5 Day Prepared Cleanse

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This Philosophie Cleanse is a 5 day food program that includes 3 superfood, nutritious meals a day plus 2 Philosophie Superfood snacks of smoothies and juices for added nutrition. The meals are superfood smoothies and nutrition filled soups filled with vitamins, nutrients and herbs meant to help you shed weight, end bloat and make you glow from the inside out. 

 The cleanse also includes 1 detox soak formula for the evening of night 3, 10 raw probiotic pills, 5 detox teas and a menu with recipes and tips for post-cleanse so you can stay feeling your absolute BEST! 

This Philosophie Cleanse is amazing for anyone wanting to lose weight, feel lighter and leaner, reduce inflammation, bloat, acne or discover food allergies by avoiding the most allergy ridden foods for 5 full days. (gluten, soy, dairy, wheat, sugar)

**This is NOT an all juice cleanse. We don't believe in juice fasting, we believe it's important to have fiber and protein in each meal throughout the day. This is a LIQUID cleanse which helps your body quickly absorb the nutrients and usher toxins out of the body while still feeling full and satisfied. 

Saturate your body with nutrients and feel your BEST! Easy and convenient, we ship nationwide.

**shipping is INCLUDED in this price. You will get it within 2-3 days. If you want it OVERNIGHT please chose that option on the drop down menu.**


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