Taurus Moon Magic

I’ve been thinking about the moon a lot lately...my birthday is coming up on April 30th, my moon + sun signs are in Taurus, and the New Moon is in Taurus on the 26th! Over the past 3 years, I’ve actually done a lot of personal study on the moon and just signed up to be officially trained in June! I couldn't be more excited. I've been hosting moon circles – both full moon and new moon gatherings – for the past 2 years, and I want to continue offering such a beautiful ritual to my sisters and community.

Keep reading though to learn more about the Taurus Moon + how you can harness its powerful energy! 

This is a general reading, as your sun sign is going to interact specifically with this moon in more unique ways. In astronomy, the New Moon is the first phase of the Moon, when its orbit is seen from the earth –  the moment when the moon + the sun have the same ecliptic longitude. During this phase, the moon is farthest away from us on earth.

The New Moon is therefore a great time for setting new intentions, for attracting new people into your life, for beginning new projects, for interviewing for jobs, and for simply allowing new opportunities to unfold.

This earthy new moon in Taurus is here to help you ground and reconnect with your inner pleasure goddess and passionate being. We are taking the energy and seed that was planted from the Spring Equinox and are beginning to crack open and extend our intentions toward the warming sun. Take the energy of Spring and allow it to inspire you, like a strong beautiful tree.

How can you make your world more beautiful? How can you make your life more beautiful? Start with your home and work outwards. Spring cleanse your entire home, ridding yourself of what no longer serves you. Haven't worn it in months? Donate it. Haven't played with it in awhile? Give it away. From there, start to work through your behaviors and patterns. What isn't serving you any longer? Maybe this is a time to do a 5-Day Philosophie cleanse.

Really take this New Moon energy in Taurus to challenge yourself to grow into a new being. You have the opportunity to connect with a new version of yourself. This will include some uncomfortable moments, as healing and change always does, but it will be so worth it. Give yourself permission to be free and create a life of joy, something that only YOU know to be your dream reality.

During this time, use our Magic Moon Satchels to connect more deeply with the moon and her power. The moon is a celestial anchor that will help you make more sense of your world, both inner and outer. All you have to do is tune in.

What magical new beginnings are you creating while the New Moon is in Taurus? Share with me on Facebook with #MyPhilosophie!


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Brandee Poirier on

I did not know you could be trained! Please share this journey as I have always felt a huge connection to the Moon and I would love to learn more and maybe be trained as well. Love & light ❤✨

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What do you do to boost your immunity before or during vacay? Tell me on Twitter with #MyPhilosophie!

Celebrating Global Wellness Day at the Four Seasons Hotel

I was SO honored to be invited to teach two back-to-back yoga classes at the stunning Westlake Village Four Seasons Hotel for Global Wellness Day. As if I wasn't lucky enough, my whole family and I got to make a staycation out of the experience, too. We headed up early Friday afternoon to beat the crazy traffic, and the boys were on pins and needles! Driving up to the gorgeous grounds of the Four Seasons instantly calmed me–I felt like I was a world away from busy LA life thanks to the acres of tranquil gardens.

From the moment we opened the door to our incredible room, we were overwhelmed by the care and thought the hotel staff put into our stay. It’s almost something I can’t put into words. The boys had adorable cookies waiting for them and immediately gobbled them right up. My hubby and I had champagne on ice that went down a little too easily – vacation mode ON! The amazing level of service we received throughout the stay is what really sets The Four Seasons apart from other hotels.

After our cookies and champagne, we were more than ready to head out to the beautiful pool for some sun and swim time. Our longtime friends joined us in the sunshine shortly after, and then we were treated to THE most amazing meal of all time. We ate sushi until we couldn’t any longer – everything was so fresh and delicate. You know the fish is high quality when it essentially melts in your mouth.

We then headed back to our palace, ahem, room, for a family movie night and to get a good night’s rest, because I was teaching yoga early in the morning. Have you ever slept in a bed at a Four Seasons Hotel? If not, add it to your bucket list. I think I may have slept on clouds!?!

The next morning, I could NOT believe the turnout for both classes and was filled with gratitude and love upon seeing so many shining faces that came to flow with me. The setting was picturesque on the Green Four Seasons lawn, and I pinched myself the whole way through both classes! It was so beautiful to see Kai and Leo flow on their yoga mats in class, to see people of all ages from an 87-year-old woman to my 6 and 4-year olds. Yoga really does unite us all.

Sadly all good things have to come to an end, and we reluctantly had to head back home. This busy mama on-the-go was beyond grateful for the opportunity to completely disconnect and receive the full queen treatment! My family made memories that will last a lifetime, and for that, I thank the Four Seasons Westlake Village immensely. Treat yourself to something special and book a getaway there asap!


How did you celebrate Global Wellness Day (or celebrate wellness on ANY day, for that matter!)? Share with me on Facebook with #MyPhilosophie!

Heart of the Week - Shape House Sweat Lodge

My amazing assistant, Taylor, and I recently visited a HEAVENLY sweat lodge in LA. It was Taylor’s first time, and she ended up loving it so much that she wanted to spotlight it as the Philosophie Heart of the Week. Read on for what to expect at a sweat lodge + why it’s THE perfect ritual to integrate into your summer cleanse!

When you hear the term “ sweat lodge,” do you become frightened or intrigued (or maybe even both – like I had been)? A few years back, I had seen CNN do a story on a sweat tent that was in the middle of a field. I figured there's no way that it could be as weird as that!  

We’re ramping up for our newest Summer 17’ Philosophie Cleanse, so I knew this would be the perfect time for my body to try the West Hollywood way of sweating and release any old energy that was no longer serving me.

Plus, I’ve experienced so many So-Cal staple firsts with Sophie – everything from Pressed Juicery Freeze to Cafe Gratitude to learning how to do a headstand in yoga class. Why not spend some time in a detoxifying sleeping bag while watching the latest episode of Big Little Lies? With all this in mind, I decided to visit an LA-based urban sweat lodge called Shape House with Sophie.

I had butterflies as I walked up, but instantly relaxed as we stepped into the calming and beautiful space. After the adorable girls at the front desk explained the process, we then changed into our “jail clothes” (an oversized long sleeve shirt, even bigger sweats, and sexy mid-calf socks). Sophie turned to me and said, “You don’t really want your skin touching anything–but here, let's take a photo!”

After, I found my 170-degree cocoon and hopped in–I looked like the filling in a burrito! They then handed me a remote and alkaline water, which has anti-disease + anti-aging antioxidants–an essential during the 50-minute detoxifying sweat.

MANY people, Kardashians included, are in love with Shape House. Not only does this sweat session burn anywhere from 800-1,200 calories, it also improves metabolism and digestion, gives your skin that glow, and helps you enter a deeper sleep (I slept like a baby that night).

My skin also felt firmer and tighter post-treatment since I was sweating out toxins and improving the flow of my lymphatic system. Shape House uses FAR infrared sweat technology to provide heat that warms the body from the inside out, which creates a deeply cleansing sweat!

The first 24 minutes were glorious. I was also secretly patting myself on the back for handling this like a champ! Then...I got a bit warm! Nothing that I couldn’t handle though, especially when I had the alkaline water and Reese Witherspoon to pull me through. I took deep yoga breaths and relaxed even more, knowing I was treating my bod to something special! Then, an employee came in with a cold lavender towel for my head, which really kicked the experience up another notch! Right when I thought, “I could probably get out now,” and started puzzling over what to have for lunch, my time was up!

I wobbled to their relaxation room and savored refreshing orange slices (great vitamin C boost!) and a cup of tea to bring me back down to earth. I sat there and thought about how much I loved sweating out the bad stuff to make way for the good stuff! 

While Shape House has pretty bathrooms with showers and amenities, they actually recommend trying to wait two hours after your Sweat Session to shower. Your body continues to burn calories and detox as its returns to its normal temperature, and showering cuts that time short. We had to shower directly after since we started our day out there, but I felt thoroughly detoxed.

In a nutshell, I LOVED my experience at Shape House. I felt so clean and light the next few days. I also only wanted to put clean ingredients into my body throughout the weekend, since I had just sweated out all of the “junk.” 

If only I had the time to go weekly, I would! They recommend anywhere from once a week to once a month–or whenever you can! Thank you, Shape House, for having the Philosophie team, and for making my first time at a sweat lodge simply blissful.  




 Have you gone to a sweat lodge before? How was your experience? Let us know on Facebook with #MyPhilosophie!

Shaved Carrot Salad Recipe

As the weather heats up, I love tossing up light, simple salads as either a side dish for dinner or a quick + healthy afternoon snack! That's why this julienned carrot salad made with only 3 ingredients has easily become a summer staple in my kitchen. Beautiful heirloom carrots in various shades of orange, amber, and maroon dressed in Berry Bee Tahini serve up both delightful crunch and sweet nuttiness. 

In addition to making my tastebuds super happy, this salad packs in the nutrients. Carrots provide a super high dose of vitamin A, which helps support vision, bone growth, immunity, and skin health! When you drizzle on the tahini, you also get a dose of minerals such as phosphorus, lecithin, magnesium, potassium, and iron. This lovely seed butter is very high in vitamin E and also one of the best sources of calcium. On top of all that, a spoonful of Berry Bee Honey adds a burst of sweetness, as well as high levels of beautifying vitamin C! 

Gather This:

  • 1 pound heirloom carrots
  • ¾ cup tahini
  • 1 tablespoon Berry Bee Honey
  • ¼ cup water
  • salt + pepper (to taste)


Do This:

Julienne the carrots, and set them aside in a bowl. Next, make the sauce by combining and stirring the tahini, water, honey, salt, and pepper. Drizzle the sauce over carrots and serve! 

What superfood summer salads are you tossing up? Share them with me on Instagram with #PhilosophieSuperfoods! 

3 Delicious, Dairy-Free Ways to Get Probiotics

While this post is sponsored by KeVita, these are 100% my opinions! 

Just like there are “good” fats, there’s also good types of bacteria and yeasts that we actually WANT in our bodies. Without probiotics, our bodies are prone to disease and inflammation so it’s good that we eat them on a regular basis to maintain a healthy gut.

Our gut is even called our “second brain” since it’s directly connected to our mood and how we think. Bottom line: when our gut is balanced, our brain feels happy.

While plain yogurt infused with a spoonful of Berry Bee Honey is always a yummy way to nourish your gut if you enjoy dairy, here are three DELISH dairy-free ways to get in your probiotics!


I love sipping a fizzy glass of Kevita® Master Brew Kombucha™! With live probiotics and active cultures, KeVita is my easy and delicious way to increase daily probiotic consumption and it’s also yeast-free! My fave is their citrus flavor, which is sweet and refreshing, and has 80mg of organic caffeine, making this a great afternoon pick-me-up!

Oh, and KeVita’s Master Brew Kombucha line features 9 sparkling and yummy flavors! Check out all the flavors here!


For that oh-so-yummy umami flavor, I like to mix in miso paste into my soups and salad dressings. This Asian seasoning is made by fermenting a combo of barley, brown rice, soybeans, and other grains with a specific fungus. In addition to providing probiotics, miso is also a wonderful source of protein, manganese, copper, vitamin K, and zinc!


Pickled Planet Sauerkraut is a staple in my superfood salads! In addition to being crispy, salty, and simply delicious, this pickled cabbage helps your body produce energy (thanks to its high levels of iron!) and promotes healthy eyes and skin due to its assortment of carotenes and punch of vitamin A! If you’re tossing up a Japanese-style salad, I love their Velvet Sea Sauerkraut since it also features burdock, ginger, and two types of seaweed.

What’s your favorite way to get in probiotics? Let me know on Twitter with #MyPhilosophie!

Toast Tuesday: Cream Cheese, Cucumber, + Sprouts Toast Recipe

If you love tea party cucumber sandwiches, you'll be head over heels for this week's Toast Tuesday recipe. It's as simple as toasting up a gluten-free slice of bread, spreading on dairy-free cream cheese, and layering the bread with beautiful crisp cucumber slices and a handful of sprouts! 
Together, the vitamin K-rich cucumbers + vitamin C-packed sprouts add a truly lovely crunch! The cucumbers also help hydrate your body and flush out toxins – PERFECT for the warm months. 
And if you do fancy the idea of dressing up in your prettiest floral dress and holding a garden tea party, you could definitely serve up this recipe (without toasting the bread and also cutting off the crust edges) with an iced rendition of this Chai Tea Latte Recipe!
.Gather This: 
Do This:
Toast your slice of Udi’s Gluten Free Bread, spread on the Kite Hill Cream Cheese, and top with sliced cucumber and a handful of sprouts. Enjoy! 

What's been your favorite Philosophie toast? Share it with us on Facebook with #PhilosophieSuperfoods!