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Chrysalis Water



Chrysalis Water is essential first aid for skin, space, linens, and more.  A sublime and powerful healing mist, C-Water is strong enough to destroy any odor and transform any room, while gentle and nourishing enough to soothe irritated skin and moisturize frizzy hair, set make-up or freshen it.  With fragrant natural oils of sweet orange, rose, and plumeria, you'll want to mist your C-Water over everything--it's completely addictive.  And because it's so pure and dynamic, you can.


A high concentration of acid-balancing witch hazel in our C-Water makes it a moisturizing miracle for dry hair and itchy or irritated skin, while the energetic flower essences renew mind and spirit.  The fragrant essential oils are light and bright and will not stain pillows or sheets--they only leave the linens graced and clean--while the pure concentrations of citrus and lavender blast away atmospheric odors instantaneously in bathroom or kitchen.  It's better than any room deodorizer alive.  C-Water is a new kind of multi-tasker for the modern soul--it addresses all levels of the system and homespace at once:  physical, mental, and emotional.  And it does it all with stunning beauty and unmatched effectiveness.  There's nothing else like it, and you'll know the difference the first time you spritz.  Soul medicine for sale!  


Offered in a large, 8-ounce cobalt bottle that lasts and lasts, Chrysalis Water is crucial alchemy for skin and space.  Every household, every day, everything.  Chrysalis.