Healthy Travel Must-haves to keep you on track

August 11, 2014

It's summertime, and in my lifestyle, I'm always on the road + taking adventures. When I think of travel essentials, I think of items that are going to keep my mind, soul + body on track, including food + other equipment I don’t leave the house without. Today I’m including my favorite items you’ll always see in my travel bag + purse...without fail!




  • Water bottle: I never leave home without a water bottle, hydration is so important when traveling! Save plastic waste + money by bringing your own and refill along your journey.
  • Philosophie plant-based protein powders: All three of our protein powders are so easy to add onto meals, into a yogurt/oatmeal/smoothie or to simply shake in water for a quick boost in protein. 
  • Clean energy bars: I love thunderbird bars, perfect food bars + chia greens bars.
  • Ginger, peppermint + green tea: I love keeping teas with me at all times, but especially these teas for digestion. Peppermint tea is great if you get an upset or bloated stomach, ginger is great if you experience travel nausea, and green tea because it’s great hot or chilled. 
  • Dark/Raw Chocolate: I never leave home without chocolate. I KNOW that I have a sweet tooth, and If I'm in a space where I don't have access to it, I'll eat something much less healthy. If I have my hit of chocolate every day (usually around 3p and then again in the eve) then I won't stray too far off track. 
  • Nuts, seeds: I never leave the house without nuts or seeds, they’re portable, require no refrigeration and are great to keep in a purse or travel bag. My favorites are walnuts, cashews, almonds, pumpkin + sunflower seeds. I add cacao nibs + goji berries + coconut shreds because, well, isn't it obvious?
  • Probiotics: Most often when traveling I don’t readily have access to probiotic rich foods, so taking a probiotic helps maintain great digestion. I like Garden of Life brand for women.

  • Jump rope/Yoga Mat:  Jumping rope can be a full body workout + it can be done wherever! I love packing this because it’s lightweight + combines cardio and strength in one workout. You all know what a yoga lover I am, too, so it goes without saying that I bring a yoga mat for easy, in-room sessions. I like using an online yoga program, like Udaya or my favorite online pilates like Pimp Your Mat. (tell her I sent you for a free trial!)
  • Request a mini-fridge + blender: the hotel wants to make your stay enjoyable. Request a mini-fridge + blender before you even get there so you know you'll have what you need. Go grocery shopping for banana, spinach/kale + almond milk (bring your philosophie superfoods, throw nuts or berries in) and, you're SET! 

if you're a mama + traveling with kids, I highly suggest bringing your jogging stroller! This is me on our vacation last year, it was the only way I could find sanity in a busy, full house plus get my exercise on! 

I love Food Trainers + if you haven't discovered them yet, trust me, you'll be so happy you do! I adore this Food Trainers snack pouch for traveling + their Nut Case which helps with portions.


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