Cacao Magic Zucchini Smoothie Recipe

March 02, 2017

When you combine zucchini with heart-healthy avocado, leafy greens, and energizing Cacao Magic (plus vanilla + cinnamon for delightful flavor), you'll have an oh-so-yummy salad-meets-smoothie superfood drink. A big THANK YOU to Philosophie VIP Ambassador Blair Flynn for dreaming up + sharing this magical recipe! 

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Cacao Magic Cauliflower Bowl Recipe

February 23, 2017

I LOVE sneaking nutrient-dense veggies into smoothie bowls. While leafy greens like spinach and kale are easy go-to's, sometimes it's fun to venture out and try something different–like cauliflower! When you blend this cruciferous veggie with the chocolatey deliciousness of Cacao Magic, Cacao Bee, and Coconut Magic (not to mention 'nanas, almond butter, cinnamon, and vanilla), you're left with a dreamy, "I can't believe there's veggies in here!" treat to kickstart your day.

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Classic Cacao Magic Smoothie

February 16, 2017

Be sure to bookmark this chocolatey dream of a smoothie! Created with almond mylk, ‘nanas, Cacao Magic, Coconut Magic, almond butter, and bee pollen, it makes for a nourishing breakfast, an energy-lifting snack, OR an after dinner dessert to satisfy that sweet tooth.

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Strawberry Lavender Smoothie Recipe

January 19, 2017

Kai, my 6½ year old, absolutely LOVES strawberries. He can never get enough of them and always asks that they be included in dishes + drinks around the clock! Therefore I thought it’d be fun to combine fresh berries with this dreamy Lavender Nut Mylk (one of my favorite calming recipes to whip up) to create an amazing concoction that would get Kai his strawberry fix + provide me with a dose of zen bliss.

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Fall in A Cup Smoothie

November 19, 2016

After eating this I felt totally full from all the fiber, and the sweetness satisfied my cravings without me feeling like I needed to eat a whole pumpkin pie. With regular desserts made with real sugar, dairy, and cream...there’s no stopping me! I seriously don’t feel full at all and continue to stuff my face and proceed to feel so uncomfortable later. Sugar is seriously addicting! Treats like this smoothie taste delicious but are full of nutrients, so your body will feel happy and fulfilled!

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Green Dream Açai Smoothie

October 13, 2016

I was craving a big bowl of greens in smoothie form, but we were fresh out of greens!! What’s a girl to do? Between the açai, the matcha, and the Green Dream...I think we had our bases covered! It may sound like a weird combo, but that’s usually when the magic happens! It was the perfect post workout treat! The one thing that I consistently do and can attribute to helping me achieve my fitness goals is superfoods. Incorporating greens and superfoods whenever I can, even when I can’t get a workout in, is really what keeps me looking and feeling amazing! #AbsAreMadeInTheKitchen

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Cacao Magic Smoothie Mousse

September 07, 2016

Ever totally messed up and made something really yummy by accident? Well, that’s exactly how this recipe happened! Halfway through making a smoothie, I realized that I only had half of a frozen banana. UGH! How was I going to make a decadent chocolate smoothie with only HALF of a frozen banana? After blending the concoction, I realized that my “smoothie” was room temperature, and the texture was fluffy like mousse. Thanks to the Cacao Magic, it was like chocolate mousse. I had no complaints.

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Berry Bliss Toast+Cacao Magic Smoothie Breakfast

September 06, 2016

This breakfast combo is the DEFINITION of balanced! The kids and I love a classic toast breakfast...but a piece of toast with butter isn’t going to keep you full or give you the nutrients your body craves. This recipe will boost your average toast+the addition of the smoothie will keep you going for hours!!

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Dreamy Superfood Sundae

September 02, 2016

I made this Superfood Sunday Sundae last Sunday. Get it?? Sunday...Sundae? Anyway, I may have partied a littttle too much last Friday at my husband’s 40th birthday party (happy birthday Adi!!). So, I wanted something really rejuvenating and refreshing, I wanted to inject a lot of superfoods into my body, and I wanted it to taste good at the same time. So, we have the Sunday Sundae.

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Anti-Bloat Summer Smoothie Recipe

July 05, 2016

Ready to take a breath after the long holiday weekend? Sip on this delicious, anti-inflammatory, super hydrating smoothie to combat summer bloated feeling and detox your body! 

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