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Berry Bliss Toast+Cacao Magic Smoothie Breakfast

Dreamy Superfood Sundae

Anti-Bloat Summer Smoothie Recipe

Ready to take a breath after the long holiday weekend? Sip on this delicious, anti-inflammatory, super hydrating smoothie to combat summer bloated feeling and detox your body! 

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Strawberry Shortcake Superfood Smoothie

For a super sweet take on a summer classic, try this scrumptious version of strawberry shortcake- smoothie style! A delightful blend of bananas, strawberries, cashews and Berry Bliss makes this treat luscious, refreshing + energizing all at the same time!

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Beauty Bar: Radiant Hair Smoothie Recipe

This blissful Beauty Bar Smoothie is creamy and dreamy, and a delicious addition to your daily hair care regimen! With a combination of Green Dream and Berry Bliss Superfoods, along with a boost of Vitamin E from tocotrienols, this drink is sure to leave your locks looking oh-so lucious!

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Post-Vacation, Anti-Bloat Smoothie Recipe

Whether you’re coming back from a vacation, recuperating after a long weekend, or just feel like your tummy and digestive system need a little R&R, this anti-bloat smoothie should give you some much needed relief. It’s packed with fresh herbs and aloe, along with Green Dream + Cacao Magic...the perfect superfood combo for detoxifying and re-energizing your body!

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Pineapple Paradise Smoothie Recipe


As summer gets closer and the weather warms up, it’s hard not to think of palm trees, ocean water and tropical drinks. So cool off, and take a sip of paradise with this energizing pineapple smoothie. With the addition of Green Dream, it’s fully loaded with antioxidants and minerals like manganese that are sure to give your stamina a boost!

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Dragonfruit Berry Bliss Bowl Recipe

Iced Turmeric Milk Latte

Beauty Bar: Gorgeous Glow Smoothie Recipe

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