Which Cleanse Is Right for Me?

December 02, 2014

All of the Philosophie Cleanses are effective and healthy ways to nourish, purify, and renew your body, so that you can look and feel your absolute best. While many cleanses consist of only juices that leave the body feeling deprived, weak, and unsatisfied, the liquid meals in the Philosophie Cleanses are made up of whole fruits and vegetables and are packed with easily absorbable nutrients that encourage the body to release excess weight and toxins. All of the soups, smoothies and snacks in Philosophie Cleanses are nutritionally balanced with fiber, protein, and healthy fats that help curb hunger while saturating the body with fresh, restorative ingredients. Each of our cleanses is packed with our trio of healing Philosophie Superfood + Protein Blends and free of gluten, soy, wheat, dairy, and sugar. All of our cleanses include probiotic supplements, detoxifying herbal teas, and a luxurious detoxifying bath soak to help you reach an optimum and enduring state of wellness and beauty. Every cleanse also comes with a Cleanse Booklet that will guide you through the cleanse process with a comprehensive meal plan, healthy recipes, and information on how to make the most out of your cleanse. Now that you know what is consistent across the different cleanses that The Philosophie offers, here’s what you need to know about the differences between our Prepared, DIY, and Group Cleanses.



Prepared Cleanses

Our Prepared Cleanses are ideal for anyone who has a busy life and doesn’t want to spend time preparing meals, but is interested in rejuvenating and healing their body. Each Prepared Cleanse is handmade and contains 3 or 5 days worth of soups and smoothies made from whole fruits and vegetables. Each of these liquid meals is delicious, nutrient-rich, and flash-frozen to maintain optimal freshness. This cleanse, unlike others, is not just juice!  Instead, you'll enjoy delicious, protein-rich smoothies for breakfast and lunch, beautiful juices for snacks anytime, fiber-and-superfood-packed soups for dinner, and a superfood energy bar for extra power whenever you want it.

For instance, a sample breakfast on the Philosophie Prepared Cleanse would include a 16oz green smoothie with 15g of protein, potassium-rich fruit, almond milk, superfoods, like spirulina and chia seeds, and fresh greens.  A midday or evening meal might be a rich, velvety Butternut Squash Soup that you can heat and savor with a drizzle of olive oil.

This option is an effective and incredibly easy way to shed excess weight and clear toxins from the body. The Cleanse Booklet provides helpful guidance on what to expect during a cleanse and how to supplement your liquid meals. Choose the 3-Day Prepared Cleanse if you want to feel lighter and increase energy or the 5-Day Prepared Cleanse if you want to see significant results in the way you look and feel.



DIY Cleanses

Our DIY Cleanses are perfect for anyone who loves preparing their own food and wants to detoxify their body while keeping an eye on their budget. People who choose this option will follow the recipes included in the Cleanse Booklet to prepare all of their soups, smoothies, and snacks during the cleanse. This is a wonderful choice for anyone who wants to learn how to prepare nutritious and delicious meals from fresh fruits and vegetables and create sustainable, healthy habits in the kitchen. This option also gives cleanse participants more control over their meals and allows them to adjust flavors and spicing of soups, smoothies, and snacks as desired. The 5-Day DIY Cleanse is excellent for the individual who has never tried a cleanse before and would like to increase their energy and health, while the 14-Day DIY Cleanse would be a great choice for someone who wants to see the dramatically restorative results of a more thorough removal of the toxic substances the body absorbs and accumulates over time.



Group Cleanse

Our Group Cleanse is our most economical cleanse option. It includes 4 individual 5-Day DIY Cleanses in one package at a fraction of what it would cost to purchase each of the cleanses separately. The Group Cleanse is mailed in one box to a single address and can be split up between cleanse participants once it is received. It is a wonderful option for people who find that they are more motivated when they are doing something as a team and would like to enjoy the cleanse experience with a community of friends or family that share their health and fitness goals.


Still have questions about our cleanses? Check scroll down to the cleanse section of our FAQ Page and read Sophie's thoughts on What to Expect During a Cleanse on the Philosophie Blog! 


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