Rivva- vegan and vegetarian cafe in Brentwood, CA

September 08, 2010

I spent a few months during the summer designing a smoothie menu for a new vegan and vegetarian cafe in Brentwood, CA called Rivva. I tried to really think about who the clientele would be, and what they were open and ready for. It was a challenge because I know there are  people who have never had anything like a raw cacao smoothie, but then I know there is a demand for raw, organic products and I wanted to provide that. I found the balance: creating a few simple smoothies with fresh organic fruit and then loading up superfoods and deliciousness on the other recipes.

Here's an example of a recipe I created for Rivva:

Cafe Rivva's Westside Post Yoga Refresher

(Serves 1)

½ c. blueberries

6 oz. coconut water

½ banana

½ tsp. spirulina

½ tsp. maca

1 c. ice

Blend all ingredients and enjoy.

Rivva also has organic frozen yogurt in a variety of flavors and amazingly fresh and creative vegetarian salads. What I like most about the salads is that you can pick a few different kinds (like the restaurant Lemonade) so that you have more choices on your plate.

The owner, Chris, is from Ireland and is an absolute gem. He's so kind hearted and you feel that energy coming through the store and products.

I definitely recommend going in and checking out the place, if anything, just to try my smoothies!! :)

here are some reviews on Rivva!





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