Chrysalis Healing Oils


The search is over.  Chrysalis Oil is our miraculous new beauty treatment made from the finest, purest, most effective therapeutic ingredients in nature.  For the face, this healing potion acts as moisture balancer, problem skin solution, and anti-aging miracle.  It conditions the skin and makes it softer than you've ever felt before while clearing up irritation, dissolving sebum in clogged pores, reducing wrinkles, and firming the skin and defining contours by stimulating collagen production.  It is moisturizer and multi-treatment in one, and may replace several expensive and redundant facial products with a single solution that bests them all.

And it does it all without chemicals.  Many modern face products contain natural therapeutic ingredients as Chrysalis Oil does, but not at the levels that will actually make a dramatic difference, and not without adding preservatives and fillers.  Almost all commercial skin treatments use a neutral base or carrier oil as their main ingredient in order to increase the bottom line--the rare and powerful oils show up only in trace amounts at the end of the ingredient list.  Chrysalis Oil is composed entirely of active therapeutic elements--every single one is hard at work, and so this concentrated elixir is many times more effective than what you can find on most shelves, for any amount of money.  

As with all the Chrysalis products, the focus is on creating the most powerful, transformative treatment possible--period.  And that's why Philosophie is offering it to you.

Skin Medicine.  Our complaints about our skin can be complex, but the solutions shouldn't be.  The purest oils of nature are more effective because they work in concert with your skin instead of trying to control it.  These oils won't clog the skin--they do the opposite by softening sebum to resolve acne, shrink pores, and sort the reasons behind the problems.  They will establish a proper moisture balance in dry skin and oily skin both.  They'll treat rosacea with astonishing effectiveness, even out skin tone in anyone, plump up the cells for a firmer face, and catalyze collagen production for reversal of wrinkles and sagging.  Chrysalis Oil will also improve or eliminate scar tissue over time, and gradually lighten age and pregnancy spots (sea buckthorn is wondrous for this).

And from the first application (just 3 drops will do it!), you'll notice petal-soft, totally reconditioned skin that feels younger and looks better in seconds.  

Chrysalis Oil consists of Jojoba, Apricot Seed, Avocado, Rosehip Seed, Pomegranate Seed, Borage Seed, Sea Buckthorn Seed, and Coleus Forskohlii oils, with Hyaluronic Acid, a natural component of young skin with powers too numerous to list.  Highest quality essential oils with a rose and lavender base finish the preparation and make Chrysalis Oil a sublime treat that you get to enjoy every day.

Take the Chrysalis Challenge!!  Try it morning and night every day for one month, and see how things transform.  Your skin will drink up the fluid and begin renewing itself immediately.  Take photos at the beginning and end, same room and same time of day, and send them in to receive a special skin-purifying package for the new year.

Chrysalis Oil is available for face or body in a beautiful satin bag, perfect for yourself and also as an exquisite gift. Chrysalis Face Oil is in a 1 ounce, cobalt blue glass bottle, and Chrysalis Body Oil is in the 4 ounce version.  Both come in the purple tasseled bag for giving.  Chrysalis Body Oil contains an additional non-comedogenic ingredient to create a glowing "dry oil" finish for easy wearing, and greater proportions of the oils that impart a satiny shine.  We see many "dry oils" for body on the shelves, but they are all filled with chemicals that leech from the skin instead of nourishing it.  Our Chrysalis Dry Body Oil is skin food and beautifier in one.  Glow yourself!


Each package will include a reversible satin bag for gift-giving and a comprehensive ingredient list that explains what each unique oil does, and how.  Chrysalis!!  The magic has only begun.