Happy Pet Appreciation Week!

June 02, 2015

Happy Pet Appreciation Week! 

We are so grateful to have Lucca, the fifth + furriest member of our family! Everyday he showers us with unconditional love and makes our home a warmer, happier place. 

I also love having a dog because it gives us an excuse to get exercise as a family we go on evening walks together, and it's lovely. Lucca is an AMAZING companion when I hike. He never gets tired and I love how deeply he sleeps. He always looks so peaceful and satisfied, especially after a long trek.
While we fed our pup these yummy superfood doggy biscuits, I asked my husband and kiddies their thoughts on how Lucca gives to our family. Here's what they had to say: 
"I like the joint responsibility having a dog provides for Kai and Leo Kai feeds Lucca and Leo (and the rest of the family) makes sure he has water."
"He licks my face which makes me happy and laugh."
"I love playing catch with Lucca in the yard!"
What do you appreciate most about your pet? Share your thoughts and pet pics with us on Twitter and tag #myphilosophie!


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