prompts. There is also a nutrition guide with 10 recipes that are specifically tailored toward a woman’s body during postpartum, movement tips with Sophie’s own tips + tools she used to restore energy back to her body and finally, self-care tips with rituals you can do in the comfort of your own home and a 10-minute new mama meditation. You’ll also get Sophie’s personal list of favorites she used in her own postpartum recover which includes everything from nutrition to body + beauty care to resources and more. 

If you’re…

  • An expecting mama getting ready for your postpartum wellness journey
  • A new mom searching to bring in more love, support, and intuition to your healing 
  • A mother who has read all the “what to expect when you’re expecting books” been to all the classes, done all the internal + external preparation for your little one to come earthside but when it comes to your own self-healing, you’re lost
  • A husband, friend or family member looking to support a mother during this sacred time

Then this is for you.