Berry Bee Honey

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LOVE our Berry Bliss blend? Berry Bee fuses Berry Bliss’s superfood boost with the healing benefits and antioxidants of manuka honey. Our amazing manuka honey is produced in Malibu by bees that pollinate locally grown manuka bushes. Make this yummy, super-charged honey (which also increases energy and has natural antibiotic properties) one of your pantry staples!


  • raw manuka honey (unfiltered!)
  • Berry Bliss
    • organic pomegranate
    • organic acai
    • organic goji
    • organic camu-camu
    • organic mangosteen
    • organic maca
    • organic brown rice protein


♥ Get creative with your Berry Bee! ♥


-Add it to green tea or coffee as a sweetener.

-Drizzle it over fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, or toast.

-Swirl it on top of fresh oatmeal or acai bowls.

-Combine it with citrus juice and oil or vinegar to make a salad dressing.

-Use it in place of sugars in paleo baked goods.

-Use it as a glaze for grilled foods, like these Grilled Summer Fruits.

-Enjoy it right off the spoon!

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