Magic Moon Satchel


IGNITE YOUR LIGHT with our Magic Moon Satchels featuring Chrysalis Water, an inspirational Your Joyologist Card, a surprise (either a Palo Santo bundle, a handmade soap, OR an essential oil!) + one healing crystal that absorbs any old or negative energy you may be carrying.

Then harness the power of the full moon by placing your crystal in the lunar light to cleanse it of the energy it has gathered or purify it with the smoke of sage or palo santo.

Once the crystal has absorbed the revitalizing new moon light or been cleansed with the smoke, hold it during meditation, carry it throughout your day, bring it along during your travels, and charge it with your intentions to manifest your passion projects + dreams!

In your Magic Moon Satchel, you'll discover: 

  • 1 large Rose Quartz Crystal (a stone that promotes love + compassion)
  • Your Joyologist Card (never random, you will get a card specifically for YOU)
  • 1 Palo Santo Bundle OR Handmade Soap OR Essential Oil 
  • 1 Travel Size Bottle of Chrysalis Water