The Magic of Night Walks

July 02, 2015

I love taking night walks with my family since it creates a way for us to bond after a long day of separate adventures. Oftentimes, our days are spent apart—the kids are off at preschool and Adi and I are at work. We live in the valley where the days are extremely hot in the summer so nighttime is really the only time we have to get outside together as a whole family (we usually take along our dog Lucca too!).

So with no food, no toys, no phones, no tv, and no distractions, this walk is literally a path where we all meet. It's a beautiful, calming way to get exercise after dinner and let our meal digest before winding down for the day and heading to bed.

Beyond fresh air and light exercise though, these walks provide a space for togetherness + reflection that allow us to truly reconnect. I don’t know what it is about being outside, but it’s always easiest to speak your truths, your fears, your joys when you’re unbound by walls and are completely free to feel + express. And I definitely think my family feels that freedom—we talk about why we are thankful for our lives, what gratitude we felt throughout the day, and what are hopes are for tomorrow.

Together, we’re able to clear our heads, connect with nature, and expand our perspectives of the world and of our lives just by looking up at the sky and the stars.

There’s really no magic more simple + beautiful as that!

What makes night walks magical for you? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter and tag #myphilosophie + #nightwalkmagic! 


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